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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Inhouse Date

So...a picnic. A pair of black panties and bra with silver heels with black bow tie. Finger foods. A Brie and mushroom white chocolate sauce pizza. Almond, candy, and popcorn mix. Strawberry mock or real cocktail. Mini candies of choice. Music and love. Have fun.

Bridal Class 101

Really? It is New Year Eve but I do understand. So you cannot keep your hands off your wedding planner. This is a list for you.

Great to Do
The Guest Book, Toasting Glasses,
Unity Candle
Sign In
A Wedding Journal

Got to Do..wedding six months or less
Officiant, Photographer, The Caterer, The DJ, The Cake, The Transportation
Invitation Order

Need to Do..Two Months or less
Invitation..wine and dine party
Emergency Plan with emergency kit
Contact vendors
Set up meeting with Wedding Planner
Seating Charts
Wedding Dress Alterations Appointment Confirmed

Try a date. Spend some your time with your love.


An upside to a down weather moment. To some it is even good luck for it to rain on your day. It clears the air and provides growth. The sound of it is really soothing.
Be inspired by the theme.
To set the moment, an invitation of clear and blue with black ink. An black and white image of the couple sharing an umbrella is an unique touch. A horseshoe charm inside the invite is another personal thing of nature. So from the invite to the ceremony program, a clear single panel one in black ink. A bubble is handed to each guest as well.
The bride.The bride wears a white A list form gown with a parasol. A blue shoe and hair piece completes the look. A jazz piece is great as she walks down the aisle to silver arch of flowers .
The reception. The space has a centerpiece of ice scupultures. The room has open umbrellas in oversize stone pots with florals at the bottom. A few aquariums of fish also fill the room. Jazz beats with R and B sets the mood as your guest enjoy seafood pasta station,finger food, and a champagne bar. Signature champagne cocktail is provided for the toast.
Special touches. Clear blue aisle runner provides a touch of color. Sounds of nature music in the restroom.  Trees at the front of the reception near the guest table filled with colored blue water in clear or glass ornaments. A wedding cake in blue. Two tired of fondant but a topper that is an aquarium. At the end rock candy is a great way to say thank you to your guests as a favor.


Champagne flute,two. Then we filled with colored ice. Add carnations and roses.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Inhouse Date

So tired of the holidays? Black knee length boots, red underwear. Adventure movie. Then mini snacks of cookies,candy,mini popcorn balls.

Bridal Class 101

So choosing between the wedding and holiday may be juggle. So simplicity is key.

The List

A Break
plan thirty minutes and max an hour

A Inhouse Date

Wedding Accesories
unity candle,candles,flower basket,ring pillow

Must List
If you have to plan as the date is near
Officiant,photographer,dj,wedding sites,food,and cake

We all hate this task,make fun with cookies and a movie with friends for help.

So enjoy the holiday if you can The wedding is not going anywhere.

Holiday Movie Wedding

Take One,one take only. It is the holiday wedding movie filled all things Christmas,
Oh Christmas tree. The Christmas trees,two exact, at the entrance. There is a small tree at the guest sign in. Then there is an oversize one at the reception. A great blank canvass for any theme.
Let it snow. The song.let it snow as the guests enter. The dessert table on faux snow. A signature ice snow drink. Then as you dance night away, you can also include a touch snow lighting.
The songs. When and where is the key before says enough. So a few....singers outside when your guests come in. A song,during the ceremony is a lovely gesture. At cocktail hour a blend of classical music or jazz mixed with the holiday songs. Then you can end it with another holiday moment.
Where is Santa? He is at the reception. It is a fun touch for fun photography with your guests. You can bring one your holiday stars during cocktail hour. Then have Santa escort out.
The holiday house. The holiday house is the cake. A traditional house design or your dream concept is all great. Blinking lights is a unique touch. If you can get a replica of the bride and groom, this is a unique touch.
The unexpected. A gift to the parents. A song from the child. A an oversized ornament filled with flowers as a centerpiece.  One or two unique touches is enough.
Then like any movie,there is an ending. A toast,to the guests,from the bride and groom gives the wedding theme its last lines.


Red tulips with red tea roses with three red poinsettia in the center.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Inhouse Date

In short pj's and sparkly high heel shoes. A holiday jazz moment of music. We are off with mini muffins,both savory and sweet. A love letter night with a great book for out loud reading.
Have fun.

Ode to Wedding Planning during Holiday

No time to plan a wedding with the holiday. No problem. Keep your wedding planning simple until after New Year Eve.

The Big Picture

A Wedding Journal
A Wedding Planner..book,person,or both
Wedding Cake

If needed
Wedding Sites
Wedding Flowers

Good luck!

The Holiday Engagement Party

Cheers! It's the holiday when we gather around with family and friends. What a perfect time to announce and celebrate your great news. A warm space,creative decor, and a great menu,then we are off to a wonderful party.
Set the space. A gold urn filled with roses with cranberries attached around the perimeter of the container. White votives around the container. Oversize ornament topiaries in gold pots.  A table setting with pepermint as your place setting with tag completes a festive moment.
The menu. Cranberries meet egg nog. A salad with cranberries, an egg nog fried chicken with cranberry glaze, egg nog pudding with cranberry mini cupcake as a dessert. A fun play with food should please this crowd.
The logistics. An engagement party is for close family and friends. The parents of the bride or the couple gives the party. An invitation can be as formal as a paper invite or as informal as a phone call. A simple day or night with food and a great toast. A simple moment not the wedding to set the tone for this lovely time of your life. Wedding presents?  A present is always received with a gracious spirit, but I would not place a gift registry card in the invite.
The personal touches. Family pictures around the room is a great. Giving the parents a personal note with a small token of love is terrific. A great play on music for all throughout the party is a sweet touch. A mini dessert as a favor sends your guests on a sweet note.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Inhouse Date

Happy Holiday! So holiday music and cheers.Have a drink in a simple black dress and festive silver shoes. Finger foods can be added. Then enjoy.

Holiday Wedding Planning Checklist

So what are you things you can get done during the holiday? It is off wedding season. A lot. This seem to be the best list.

Cake Tasting
Gift Registry
The Wedding Planner
The Honeymoon

The Cake

Holiday and cake,what a great match for a task for the holiday. A day for two to cross something off the wedding list but to have fun during the holiday season.
What do you need? An overall concept,colors,or any theme for your day that can be explained. Pattern swatches of dress may be included. A picture would be great but not a necessity. 
The next step? An appointment. It is the holiday season. So I would not just walk in there. Make a cake appointment. The two you of you should be prepared to bring your ideas,concept,date,and budget. The budget of your wedding cake can be as low as $2.00 and up or can be as high as $10 per slice depending your design of the wedding cake. 
When we get there,now what? Relax,it's cake tasting during the holiday. The cake is,construction,concept,filling,and icing. The construction can be as simple as vanilla or as complex as a dessert you had on vacation which can be done from sheet cake to a mini model of your wedding dress. The two or three tired cake seemed to be more the trend in a classic style this wedding season. The filling gives the cake a extra layer of flavor. The outside icing can be done in classic buttercream or modern fondant. The bells and whistles are extra from musical or moving parts to elaborate flowers. Then the cake has to be placed on something. 
Then we sign? Taste and look. Look the design book not just your cake but for overall professional work. Taste a sample. Then we get a full budget of cake,rental,delivery,and set up. Make sure the time is on there to be delivered.
So in a few steps, you can cross this task off your wedding checklist in between the holiday weeks.


Poinsettia with red roses in oversized champagne flute made from centerpiecces. Festive and romantic.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Inhouse Date

Hot chocolate,snacks, and bed. A cute bra with pj bottoms and spiked high heels as you walk away. A holiday movie as you snuggle.

Bridal Class 101

So it is holiday season.This is the wonderful time to get many things.

A wedding dress
Discounts are everywhere, even for a person who does need it, can appreciate it. So go online or in the store for the deal.

For those in do it yourself mode, this is the most wonderful time of the year indeed. Candles, beauty, and baskets are all around from the flea market to a great gift shop.

This is not the best time but it is the best time to get a few pennies your final price as the holiday season brings out a more giving attitude.

Other Tasks
A wedding journal
A wedding Planner
The centerpiece of wedding..officiant,wedding sites,food, dj, and photographer

Have a peppermint tea as you plan your moment.


The Thanksgiving calories came and went to our behinds. It is the next day, walk in place to your favorite holiday movie with leg lifts and crunches, for 50 counts.

Holiday Wedding

For an intimate moment, there is the holiday wedding. An invitation in ivory is a classic start in colored inner envelope. A bride, a long A list dress with a satin coat is a dramatic moment.
The guests are greeted with singing children in the lobby or outside. Then inside, a program, with the couple picture in the holiday setting on the front is given to the guests. Holiday music fills space as the intermediate family walks down the aisle, and the wedding party simply stand at front. Together the couple walks down the aisle,recite a reading and vows.
The reception, dinner and party. The classic tunes of the holiday is for dinner and cocktail but r and b with pop, a touch of hip hop keeps the night rocking. The bride changes clothes. A meal is simple duck with fruit base sauce, pasta with a green salad. Dessert is a festive drink.
The cake is a great ending. A rollercoaster as a topper.

The Dress

Where to find it? For a casual dress, I would head to Plato's Closet.


Voltives in oranges with a gold painted Pumkin is a festive carry on for the late fall season.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Inhouse Date

Pleated leather dress with red heels. Favorite teen movie. Strawberry turkey burger with thousand island dressing. Icecream float.


What a Wonderful World..Louis Armstrong
Thank You..Sly and Family Stone
Autum Leaves..Ed Sheeran
Autum Serenade..John Coltrane
Love Potion Numbere 9..The Cloves

but live.com

The Dress

Where is it? dresale.com has a beautiful and regal mermaid for under $200.


Too cold. A video of dance will do. Add 50 extra crunches to get ready for your big day.


Colored rectangle glass vase. Tall grass with wax flowers and marigold on a square patch of square grass.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Inhouse Date

Popcorn Time. Pink underwear. Cotton candy,popcorn, and raisinets. A food movie. Enjoy...

Thanksgiving Wedding

A fun wedding is a Thanksgiving holiday one. We send save the dates for this moment which is a simple Thanksgiving card. This moment is for 20.
The bride wears a simple A line skirt with wine colored blouse with a black silk shoe. A pin on the blouse is a better choice for this wedding. Down the aisle of a leaf printed runner. The front of ceremony is two black iron pots filled with fall branches. A song from child hood walks the bride down the aisle. The guests sit in simple wooden chairs.  The bride and groom recite a poem and say I do.
The reception is white table without the centerpiece. The food is in the center table in colorful decorated bowls.  The food is tradion with creative desserts and sides. Music from the bride teen years are played during dinner.
The reception music is the dating years of the couple. A chocolate table to usher in the upcoming Xmas holiday is a sweet touch. The cake is a tired cranberry bread pudding with a fruit jam with flowers on top.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.


A creative and festive centerpiece is a simple Apple with a mini rose and surrounded by cherries.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Inhouse Date

Early Xmas movie night. A short red sweater dress with black booties. A pony tail we are off with Carmel apple popcorn. A duck sauce sandwhich with scallions in beef with thick bread. A dessert of egg nog cupcakes.

Have fun...

Popcorn and Love

So it is that wonderful time of the year for movie watching. A heart arch with roses and lilies. A bride is in a red dress with black silk shoe with rose in hair. A ceremony takes place at dinner. There is music from old movies. Then at dessert, we get married. A topiary of gold beads and popcorn in a white container as a centerpiece. A cake of red with black drop strings with bride and groom in gold topper. The cake is under a heart arch. The dance is last from your favorite movie. A send off Carmel popcorn in heart shape gold boxes as a favor.
Love is a gift,celebrate it


lillies and alstroemerias in the center on a upside down moss covered container.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Inhouse Date

Halloween. Rocky Horror Show. It is a lace shorts,stockings, and rock and road theme shirt with four inch heels. Chocolate popcorn, Apple and ham pizza bites with brie. A jello base drink.

Have fun.

Spooky Wedding

The day starts with opera like music outside the events as the guest arrive and given a velvet printed program and rose.
The bride wears a velvet dress,a choker, and a centerpiece of red roses inside a velvet covered tussle musssy. A flower girl and ring bearer in velvet faces are painted for the season. The aisle runner has a floral print.  The front of ceremony are hand painted trees in silver with black beads and crystals.
The day is for 50 guests.
The reception is a silk covered and tapestry runners with crystal candelabra. On the table of black clear chargers and plates, the napkin ring is cored in velvet. The meal simple with creative sauces of rich colors. Candy completes the meal.
The cake is a sweet ending in chocolate with velvet ribbon around each tier with a rose as a topper.
Love is a gift,celebrate it.


An upside jar with a rose in a mini flower pot.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Inhouse Date

Countdown to Halloween. Animal printed bra with black boy short underwear with a red pump. Kitty Kat ears. Then we eat a sea food pasta with lemon flavored popcorn. A scary movie as you cuddle with mini lemon cupcakes and candies.  Have fun.


Flower power. 1975, the era of great boots. So love,peace,and soul. Welcome to the 1970s with a great wedding idea from the era.
The invitation is a pretty pink with a colored inner envelope. A floral scent on the back of the invite is a unique touch. A bride in a white shift dress with floral boots. A flower ring replaces the bouquet. She glides down the aisle on a floral printed aisle runner.
A curtain of florals hangs on the door. Then there a floral curtain on the wall to match.a meal of a floral petal salad,a pink sauce with vegetables and chicken. A fruit in a Orange glaze Asa dessert. A centerpiece of a clear candelabra with beaded florals makes for a great table moment. Classic music from the era mixes in with R & B.
The wedding cakes gives the day a sweet ending. Enclose the cake in a tent. Then on the side there is a curtain of colored beads. The cake is a two tiers of white with a pink top tier. The top tier has faux grass with a floral bridal boot.
Have a great moment.


Daisies with blades of grass and pearl stems in a miss covered and white bead covered container is elegant way to have a fall centerpiece.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Inhouse Date

A cool date for two. Beef Lipton soup popcorn. Mini beef tarts. A movie. A scary one. An outfit of blue boy short underwear with bra and black high high heels. Enjoy.


1989. It is the 80s for the 80 s baby. So we are off to an invitation in white with an old school black computer font. A white dress in a off shoulder design with a lace hat is a retro bride with satin pink pumps. A carnation,rose with glass flowers is another way to look at a bouquet in a glass bouquet holder. The music is from our favorite tv shows for the ceremony. The theme song for the Family Ties.
Then we move on to our favorite day time weddings for quotes.
A colored limo and we are off to the reception.
From jazz to R and B, we entered into white tables with pink carnations large and small with tea roses in clear vases.
The food is chicken with pasta and shrimp. Then we move to a savory herb pound cake.
A cake with two tiers but has pink colored fountain.
Mini Rubik..cubes as a favor.
A day for 50. A moment forever.


A beautiful centerpiece in a white pitcher of pink Astros and mini carnations and roses. A different way for fall.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Inhouse Date

Love letter night. From the book. Short pj's with pink high heels. Cupcake food from savory to sweet.


A small room for 50.  A white mermaid dress with blue satin shoes. Iron wedding tent with crystal candle chandelier. Tables with a silver candlebra with glass votives filled with white candle. A dinner for your day is white potato soup,red pepper pasta with potato pasta, and two tier mini cake in white with dots of blue icing. In the room, encased the chandelier with blue crystal light box. A shoe change from blue satin to silver and crystal.


In the center tea roses with peonies surrounded with camellia.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Inhouse Date

White dress with blue silk shoe. Your best date night meal remix. Then a great movie. Creativity in popcorn with blue candies.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mini Pumkin

A symbol of fall. You cannot walk out of fall without one. A invite of white with of Orange is a great start. A tiny pumpkin filled with orange blossoms with a handlewalks the bride down the aisle. A centerpiece of  a mini pumpkin on a glass cake platter is different. Fill the mini pumpkin with orange blossoms. A cocktail of corn bread meets cookies in fall favors. We move on to reception with dinner that starts with a soup in a mini pumpkin. Then ends with a cake that has a mini pumpkin on the side.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for an event.


Tinted pink crystal roses with fresh pink petals in the base.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Inhouse Date

Food painting. So we use food to create art. We wear multicolored underwear with high high heel satin shoes. So we have finger foods with a great mock cock tail...

Have fun...wink

Pumpkin Time

Pumkins are out! I am so excited for this is my favorite time of year. Pumpkins are an inexpensive decor to add to your day. To start your day, the bride wears a white dress with an orange silk shoes. Two bouquets. The ceremony bouquets have tangerines and nuts added to peonies while a reception bouquet has peonies with orange beads in the center. At the ceremony, the pumpkins are glued to four feet high on each side of the ceremony. Small pumpkins lined each side of the ceremony in the center.  
Then we head to the reception. A centerpiece of the pumpkin on simple grass is too easy for fall. We add pasta with pumpkin purée, turkey apple spice meatballs with pumpkin bread. A side fall vegetables is added. The cake is in white with orange ribbon on each tier with candy pumpkin as a topper.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.


Fall work time. With cooler weather, we walk for at least twenty minutes outside. Then 20 squats, 20 push ups, and 50 crunches is added to your fitness. Work it out.


So a simple day starts with thyme honey glazed bacon. With a great start of bacon, add cinnamon brown sugar pancakes with honey pecan butter. A egg with a mild white cheddar easy to execute. Then we add simple fruits such as apples,bananas with pecans and almonds to round it off. A simple centerpiece of nuts in a glass container makes life easy does it for this wedding of twenty.


So all white peonies with white ranunculus in a pink satin ribbon with pearl like beads in the center is a sweet bouquet for a bride.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Inhouse Date

So, we cook for two together. Easy recipes for finger foods in a fun colored wig and black dress. Match your toe polish to the wigs and the heels. Then on the floor feed each other.
Have a great night.


Today is a great day to be inspired for the fall season. The weather is fall pitch perfect here in Georgia. So we start with the bride in a tea length dress with a brown silk embellished shoe. The ceremony has a garland of fall leaves of two trees with mini pumpkins at the base. The fall leaves also line each side of the ceremony. Then we head to the ceremony with clear colored plates with the fall leaves peaking through them. The music of the season which is current with classic sounds meets
R and B. Hip Hop is incorporated as the party continues. We end this moment with a great class of fall leaves not real on the side with a glass pumpkin which matches your centerpiece, a glass pumpkin filled with fall leaves. The fall leaves also matches the bouquet presented to the bride by the groom of daisies of red and yellow with fall leaves on the outer edges of the bouquet.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

The Workout

ACE/twitter has great and professional ideas with video and equipment for your work out. From great exercise bands. The best gym is the home for the most part not trying to shut anyone's down. No excuses, there is the living space. Work it out.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Work Out

So, fall is indeed here. So we can walk and run more outside.  Walk to five songs. Then go have 50 crunches.  Twenty dumbbell lifts, the smallest ones. Work it out.

The Dance

On Bended Knee Boyz II Men

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Inhouse Date

We wear a plaid shirt with tight jeans and very high high heels. A cowboy kind of movie with protein base snacks of steak in a form of a wrap with potatoes in a form of fries sprinkled with popcorn cheese. A mini pie popper the size of candy in the flavor of apple.

Have a great night.

The Park

Fall is a wonderful time to get married. The weather is almost perfect especially here in the south. So, we make things simple with a path of flowers that line the pathway. We make a circle of grass and flowers in the  grass for the groom and bride to stand with a simple wooden arch. Vines and wild flowers decorate and complete the front of the ceremony.  The guest receive a picnic basket. You need keep the guest list low around 20 for this intimate moment.  The meal with a bottle of wine and water inside of it. Blankets or tables are set up. Flowers are sprinkled on the table or blankets. If tables are used, green clear bud vases are used with a simple daisy in pink. Music is set up but I would keep it within the 1950s meet modern pop tunes.
There are many special touches. So, a nature poem from Robert Frost. A pair of birds on the cake table. A two tier white cake. Then grass piped on the top with a couple of white porcelain love birds.
Then as a favor, bottle water with a picture of the bride and groom.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for the moment.


A unique idea for fall. We add pink daisies with red roses in a silver tea pot.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Inhouse Date

The black and white movie classic night. It is simple black shorts with a sequin top with a gold shoe.
Peanuts in popcorn with a steak burger with a milk shake.


The Icecream Shop

We have an open mind for this wedding for a sweet day. It is only 20 guests in an icecream shop. A white dress with pink satin shoes with a simple bouquet of pink tea roses and carnation with a center of red beads with a green satin ribbon. We start the day with small trees for the front of the ceremony.
With the tune of retro music of the 1950s, we go in a short cocktail hour. Then we move on to Motown Classics for the reception. The flavor of ice cream is incorporated in your menu. A icecream float is added for dessert. A ice cream bar of creative flavors is at the end of the reception. On the table, there are colored white chocolate pink candy apples as the centerpiece in a pot of green grass in
a white ceramic pot. A small oversize cupcake cake is on top covered in sprinkles. A favor of cotton candy gives your day a sweet ending.

The Dance

My Heart Goes On....Celine Dion

The Centerpiece

It is always for an elegant day, an orchid. So to display a classy flower, we place in a curve petal type vase that is lit from the bottom. So one orchid that is in a glow of soft light.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Inhouse Date

Summer time date. You, wear green short shorts with a white collar polo kind of top. Flat sneakers round off this look. We look at sports base movie such as football or basketball. So, we have root beer base with nuts, root beer or beer, and caramel popcorn.

Have fun.

Say Cheese

So maybe you are busy bride who does not have time. Cheese and wine reception in the late evening may do the trick for the bride on the go. So we head to small space for less 40 guests. Tables set up in a dark purple with a silver urn holding grapes. Then we need few trees with lights to make it more festive.
Explore your international culinary menu. Organize the cheese by country with small card. Then add a wine bottle in which they can ask or grab for a perfect match. So cheese, crackers, rustic breads,
fruit, and unique nuts. A bit of chocolate may round off this wedding reception.
The music. The music for this moment ranges from classical, jazz, to R and B. Include your parents or other family wedding tunes to your day for a more personalized moment.
A three hour time period is perfect for this moment.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

Gift Registries

So we are towards the end of the wedding planning process. So it is gift registry time. The history of the gift registry was a, the department store, the bride, and the guests who brought a gift and sent it to the home. Now, it is modern times, an electronic gun and a printed list is now the thing in which the guests can come, print out the list, and purchase the gift. The gift is brought to the wedding shower or wedding itself at the reception. I like the old school method of bringing the gift or mailing the gift to the home. If we flip through the etiquette book, your guests have a year after the wedding to purchase the wedding gift.
Where do we go for a gift? The options are endless.
Department store. Hello, it's aisle five. As affordable as Target or Walmart, we find, pots and pans with fun and festive dishes. Then there is glassware at JcPenny's or Macy's with a china pattern. For more options, there is great and antique looking items from Pottery Barn. Taking a list is best. Groom participation is great but  not needed but if it is Home Depot, he may be interested. They do have a gift registry.Oh, yeah, you can go online.
A bank account. Money. So if you want the money, set up the account. Then you add paypal attached to it. Then your guests can you the money instead a gift.
A donation. Do you have a favorite charity? So within your wedding invitation inform your wedding guests that you have a favorite charity you would like for them to support.
Gift Card. Set up a tree with a deep base to hold gift cards. Then have a list online on a website for various cards you would like from gas to your favorite date spot. A binder may be needed for a larger wedding to organize them.
Destination for two.  Contribution for your honeymoon is another great idea when you have the wine glasses you would ever need. With a travel agent, set up your travel gift registry. Then you can have the funds for your happily day after.
From six to four months before your big day, make a plan and implement for your wedding gifts.

Party Music

Party summer music

Don't Stop the Music Rihanna
Yeah...Chris Brown
Get the Party Started...Pink
Billie Jean...Micheal Jackson
Let's Dance...David Bowie

The First Dance

Adore by Prince


A fun formal cocktail. We start with a mushroom soup in shot glass. A pull pork slider with spiced apples. Mini picnic fries, you can buy them out of the can. Coleslaw milk is coleslaw you made, drained, and put the flavor in milk. Lemon mini cupcakes are a great ending. To round it off, set up a section of mushrooms, apples, and carrots with simple seasoning.


Lulu.com has an adorbable dress for only $54. It is under lavish in lacy ivory lace dress which is a knee length white dress for a sweet afternoon wedding or a great brunch.


A circle of grass with colorful eggs on it

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Inhouse Date

Monopoly game? So great. Black shorts with a sequin bra with t strap high heels shoes. A date meal of spicy red pepper popcorn with chocolate coins with cucumber lemonade drink. A game and food for a great date night.

The Work Out

Kickboxing tape for 30 minutes for the hot summer workout. Work it out


A tea is always simple to put together. Watermelon lemon tea, apple spice tea, with lemonade tea. Then regular sweet southern tea. For the rest of the reception, mini  ham biscuit, chicken potato salad on biscuit, scones, salmon with cream cheese on crackers, cucumbers, and pastries.

The Dress

Style 9150 at allure bridal is a old Hollywood like dress in white with black lace appliques. For a white ailse ready moment, this is a great bridal look.


Blue tulips with white roses o the outside of the centerpiece in a glass urn container for a garden like party reception.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Tea, anyone?

For something really easy and classy a tea will do. A place that is great like a bed or breakfast or a place of art. An invitation on simple floral paper with calligraphy for a small guest list. A day in the afternoon for a blushing bride in a white tea length dress with pink satin high heel shoes with a pink rose in hair. These things are all the making of a great summer tea.
The day, we enter in the space. We sign a great art book. Then we move on to our tables. A solid color table with floral colored chair cover brings a little brightness in the room. A low centerpiece of roses and mini carnations in simple crystal container. Music of classical tunes with classic but fun r and b. The music gets more lively as the day goes along. From the classic to jazz, the r and b, to some right now pop and r and b music. A bride may even change her shoes from pink to light blue.
The food should be kept what is expected with fun and creative twists. Scones, tea sanwiches, and cookies with cake pops. One or two but no more three bites are the rule for tea. The tea itself can be based on their favorite soda flavor. A signature tea is also a great personal touch for your moment.
Sophistication with simplicity is key. This is not to be a full event but a day shared with those in your life. Tea service set can be rented. A touch of  unique with the napkin that matches the chair cover. Food should not go far in the flavor if they is an culinary adventure. This information should be somehow included on your wedding invitation packet. Speeches for a tea should be kept to one to two sentences only. The time for the whole tea should be only 2 and half to no more than 3 hours.
Personal touches are fine. A personal table of the relationship may serve well. Childhood pictures
in silver or crystal frames. A frame love letter. A social media table in which the computer is covered in fabric to send their wishes to couple is also a great touch.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Inhouse Date

Castaway, The Movie is needed. A bathing suit top with long jeans with a pair of high heel sandals.
Seafood with lemon flavored popcorn. Ice cream as dessert. Then movie with food. Maybe a bath for two latter in something fruity.

The Dress

A steal at The Limited. A texture A line dress for $74.99. Item number 3091831. You can find this adorable dress at thelimited.com

The Work Out

Too hot to work out. Jump rope for 50. Run in place for 20 minutes. Crunches for 100.


An easy summer wedding meal. Oranges with tangerines in a green salad. A orange glazed chicken breast with lemon flavored pasta. An orange sorbet is cool ending to your wedding reception.


A topiary type centerpiece of an orange on a wooden stick covered with moss with lemons and tangerines at the bottom of the container.

The Simple Summer Day Wedding

The wedding checklist looks  is like a long scientific equation. The wedding day is very simple if you let it. A wedding is a ceremony that reflects your love with a reception filled and shared with good friends and your family. So in the basic box of wedding planning, ceremony, the bride, food, music, and cake. A few pictures and your day is a success.
So this wedding is a little different that anyone can put together.
In most simple wedding site form, find one place with chairs and tables. The time and money saved on staff, vendors, transportation, and maps is too great to pass up on peak summer prices. So, an easy summer wedding is your moment.
So, we start to set the table with back ground music. Jazz with R and B is a great fit for this type of wedding. The table is filled with fresh fruit in white bowls. The guests are seated Then groom follows.The bride comes in wearing a  short but sweet white tea dress. The vows are said like a toast to each other with the clinch of  their toasting glasses with the wedding minster. A three course meal follows with the cutting of the wedding cake.
Special touches can be added. You can write the name of your guests at this wedding on the glasses. A mini cupcake favor is always great. Music selections, suggestions from your wedding guests is also special touch. I always like to add family or date recipes to the menu.
Then that's it. That's it. Yes. A lovely dinner with great company is the moment.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


The menu that is easy to execute. Chicken stuffed with cream cheese, peppers, and strawberries with a simple salad of a green with rasberries. Then a blueberry muffin mini cupcake with black berry icing.

The Dress

A steal. $164.49 at jjhouse online. A beautiful white tea length gown in tulle bottom with a white top portion with a beautiful sash that comes in over ten colors to match your wedding décor.
style number...14739.

So from a beautiful white carpet ready day to an elegant tea, it is a moment


So a simple but elegant centerpiece of tulips, mini roses, lemon laves in a urn with two branches lke a handle.

Inhoue Date

Indie Movie Night. Rent the movie. Pop the popcorn. Add a cheese herb sprinkle on the popcorn. Black boy shorts and white lace bra. Then we have goat cheese with turkey sandwhich. Grapes.
Flavored sparkling water.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Dress

Score. Forever21. Floral Faux Leather Applique Dress. I am spelling the whole title
of the label. It is on the web for....$27.90. You now can afford your red bottom shoes.
Code number..2049257266

Happy Shopping


So it is summer, a fast seafood bar is a great DIY. We have a fast shrimp with a fun sauce, using a very lose mash potatoes and lemon juice. Crabcake with something spicy for a dip. A fry bar with various seasoning on fries with dips, go play in the international flavor box. Oysters, clams, and mussels give a great ending to your food station bar with a mini salads in cups. Add citrus flavored mini cupcakes.
So, a little prep work. Keep your day to no more than 10 to 20 guests. Add lemons in baskets for your centerpieces.

So, it may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

Outdoor Wedding

So it is summer. Summer outdoor weddings are taking place everywhere. You have found a wedding magazine page. Then you were inspired to create a beautiful wedding. It is not that easy. So, first of all, we need a indoor wedding plan. Then a checklist. A checklist includes chairs with front of ceremony décor. A great tent is always nice. How do we deal with hot or cold if needed. The event person may have some solutions. Yes, you have to go to the bathroom.
Little personal touches. There are fans for the hot. A wrap if it is cold. Even outside, little bubbles as we walk down the aisle or the flutter of butterflies.

The Kids Table

So if we get someone to supervise them near by. We set up a few kids tables. The kids tables give everyone a break from a weird cute but gross joke. So, we set up food, snack centerpieces instead of flowers. Then we have coloring sheets, puzzles, mini play dough to occupy the smallest ones. Little word puzzles for the older ones. Their food can be the basic unit of fun food. It really can. It can be version of the main menu. So your chicken with a beautiful sauce. Now, there is a chicken nugget version of it.


Candles are a great money saver. We have tube white candles in shape of a flower floating in a simple bowl shaped glass container. Then we add the touch of wild flowers all over the table.

Inhouse Date

So summer concert. Rent or buy your favorite music concert. We have spicy popcorn, use a chilli powder seasoning. Then mini chili pepper and cheese bites. Then add a cake pop.  Flavored water.
We are going to wear, a little sundress with strappy shoes.  Watch and enjoy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Inhouse Date

It is rent night. So buy the movie, The Rent. We wear a little black dress with silver shoes with big diva wig hair. Then fingerfoods with a cheesecake.

Popcorn with peanuts...


The menu  creative but simple. Fries with coconut oil with sesame seeds. Then we add margarita chicken with lemon oil. A salad with cucumbers with lettuce with lemon juice. Pears and white cheese for dessert.

Summer Flowerbox

Summertime is a beautiful time for your flowers,.



So it is summer. The last thing I or you want to do, is go to work out. So quick workout. We run in place inside to your favorite radio show for twenty minutes. Then wall push up for 25 counts. 50 crunches.

The Dance

All Night Long...Lionel Richie

The Dress

Allure Bridal..style 2866...Lace sweet vintage dress. Very summer for a summer wedding. allurebridal.com


Cally lilly with rose bud inside the lily in a white cermanic vase.

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Boutonniere

The Boutonniere is a timeless tradion of a flower presented to the groom, groomsmen, and honor male guests of the wedding. It is normally one flower on the lapel. It is normally given to the male before the wedding or during the ceremony for the honor guests such as the parents or others.
Tradition. For traditional wedding, we use a flower. It is normally a beautiful rose. A large gardenia is also an option. A carnation is more for a simple bride.  It also can be something of nature such as baby breath and a leaf  for an outdoor wedding. Then there is also a nut for a fall day.
Timeless. There are some timeless options instead of the flower box. A dress pin made from crystal or a pearl is a great option for a male. A patriotic day with a flag is another great way to give a token of love to your male participants and the groom. A tiny fabric covered pin is also unique fashion but
timeless moment.
Unique. Unique means a lot of things these days. So, in the nontradional wedding box, we use paper.
A paper flower, small, can be great for a playful wedding. A ceramic flower is a great for a brunch or a tea. A coin made into a dress pin is also a great touch to personalize your wedding day.
So from a flower to tiny art dress pin, the options are endless. Simplicity with class but playfulness is the key to great wedding boutonniere.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Dance

Earn It....Weeknd..


The menu is simple Peanutbutter chicken broth French toast with honey, honey glazed bacon, and a salad(orange,apple on  boston lettuce) with orange white wine and oil....Dessert is a simple mini egg custard. 

Got Veil?

Find a great one at the weddingveilshop.com/uk

Inhouse Date

Golf,anyoe?  So inside golf game. Green bra with white boy shorts with white sneaker high heel shoes. Mini bottle of wine, cheese,fruit, and seafood afterward,maybe first. Time to play.....wink.


Presentation bouquet style. Lilly,delphinium with grapes in oversized champagne glass.

Monday, July 13, 2015

First Dance

anytime....Bryant McKnight

The Dress

Where do you find the dress? Short and sassy. Try Plato's Closet. Summer will be ending soon and the deep discounts are just starting.

Love Birds

So, love bird is normally a spring theme. I think this is lovely time to think about this theme.

Be inspired by nature.

So a blue invite with silver ink sets the tone for your day. We place a feather pen in this invitation. A pop of color of blue for inner envelope. 

The bridal look is simple but unique. We start with a basic empire waist dress. Then we have a feathers on the outer edge of a bouquet with lilies in the center. For a unique touch but not required. Have a rounded bird cage made in gold to enclose the whole bouquet. A blue shoe with a gold heel
is another touch. Simple clear nails with blue toe polish. Something blue is pretty much covered.

We are off to the reception. Little children are singing a classical tune outside your wedding as your guests arrive in pretty white outfits with blue singing books in leather. Then inside, a white program with blue ink is given to your guests. Your love story is printed on the program.  Rated G for everyone. Keep it classy. A duet of song is part of your program.  So is the poetry.

You kiss and declare your love. Doves are released from a silver cage.

A reception room of hanging flowers in actual bird cases decorate your reception. There is silk covered base trees with glass birds hanging from the trees. The décor for the table is white with blue freesia in clear square vase. A little faux bird decorated with clear crystals are next to the centerpiece.
The food is simple meal of chicken breast with a simple white wine sauce with a salad of water melon, micro greens, and white wine  vinegar and honey. We listen to classical with big band music as we eat. Then start with a jazz moment with a lovely dance of a couple to perform. Then we head
to the beats of r and b with the oldies but goodies as we party into the after party of main stream pop and hip hop.

A guest favor is needed. So if it is. We give sunflower seeds.

The wedding guests are only about 10 to 20 for this moment. Have fun.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Inhouse Date

Inhouse swim party. A large beach towel with soothing music. Massage oils with candles. Finger food, lemon shrimp salad, mini crab cakes with lemon Popsicle. A blue bathing suit with silver scrappy high heel shoes.

The Favor

In history a favor was a piece cake for the guests. Now it might be a zoo pass. Favors have come long way. What I do know, poems,bookmarks, and even matches are rarely used or taken. So food is normally accepted.

A sweet treat always bring smiles

A donut..Krispy Kreame
Cake pop...Target
A cookie....Amercian Cookie Company


A creative idea but still affordable. We are hanging the baskets from the ceiling low. We cover the basket in moss. Then I want baby breath,wild flowers as well as a glass butterfly in the basket.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Patrotic Day

This wedding moment is for under 25 guests with a simple clear invite with blue ink.

A purple dress which represents this country majestic presence is different for a Patrotic look with royal deep blue shoes. A bouquet that cascades of blue,purple carnation with red tea roses completes the look. A blue aisle runner is a unique touch with a simple monogram in silver. A patrotic song gives your entrance down the aisle. During the ceremony, a love letter from a President to his First Lady is a personal touch for your vow under a silver arch of simple greenery.
A musical selection of bells is a classical ending to the wedding ceremony.
Off to the reception with a shoe change of red. Then we enter a space of hanging chandeliers covered in simple greenery. On the table, there is silver candelabra with blue candles around it. Classical tunes for the cocktail becomes jazz tunes for dinner. A menu of a garden salad, pasta with shrimp with a champagne sauce or pasta with chicken with the same sauce. A mini apple pie completes the meal with a white chocolate sauce on the side. A shoe of a white shoes with a little bling is the last shoe.
A wedding cake of white with a topper of purple and blue sugar carnations with red tea roses completes the look.

The Dress

The dress is a tea length gown found for under $500. It is at well bridal.com, and the style number is tedw015.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Inhouse Date

Beer and a movie. Yes it can be a root beer. .  So,a great hero movie like Independence Day with a beer cocktail with soda or fruit juice. A great drink mixer. Peanut theme meal. Honey roasted nuts, popcorn with chocolate and nuts. Chips with a peanut butter with a pinch of curry salt. Plain chicken bites. Serve in pumps and short short khaki shorts.

First song

Maxwell..,Stop the World


The centerpiece idea is sweet summer look in two clear square vases. Exact size,side by side. We have ranunculus with peonies in a pale color with tea roses in the center and outside for balance.

Shop around some of these flowers are pricey.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First Dance

The Lady in my Life...Micheal Jackson

The Dress

If you want a royal moment, it is at David Bridal. A simple white dress for under $2000. The number is SWG685.

Pop of Color

Normally I am not down with a pop of color at a wedding. I like things short,simple and neutral. Then maybe we go crazy with a bit of color on the toes. So I am going to put down the 1950's Modern Bride magazine down. These days the colors for weddings are endless. Designs on the fingernails and toes are in vogue.
The Queen. The girl,who feels royal have a few options. A deep purple nails with a formal white gown. A candy apple red for a formal day, works for both day and nighttime. If a bride feels really majestic, she should explore metallic hues of bronze or silver.
The Princess. A peach is a great pop of color that is calm down look for a mermaid dress. A pretty in pink goes from daytime to night whether the event  is at a church or the park. Lilliac color is another choice for you. Fuchsia is a beautiful idea for a nighttime princess bride.
The Tea Bride. Tea time inspired by the colors of nature.Something blue is quite sweet for an afternoon or early evening look. A green on the nails may be unusual but nice for the late night wedding. Lace patterns on the nails gives the bride a unique look for a formal wedding.
The Rock and Roll Bride. She lives by her own rules. The obvious black is great from formal to informal. A silver color on the nails also works for this bride. Metallic gold is great for the bride rocking it out. Animal print is fun for a late night affair.
So a pop color is different but can give your bridal look a pop of personality.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chocolate Dream

Chocolate outside the is no tradional flavor. It is great for an ethnic wedding, V Day, or a chocolate theme. So from fresh flowers to chocolate dipped strawberries as a topper the options are endless.
A great example was in the Delmarvanow by Patty Cakes which can be found this week Delmarvanow.com.


Seafood bar. Keep simple. Appetizer,shrimp pasta on a cracker. Cat fish with cherries tomato kabobs. Mini fish Sandwhich. Clams and lemon. Lemon and lime mini cupcakes. Skinny Girl Magarita as your signature drink.

Inhouse Dance

The car. Backseat date. A portable for movie. Popcorn with mini cookies. Candies in the box. Have fun.


Dasies in the center with tea roses in a leaf wrapped square container.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Love Letters of Great Men by Kirkland. So this is great to spark some romance or provide your wedding vows. It is just good read.

Sweet Thing

The wedding cake is one of the  highlights of your day. It has to be great in construction and taste. The options are forever more than I, a young person dreaming of my day. From a winding tiered golf course to a gold two tier dream, creativity is only requirement as well the money to your sweet moment.
Can you bake a cookie? No. Then you should let the cake pans go. A professional or alternative is needed. Accuracy and knowledge with practice is required to bake a wedding cake. A fallen cake or a dry cake is not great. So unless you willing to take a cake baking class, I would let your Betty Crocker dream go.
Where? There is must have list of wedding professionals in all price points. For example Baker Man is a great cake baker in Atlanta, Georgia,but he is not cheap. So off to Publix in which I have used for many celebratory moments. They are known to provide a great wedding cake in all prices. Website and social media search is also a source for information. The home baker if you can find he or she, can cut your wedding costs.
How do I pick out a cake? It is not long science formula, and it is kind of fun. So you need your formality,place, and color with overall concept of your day. Then we decide construction, round,square or a tennis court. Flavor of cake, it is also part of the equation. Lemon,vanilla or mocha chocolate shake. Then your icing can be basic buttercream or a buttercream with fondant. You should meet three bakers. I would flip through the work. A tasting is a must.
Do I need a contract? I could tell you a few stories. So everything is spelled out that you want. Rental prices should be included. The delivery time and price is also part of your contract. Any special cakes such as a groom's cake or guest favors is also on this contract. A striped caked two tier late instead of a three tier vanilla cake is a very upset bride.
With these few tips, I hope this helpful to you.

Friday, June 19, 2015


The cake and ice cream social does not seem like the thing to do. Ice cream has come a long way since your great grandmother's parties and wedding. With the sophiscated tastes out there, there are million to have a ice cream wedding reception.

Ice cream Sandwhich ..cover the side with peanuts.
Chicken broth with vanilla ice cream withn almonds
Chocolate Chips in Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Icecream with bacon
Push-up Bars
An orange sorbet
Peanut butter cookie covered in banana,ice cream,whip cream and cherry on top of big cookie
Fresh fruit
Two cheeses with crackers

Now...you have a moment.

It may take a million dollars for an event but not as much as a moment.

The Dance

In college this was the song especially in love. People in love would start and end their day in love with this song.

Anniversary...Tony Toni Tone

The Dress

I found this great at Macy's. It is a white lace illusion belt dress from Betsey and Adams which cost a mere $229.  A simple summer dress for your wedding day.

Work Out

Work outs can get boring. A big hula hoop in one of your wedding colors may do the trick. Take a moment to watch Alvin and the Chipmunk. Then hula hoop at least 30 minutes of the movie.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

inhouse date

Faux or real, a movie with champagne or sparkling water. Have a celebratory drink. Then add a short white romper with gold heels. A mini sub Sandwhich with candy popcorn. Share an oversize lollipop.


Peonies in pink in the center. Pale pink roses on outer band with clear beads on edges. Place all your materials in oversized champagne glass. The color pink is becoming the new white for weddings.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Floral Tips

The peak of summer wedding season will be here soon. This is not the best time for those who are on a budget for brides. There is little wiggle room in negotiations for price. So being a savvy floral shopper is key to the success of your wedding budget.
Aisle Two. The grocery store will order any florals for you at reduced price. It is much cheaper than any florist in town. A great do it yourself book and a couples of friends is needed. With an evening of work , you can have what you need.
Are you sick? The hospital gift shop. It has floral person. They will order your designs or make a simple one for you. It is the budget bride little secret. From simple center pieces to a great bridal bouquet, you are off to have a beautiful day.
Attention all crafters. So the craft department store such as Micheal Craft Store has a person who can your wedding flowers. Now you can go through the store merchandise if you are not against silk florals or purchase your supplies and ask this person to work on their off hours. In any case you are not spending the average amount. 
Are you sending me to the funeral home next? Maybe for the limo but not for florals. Anyway, these three great options to save on your day.
It may take a million dollars for your event but not so much for a moment.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Workout

It is summer. Who wants to really want to sweat and work out? 50 crunches. Then walk in place for a whole movie.

Inhouse Date

A box series like Glee. Popcorn chicken,lemon popcorn, mini orange cupcakes. A pair of jeans and fun t shirt with tennis shoe heels.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


lollipop with candies in the bottom of a container covered in rose buds. A sweet summer look.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Romance Novel

Night Song...Beverly Jenkins


Watermelon flavored cupcake with a strawberry icing...

The Dance

Adore..Prince for your first dance. A classic will not ever be out of style.

Inhouse Date

Strawberry and love. A little red dress. Then strawberries and tomato base pasta with strawberry short cake with strawberry and broccoli salad. A little jazz and dinner.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


The donut table. The donut table can become a wedding. Peanuts on mini donuts. Cheese on midsize ones. Chocolate and cream cheese on some donuts. Then a wedding tower of buttercream. Add tuna fish and apple sandwhiches. Then add turkey and a salad on the sandwhich.

Quick do it yourself wedding reception.

It is a moment.


A centerpiece of white tea roses in a tea cup with mini white carnations.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Inhouse Date

Touchdown. The movie is Grease,first edition. So, a pink shirt with a scarf with black boy shorts with high heel shoes. Popcorn,raisins, with a quick Sandwhich.

The Dance

Heaven...Bryan Adams

Romance Book of the Week

Until the End of Time...Danille Steel


Seafood. May need ice.Very simple. Tuna fish wth lemon peppers with slices of tangerine with olive oil. A shrimp salad with shrimp,pasta with cole slaw starter with celery and bacon. A dessert of a lemon cupcake. A simple menu you can do yourself.


Peony surrounded by carnation in a color pink.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Gilded Age

We start with a beautiful invitation,tradional panel with gold thermography with calligraphy pen. Then a ceremony site is needed. A bed breakfast,tea room, or the beach for a bride. A bride wears a mermaid dress with gold parasol. The bridesmaids with a simple white dress carry a white parasol.
A bridal bouquet is given to the bride at the ceremony or end of reception by the groom. The ceremony site has two bronze columns. The reception has gold candelbra with  rose bud candles. The cake is three two with a gold rose on top.
It is a moment. Send your gold foil wrapper candy as a favor with good wishes.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Romance Book of the Week

Nora Roberts...Land...

What to get the groom?

The gift for the groom can be tradional or nontraditional. So it is a simple handkerchief, a thoughtful letter, or elegant cuff links.  A ticket for a concert or sports event. A funny card may do. A great t shirt are some options.
When to give the gift? It depends tradition and culture. If these things do not pertain to you, at the rehearsal dinner,before the wedding, or on your honeymoon.


So a candy theme. Little dishes of candies with nuts. Then a granola or cereal bars. A candy spread with ham.  Little mini cupcakes with a m &m on it...a simple wedding for the evening or tea time.


A glass container filled with blueberries with white and red carnations..

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Reading

Join me each weekend for great ideas to go through the journey as bride....

Love is a gift,celebrate it...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The fashion diva

A white dress with sparkling bouquet with a tennis shoe. A centerpiece of a silk fan with a flower petal bottom. A hat exchange during the ceremony. Cake in the form of mini cupcakes. A salad with chicken breast with fruit base desser.an old purse as a sign in. Classical with tech music. It is a moment..

Monday, May 11, 2015


Asymetrical with one big orchard,two roses...then the bottom with white beads...quick and easy centerpiece for your day.

Monday, May 4, 2015

May Flowers

In Metro Atlanta April brought showers, and we are glad it is May which has brought flowers.

Flowers are a great theme for your day. It always the first thought besides the dress when it comes to your day. To set the tone, a floral scent invite can be used.  The bridal look can include the bouquet that spells a message or include a piece of jewelry that is personal to you. The centerpiece is an important part of the day. So a simple vase with your favorite flowers. Outside the larger vase, use a similar color flower in smaller vases around it. The cake can have the flowers as a topper.

To decide I would use fabric and colors from my day, then I would bring those references to my flower planning section.

Good luck...


Real grass with glass ducks...

Monday, April 27, 2015

George Washington

The great George Washington. It is great to take all the stories from him and make a wedding.

So white invitation with simple black ink. A ballroom gown with satin shoe for the bride. A formal tux with a groom with the ruffled shirt but try to find modern day version of it. A room full of standing candles. An oversized bouquet for the brides with a touch of herbs without killing the guests
and the groom with the scent.  A candelabra of gold for each table.

For  cake, three. A center cake with an gold apple on top.Two mini white cakes in the center. Both should have a tiny US flag as a topper.

Mother of the Bride gifts

What do you get the mother of bride?

An floral or monogramed hankie
A beautiful compact
A spa basket
A shopping gift card
A heart felt letter
A beautiful vintage ring


The candy shop.

In afternoon for ten people, you can enter with a list and come out with a great wedding recepition.

Carmel popcorn, chocolate dipped and spice nuts. Chocolate dipped pretzels and cookies. Interesting
candies. White chocolate strawberries.

So do not count out a great candy shop when you are short on time and need a moment.

The Dress

The look is a cool floral dress I found at a fashion mall. It is a BCBG dress which is featured in Glamour Magazine. It is before page 79 in the advertisement section for Simon Properties.

The Loft

A loft wedding always sound cool especially when you are having a small wedding with close family and friends.

So, I like to find a great space and not to do much to it which is the key. An simple invitation with colored ink and play around with the envelope for a pattern.  A cocktail with enough chairs for most if not all with tiny tables or two long bars with stools. The bride wears a floral inspired or patterned dress in pink with a satin shoe. A cool white dress with a satin pink shoe is another option for the day.
The groom in a simple suit with colored socks for a touch of fun.

The guests get to watch a evening of a bride and groom with simple candles on stands say I do. They get to eat interesting bites from their favorite foods from childhood in an adult recipe with simple drinks which includes flavored water. Music, cool jazz with smooth R and B is the mix.

A simple resse cup dipped in white chocolate with a mini bride and groom in white chocolate is different way to end your day.


pink carnation as a tussy mussy...with beads....in a white container..

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DIY.....the southern holiday celebraion...

So for this DIY.....it is the south which big flavors and lots of options.

So...let's start....ham and bisquits with peach perserves......peach salad with green salad....
chicken soup shooters with peach syrup...and onion....

The next table....turkey with cranberry glaze...stuffing in the form of a muffin....collard green

The desert...mini cupcakes....pecan glazed pecans, chocolate cake, german chocolate, and vanilla
seven up....

mini southern snack table...praline, pork rinds, peach ice cream, blackberry and chocolate wine floats...

It is a lot of food..under 20 folks....so you can create this moment...

Skipping Xmas

Skipping Christmas is my favorite book. I love to use this as wedding theme.  So here we go off to the island....maybe.

To set the tone of the day, I would use a colored white invite with blue ink.  A small space is great for the day. I would invest the money to rent a fire space.   The front of ceremony there is a simple tree, as large as you could do with simple lights. Tables are there covered in white cloth. There is a small
tree.  For place seating, use an island item, clear glass with the name attached to it. The menu has
ham and fish. It is a mini wine tasting. Snow flake shape cookies but with dots of blue or  pink.
An island drink is signature drink to hint of a missed vacation.

A song for all at the moment....

Budget Rehearsal Ideas

There are many places to have a wonderful ending to your wedding process with close family and friends without breaking the bank.

Sweet Tooth
A café for a small group will give you a variety of items for you day. A simple phone invitation with
a few options is the way to go....sandwhich,muffin, soup, and etc.

The Pizza Joint
The pizza  joint is another quick and easy way to afford your dinner. Pizza of cheese, meat, and a creative option with a simple dessert. A city post card or e invite is the way to invite.

The Burger Hangout
An old fashion burger spot is simple way to get together with those you love. A fun party invite is the investment I would spend on this type of dinner.

Christmas in April

Does it have to be red and gold, no? Do you want to celebrate the gift of love during spring? Yes, this is a great concept for you.

Be inspired by the love of spring.

To start off your moment, I would send an invite with green ink on white invitation. A floral scent can also be included. The bridal look could be a white dress with green shoes. A round of greenery and small bulb of twinkling lights would make a unique bouquet.  The front of ceremony are two oversize boxes that is covered with gold foil with a green in the center. Add a little bit of greenery to the center.  At the reception, the centerpiece are boxes covered in gold foil with greenery added to the center of each gift box with simple white votives around the box. 

The cake is a sweet endng with a two tier square with a simple green fondant box at the center.

The bridemaid

communication is essential. You need to use communication at least once of month by creative email or in pretty paper with the details that pertains to them.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Candy Apple in a spring pot with cotton candy at the bottom. It is a great spring time touch....

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Dress

The Dress is style 250, a red number for a Gone with the Wind....Alfred Angelo dress...find it oline.

Harry Meets Sally

Popcorn time. It is New Year Eve...countdown.

In other news, a simple NYC wedding for the two. A simple room with trees with twinkling lights with the flash that blinks off and on. Five to ten guests stand for a short ceremony. A great personal chef for the food in courses, no chicken kids. A wonderful warm letter invites your guests to the moment which includes the ceremony, a meal, a little music, and then a cake cutting. A cake of one the bride favorite flavor, the groom favorite flavor, mini wedding cakes stacked with a sauce on the side.

Soul Food Movie

Soul food had some moments but honestly, I like it, even though had a church basement feel to it but also lend to the family environment.

The invitation is simple, the smallest invitation with black ink. The bride dress is still off shoulder with a red satin shoes. A choker will complete the look. The nails should be red which I normally would not do but in this case I would. The bouquet is trailing of large flowers, almost 1920s style with ivy. The centerpieces I would keep in a glass container with large flowers with ivy but add black eye peas inside the bouquet.  On the cake, a tiered cake with brown beads around each base. A signature drink is needed with a strawberry on the side of the glass dipped in white chocolate.

I would play around the food. An orange glaze on the ham, an cranberry sauce under the chicken,
collard green salad, lemon on the mini rolls. The pecan pie dipped rum. The pound cake with a champagne icing.

A guest sign in of a group family picture, sign the glass frame.

The Best Man

I love the movie but I hated the wedding. It was a let down to me. After all, he played for the NFL. The bachelorette party seemed to have more thought than a wedding which was shame to me. So I fixed it.

These are my thoughts for this movie wedding.

The invitation will set it off and set the tone. So it should be in gold writing with a cream paper. The bride dress is a sweet a line with lace sleeves. The bouquet is white tea roses with gold beads. The bride wears gold satin shoes. The front of ceremony is white columns with gold dip roses.  The tables
need to be fixed with a gold candelabra  on the tables including the cake table.
A celebrity moment is needed but if you a small budget, a great kid from a high school will do.
The wedding cake should have two to three tier with a gold dip rose as a topper.
The wedding favors are white gold lollipops.
Simple like the character but has some shine like the groom...

The groom cake is a two tier heart shape with a gold metal football as the topper.

For a moment, on a budget, keep the guest list under 30,you should be able to afford your budget.


lilly....chocolate shaved...white chocolate in green with a chocolate bunny

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Singing in the Rain

So it is spring. This week, it is raining, some days cats and dogs. So I love old movies. Friday, I may I get one for my me date, strange thing, I do, but a must for a long week.

So be inspired by an old movie....

The invitation is classic as the movie. It is black ink with simple white card. You can modernize the invite with a blue inner envelope. The bride wears a simple tea length dress with yellow checkered shoe. A white silk umbrella is great for the bridesmaids. A boquet of white tea roses and blue beads for the bridal bouquet. A front of ceremony can be silver arch with simple hanging blue crystal you could make from the craft store. The centerpiece for your day is faux cake covered in silk or real flowers on a clear pedestal. The wedding cake which also reflects the wedding is a two tier white cake with a crystal bouquet on top.
A groom cake of a heart shape with silver microphone as a topper.
Musical numbers can be played during the cocktail hour.

I hope you have fun with this moment.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


spring..pastel colored egg in wine glass with beads at the bottom..

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Giant vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing. A bird nest of cotton candy on top. Then sit two blue bird peeps.  ....a sweet moment.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Old Fashion Day

A white dress with a round bouquet sets the tone with a traditional white with black invite.  Flowers on the candelabra, use the flowers of your parents for the front of the ceremony. Hankies given to the parents and grandparents. The first song you fell in love with as the song. A meal of your grandparents wedding will linger in the memory of you and your guests. Take a cake from history, a famous bride, replicate it for your moment. Candies in a tiny box is the perfect favor your day.

It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Eggs. A simple boil egg. Egg sandwhich with lemon mayo with a carrot salad. Carrot cupcakes. Mini egg custard.  A table in pastel colors. Simple colored eggs in gold wire baskets. So it is a moment.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The invitation is white invite with pink ink. A white dress with white parasol. A lace veil completes the look. Columns for the front of the ceremony frames the bride. Pink roses in a clear container. A cake of two tier cake with a porcelain cake topper. Pecan chicken, peaches in green beans, peanut flavored rice with nuts.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Say Green

So invitation is white and gold. A white dress with gold shoes with cherry blossom with white roses with white satin horse shoe. A gold candlebra with gold rimmed clear plates. A cake with gold horse shoes on the side white cake with crystal cake topper.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Dress

Where to find the dress? You are going to find it at Le Dress boutique in Atlanta,Georgia. It is a thift store for formal wear. Good luck.

Monday, March 9, 2015


The salad bar dressed up with flowers. A beautiful green salad with edible petals. A mayo less potato salad with pine nuts. A lemon flavored pasta topped with cinnamon whip cream. A mini cupcake in lime with royal flower on top...This is an easy reception to do.


Bud roses is place in the center to create this centerpiece. Tea roses surround them. Then use full size roses around your tea roses. Place in a simple clear vase.

Monday, March 2, 2015


So no, it is not the best of times as we are about to go through the worse of times. I still think it can a historical moment of simplicity. An white invitation with black ink sets the tone. A dress of a white dress with a black shoe, white shoe with a bridal boquet of black and white paper roses. A centerpiece of  black and white paper roses in newspaper covered container. A cake of a black base with a white top layer with a gold white chocolate bride. Simple food in the form of bread from seafood on toast, mini subs, savory and sweet bread puddings meet mini muffins..


So a soulful end to a day...It starts with corn soup, corn salad with peppers and bake chicken .  Mini corn muffins that is dusted in cinnamon is alternative to the wedding cake and easy to make.

The First Dance

Through the fire Chaka Khan

Inhouse date

So Sci Fi night. Salsa on the burger with blue cheese. French fries dusted in parm. Milk and coke wit a touch vanilla. The outfit is red dress with black high heel shoes with your hair in a pony tail or bun.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cookies and Milk...diy

A sweet moment. Mini basil lemon cookies. Orange.. sandwhich cookies with peanutbutter. Then oversize chocolate and m and m candies...fun and quick to put together.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Apple painted silver in a clear glass bucket is a wonderful winter moment.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Inhouse Date

Golden.Oscars.Popcorn with real corn. Candy apples with cotton candy. The date outfit is the little black dress with gold shoes.  Have fun...wink.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Cheese,please....So a cheese theme day is too easdy to put together. It starts with brie,apple on a cracker. A cheese soup with nuts on top in small shot glasses is another option for your guests. Cheese crumbed in parm chicken nuggets with a white cheddar sauce dip. For dessert, a chocolate dip
cheese is the final touch your big day.Enjoy.

The Dress

Where to find it? The dress. You should consider Victoria Secret. It also have great shoes. It is not just a place for great underwear. Try to find a great dress online or by catalog.

Hershey Kiss

So it is a great theme for your big day. It starts with a rich brown invitation with silver ink with a silver foil bow at the top. Your wedding look, consider a brown dress with a sparkling shoes with a silver tussy mussy with red roses. A centerpiece of oversize Hershey kiss on a silver cake platter with red roses gives a sweet touch. A meal of chocolate desserts,appetizer size bites for a meal with a soup and sandwhich. A oversize chocolate cupcake completes this day.


Train on mini cake...

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Inhouse Date

So...a leopard dress is a great start, a sheer one with gold shoes for this date. A meal of red pepper pasta with red sauce sets the stage to romance as well as a half of a french toast cream cheese ....Sandwhich. Chocolate cheese cake with strawberries completes the meal. A little jazz with erotic readings or sweet poetry ends the night.

Happy Valentine's Day..

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Dress

Calling all shoppers: Budget dresses have come a long way. You can go to the ailse online on Target to find it. Yes, it is that place you find your favorite lipstick but online it has great gowns.  The Dress maybe under $100 at ...you got it...Target.

Jumping the Broom

Jumping the broom has come a long way from its orgin and the first time I have seen it at a wedding. You can get too many styles. It is an orgin from Africian American history slavery. It is becoming a main stream tradition.
So this is a great theme for your wedding theme. Be inspired by this moment in history.
An invitation of white with black ink. A gold bow is a great touch for your day. A cream wedding dress with gold shoes. This is a great time find them on sale. A centerpiece of simple gold topiary which may take a minute if you make it but not an impossible task. A two tier cake with a gold ribbion around each tier with one gold ball Christmas ornament as a topper. A broom can be sprayed gold with a red bow.  Use family recipes to complete the day.


A candy apple in a base of cotton candy....


So popcorn theme it is for it is fast and does well on the table for you. Mini cups filled with popcorn and peanuts. A fast pizza of tomato sauce and cheese flavored pizza with fresh herbs. Mini cupcakes
with vanilla buttercream topped with carmel popcorn.....So there you go, 1,2,3....you have fun wedding reception for 40 in the afternoon or late evening.

First Dance

Who Do You Think You Are...John Legend, is a great tune which you can pass your grandchildren as their first dance.

Inhouse Date

Grammy's night is tonight. I love it. It is a great free date night at home. Cut off jeans with a leather shirt and high heel shoes. Popcorn mixed with cake sprinkles and m and m's candies.  A hot dog with cole slaw mixed with ranch dressing, a tsp  of vinger.  Cheers with champagne, ciroc, skinny girl and tequila.....party it up.

klassy wedding

The place outside of the jail. The invitation is phone calls to your loves ones. The bridal attire is a white mini dress and red stripper shoes. A toast of coke 45 mixed with ciroc as your wedding exchange. Temporary tats instead of rings A wedding cake pop for all. Music bumping from the boom box.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


So it is my favorite time of the year. No it is not Christmas but it is the superbowl. I love every minute of it with a mini bottle of wine. So for me to have a football theme which I have used on my twitter page is the ultimate theme for someone who wants to own a team...

One day....

To start out this day, I need an invitation of red paper with black ink. I am a Falcons fan. No, I am not ashame of it.  A red dress with black veil with a red satin shoe. It is Atlanta Georgia, touches of  Gone with a Wind. So I would carry a parasol instead of a bouquet. A southern feast of a collard green salad, peacan glazed chicken, and coconut coleslaw. A Sweet Potato flavored cake with chocolate glaze...A table of popcorn,chips,dips with flavored beers.

The Dress

This is a traditional dress with a contemporary touch. 200000097431....is the number on the gown at Forever 21.


Glass Container with one pink tulip and surrounded mini carnations with mini roses....

First Dance

The first dance is a moment, I love Stay with Me by Sam Smith which is a beautiful song that is timeless for your big day.

Klassy Wedding

A car wedding in classic car. A milk shake and burger with music. An officiant. Wine coolers with ciroc and beer......A pair of jeans with an expression t shirt and red high heel shoes....

inhouse date

Super bowl edition.....

Jersey and jean short shorts. Mini hotdogs with bbq taco sauce. Chocolate Chip cookies chocolate icing.  Flavored beer or soda,milk, and vanilla extract....

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The holiday

Take upcoming v day and save.Baskets,silk florals,cupcake holders,candles and more

Monday, January 26, 2015

The flower girl dress

The flower girl dress can be found at the disney store,ebay, jack and Jill,costume shop.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Inhouse Date

Leopard underwear with black bra. The date of a mini wine tasting with a great movie...

The dress

Morilee is a great place to find the dress online for under budget...


Candles are a great substitute for flowers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


marshmallow on a stick, French toast with chocolate and sprinkles, coconut cupcakes, white chocolate and almonds pops....a great day for 40 guests

Monday, January 19, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Photography can be a great way for a theme or simply used as inspiration. A simple background picture of the bride and groom on the invitation sets the stage. Simple black and white of interesting things that do not offend as a centerpiece. Black dress if you are as bold enough to wear it with a red silk shoe with a simple rose in hair. Black and white cupcakes,mini ones on silver platters...