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Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's a wonferful life

I am not really in this thing called xmas...So for me, it is books, movies.

The movies I love are like this one. It is a Wonferful Life when the man sacrfices his young life
in order to keep and inspire the town...

I am single..anyone know a man like that?

bridal look
pink suit...blue hat....blue silk shoes.

xmas balls in a clear container

two tier cake with a amercian flag

pencils with you name printed on it



A Sweet Moment

Blueberry Pie...cake topper on the side

History Day


I love the fashion of this era. When my feet was smaller, I had closet full of 1940s, real vintage shoes.
Some of them, I never evn wore, they were just for the love of shoes.  he
From the big band era to lady like suit and hat, this is one my favorite era.

be inspired by the 1940s.......

bridal look
white dress suit and pink wedge

big band music

national anthem
as you open up yoopur wedding cermony

khaki covered....containers with white roses

two tier cake with wedge shoe as a topper

the best place to shop for your day

It is summer time, I have a lot of things to do....so i love festivals. There are like Walmart for what I do, I can find business networking, things for film and plays, fashion, and personal items.

All in one place....

For a wedding, if you are open minded, a cermanic bowl can hold guest cards for sign in.
A dress is great for your reception.
A local band is a more affordable option for a funky cocktail hour.

So...do not count out art, music, or craft festivals.

Planning 101

A planner....

A planner is a great tool to have for your day. When I was married, I had four for my little wedding.
Anyway, I am control freak that way.
So for your planner, it should have the following things. The planner need to have a great checklist,
update etiquette rules,great tips, and resource information. It would be even wonderful to have
a place for guests, lists, and a budget.
To obtain a planner, there are many places to find one. For free, online, like the knot.com. A craft
store. You can use a etiquette book.
Purchase or find your planners, at least 12 to 7 months before your date depending on the formality and the number of guests.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

fashion thursday

rentherunway.com for fashion moment.

Sweet Moment

Cupcakes with white icing with lattice in flesh tone with apple filling

History day

Gilded Age.....
The dress....white dress, pink flowers and a fan
parsol centerpieces. parsol in planters...with roses
cake-collumns with a fountain at the bottom
Romantic Poem to start the wedding

planning 101

Get a journal. Then enjoy the moments of big day. It is great when you get a million one well thought out plans for other people, you can then remember your orginal wedding moment planning.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013