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love is a gift...celebrate it

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Going to the Chapel

Yes, I am a wedding blogger. I do beleive in the fantasy of a wedding. I believe in the fairy tale...for other people. Sue me, I am a hypocrite(smile).

In my little fantasy world, if i could do it all over again, i would head to a chapel because people would not have to deal with my attitude because you know i was bridzella.

i had a sistercousin to say, girl, don't call me for a month.

besides, i would a love a marriage. i am just going to be honest. if i had to choose a wedding or a marriage. i would take the marriage.
Starting praying for the future husband, because you know he is going to need it.

pristine chapel
it is jonesboro, georgia. a beautiful setting with several type of chapels.

love is a gift. celebrate it.

the litle white dress

In faith, one day I will walk down the ailse.
In my adult fantasy, I will be wearing a little white dress, very simple and sweet. With cute shoes.

white love letter with black ink. rose petals inside the letter.

white dress with a crystal rose in hair. Pearl choker around the neck.

sign in
little blue journal

white boxes with blue bows. White beads in the center. Rose petals on the table.

cupcakes in silver containers. little bells on each cupcake.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1920s-the pearl edition

Pearls are classic, always in style, for your special moments. It is usually attached to historical moments in your life whether it is becoming 16 to going off to college.

white invite with pink ink

sign in
white satin book

bride dress
strapless pink dress. glued on white beads on the skin, chest and arms. oversized boquet of white beads, baby breath, and pink carnations.

3 bud vases. A pink candle in the center. two white roses on the end. string of white beads attached each vase to each other.

white cake. rectange bottom. circle topper. collumn with white beads trade around the collumn. wedding bell topper.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Lace is one most tradional fabrics when we think of a wedding. It is a beautiful thing for a wedding.

white inviation with blue ink. Tie a white lace ribbion.

bridal look
knee length white lace dress. A white fabric covered book with a rose in the book.

fabric covered books with a bud vase with a white rose.

white cake, lace as a border. Name of the bride and groom in ink with a silver wedding bell on the name.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Moment

The Romantic Reading Night

I love poetry and romance novels, even erotic readings(blush). So to mix my hobby with a great guy makes for a great date.

Anyone who took my Zane book, could you please return it? I did not get to read it. Thank you.

indoor outfit
white shirt tied to the navel, pink bra, little black mini dress with a slit. Four inch black pumps.

outdoor outfit
little black mini dress with a four inch platform shoes. Red flower in hair.

the food
mini pizza bites, strawberries, passion fruit,key lime cupcakes.

the date
pillows on the floor,candlelight, and take turns reading for your inside date.
If you go outside, flash lights, blanket, and try to consider you are in public(wink)

Friday, June 24, 2011

After Party

After party. I love it. It is the music that your aunties may not want to hear, so warn them.
tip-provide finger foods if it is room in your budget so your guests can work it out.

Irene Taylor Boi featuring Supreme
Encore Jay Z
Pass the Dutch Missy Elliot
Ghetto Honey Master P
Bump n Grind R. Kelly
Whip Appeal Babyface

Free Love Friday

Roni Bobby Brown
Just Kickin It Xscape
You Belong to Me Taylor Swift
With You Tonny Terry
When I Get Home Faith Evans
12 Play R. Kelly
For You Kenny Latimore
Your Love Nicki Minaj

Love is gift. If you have it, cherish it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So I planned my friend's wedding in faith. I clipped out magazines and wrote out ideas for moment. Well, now, she is going to walk down the ailse.
Ameythst.This is my birthstone. I am a Febuary baby, a true Aquarius.
I am on a journey, trying to enjoy the next chapter, walking toward faith. Baby steps. I am terrified. I have to get out of the fear and know that the Creator has me.
Pray for me. Please pray for the other person.

white with gold ink. Purple bow.

front of ceremony
gold collumns on heart shaped blocks of woods covered in carnations.

love letter vows. Personalized and written to one another.

purple ballroom gown with a gold crown. Purple stone braclelet. Small heart shaped bouquet of white carnations with a center of purple stones. A gold crown
with purple stones.

sign in
A clear plate rimmed in gold.

chocolate two tier cake with clear topper. Purple petals on the table.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rubies symbolize wealth and inspiration. Many times it was taken on the battle field.
Marriage can be like that, sometimes you do have to fight for it. You have to know it is worth it.
I guess for me, Real Love, next chapter.
For you, I hope your marriage lasts forever. That you sit on the porch with a glass of tea, still holding hands in your old age.

white letter with black cursive writing. Rose petals enclosed in the envelope.

sign in
Stain glass with markers

Black ballroom dress with red colored stone cross necklace. Gold sceptre
with ivy and bud roses. Gold crown with red colored stones.

Two wine glasses filled with cherries with a rose wrapped around the stem of each glass.

Two tier cake. Ruby candy ring topper. Angel beside the cake. Cut the card with a gold sword.

red flavored lollipops

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Emeralds are a beatiful gemstone. The color is really pretty, and it is a symbol of spring time and love.
Spring represents renewel. It is when everything comes to back to life. As you go through stages of your relationship, you have those moments in which you have to find a way to renew what you have.

be inspired by love

green invitation with black ink.

sign in
An art book.

a backless halter dress in green with gold high heel shoes. Ivy bouquet with baby breath and gold beads. A gold cord instead of a ribbon.

angel statues on a bed of greenery.

two tier green cake. Swags of gold colored icing. Then a top tier a necklace
with a green stone.

Monday, June 20, 2011

the moment

Dating? Yeah, I am talking about you right now. I am working on it.(lol) Pray for me or better yet them.

Seriously, I know you say I am planning a wedding, dealing with family but don't forget why you are planning a wedding. Then you wonder why he is so happy with the stripper that you told them not to get.

So what do naturally do or have to do? Find way for a moment.

first date idea

You have to eat. Some try some new recipes together.

class time. inhouse.white shirt,cute plaid skirt with thigh highs, high heel shoes(rent or buy costume). out of the house-take a class. cute red wrap dress with black three inch mary jane shoes.

The Diamond

Diamonds are the most popular stones for a ring. It is a hard substance that goes though a lot of pressure to become something precious.
It is like marriage. Hopefully, you can stand the pressure to have something that is so precious.
Have faith but you do have to work it out.

white with silver ink

bride dress
white dress A line dress with silver shoes. A wedding bell covered in crystals and rose buds.

A clear cake topper on a dummy tier of white roses.

sign in
An illuminated shadow box. Use one of wedding colors.

silver diamond shape top tier on a round white tier. Clear cake topper. Silver heart shape arch over the cake topper.

silver hershey candies in clear bags. Decorate with clear crystals

Saturday, June 18, 2011

After Party Jams

Slow jams. The after party jams. From your first after party dance to the honeymoon, work it out.

At Your Best Aaliyah
Baby Come to Me Regina Belle
Forever My Lady-Jodeci
U Send Me Swingin' Mint Condition
All the Things-Joe
Anytime Janet Jackson

Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Love Friday

You are The Sunshine of my Life Stevie Wonder
We Got Hood Love Mary J. Blidge
Baby Hold on to Me Gerald Levert featuring Eddie Levert
All of My Life-KiCi JoJo
Weak SWV
Fire and Desire Rick James and Tenna Marie

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Queen Annia

Queen Annia was a fighter. She ruled with confidence and conqured all that was before her.
I love that spirit, a stong black woman.

brown invitation with black ink, gold ribbion

light colored gold ballroom gown with a bouquet of roses, gold dipped center with a red roses on the outer of edges. A choker with red square stone. Rent the gown.

black metal container with gold painted spear in the center with red roses. ivy trailing the spear.

two tier cake. gold ribbion around each border. With a gold sugar horse.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Marie Antoinette

I just recently read one of this queen's letters. I was so touch by it that I had tears in her eyes. They said she was this selfish person, maybe she could not relate to the common person, but in this letter the love for her children and her family as well as forgiving enemies showed so much strength.

love letter on a beige paper with black ink

red ballroom gown with a blue and red roses with crystals.

blue A line dresses with blue feather bouquet with a center of minature red roses.

clear xmas ornanaments filled with water in a clear container. Decorate outside with crystals. Place a clear vase. Decorate with silver dipped roses. Kit from a craft store.

three heart shaped cakes with a floating fountain. Decorate with silver sugar flowers.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Princess

I love the idea of candlight princess wedding. It is beautiful thing.

white with red ink using Robert Browning poem to Elizabeth Browining How I Love Theen in the center.

brial look
white dress with a long train. Pearl choker. Bouquet of white beads and red roses. Gold crown on head.

gold candelbra with red roses on a gold pedestals.

reception room
snowglobes with candle light around them. Place snow globes on a flat gold jewlery box.

two tier chocolate cake with red roses.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Queen Victoria

When Queen Victoria walked down the aisle, she set the standard. Although some of the customs were already in practice, mostly in French culture, when she was married, many copied aspects of her wedding.

Her writing is interesting about marriage. I think it change over time. Walking down the ailse is act of faith, not knowing how it going really work out, but in time, you may fall deeply in love.

white with pink writing

white off shoulder dress with orange blossom covered purse

tussy mussy on a floral covered dummy tier. Fill tussy with orange blossoms. use pink flowers on a dummy tier.

3 tier cake. bottom tier is white with bridal charms. second tier is
pink with words from the best man's speech. top top is white with pink roses and orange blossom flowers in sugar.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The After Party

I love the idea of the After Party. Many brides asked me what to do when you can't play the music we love but the music your grandmother might say, what the world you are listening to?

So no, honey, your grandmother does not want to hear it while you are wearing your white dress.

If you don't want to have a long wedding, then consider a cocktail or dessert wedding reception.

the after jams.work it out.
Computer Love-Zapp and Roger
It Was a Good Day-Ice Cube
Stand Up-Ludacris
God Send Me Angel Amanda Perez
Tempature-Sean Paul
Get It Shawty-Lloyd
I Get The Job Done-Big Daddy Kane
Satisfy You-Diddy r kelly
You Are-Charlie Wilson

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Free Love Friday

Your first dance.

Your first dance. it is one of your first tasks together as husband and wife as you express in song how you really feel for each other.

take my heart kool and the gang
roni bobby brown
when i fall in love celine dion
caribbean queen billy ocean
endless love mariah carey and luther vandross
so emotional whitney houston
it's gonna take a miracle denise williams
i love you, need you patti labelle

1980s rock

MTV...late night, in the bed,on a school night. You could watch all the time, my city had fought it tooth and nail, but music won in the end.
Some relationships are like that. I think some are worth the fight. Love will win in the end.

white invitation with black leather ribbion, red ink

white shirt, short micro mini skirt, with black pumps, flower tatoo on shoulder.

black vinyl covered boxes,red rose on the box

two tier cake, dennim ribbion each tier, and leather choker collar as a topper

the ceremony

The ceremony is ultimate love story.
Anyway, the chapters of your cermony should include you and your groom, what you love, music, readings, values.

the steps are:
find the officiant
cermony site
premartial counseling
ceremony program

Pull inspiration from first the date, the first time you kiss, the first time you knew this was it...the songs you listen to as you smile about him or you. Values, reading, scriptures.

Tell that love story. It is a gift. Celebrate it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the budget

I sat by the computer and thought, am I having a wedding or am buying a car. I was amazed when I looked at my budget. I knew, have faith but girl, that is not going to work.

Anyway,it is important to have a budget, but you can have a moment on limited resources.

First of all, you are lucky. You found the love of your life and had the courage to let him in. Most people wait their whole lives to have your gift. Some people leave this earth and never find it.

So focus on a moment. A moment where take your resources, use inspiration to create a beautiful day shared by family and friends.

invitation-postcard,silk leaves,computer printed diy invites
bridal dress-rent it, borrow one, take something off the racks, get a regular party dress
centerpieces-diy with help of a grocery store florist
cake-at home baker, do it yourself cupcakes, dummy tiers, and there's site where you can rent a cake

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1980s pop

i love 1980s music.
Pink boombox on the floor, teen romance novel in hand, listening to Tiffany, and thinking about...that guy is sooooo cute, always in crush.

white with pink ink. Vanilla scent on the invite.

white crop top, pink skirt, white lace legging, black pumps. White bead necklace. pink lace gloves.

pink crop top, torn jeans, white boots.

white roses and pink lace covered boxes

oversize pink cupcake with white bead necklace as a topper

song-Crazy for You MaDonna

1980s Hip Hop

Ft. Hill. Boomboxes on shoulders and fashion being introducted by Run DMC. Bootleg fashion on every corner, where the label was peeling. Guc...i, you might be misssing something there.

It was hip hop, we all dance and skated to it in the neighborhood. I love it, to me it was inspiration, it was funky, and it was fun.

i love hip hop, that's whatsup

silver with gold writing.

white jeans, white off shoulder shirt but splattered with a puff paint design in different color lines, gold high heel shoes. Big gold square hoops.

square boxes painted like silver boom boxes. Place on a bed of red roses.

sign in
old hip hop album cover

two tier cake, leather ribbion on each tier. A gold rope necklace as a topper.

the plan

I don't know how I thought these wedding was put together but when I first look at my first checklist, I was thinking I did not have this many steps to get to college.

Anyway, with anything in life, you need a plan. So to make sure moment goes well, you should come up with a game plan.

game plan should include:
a checklist
a good planner(try online)

Have a plan b for everything, stuff happens.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Latin Pop Music

It's summer time. It is hotlanta honey. So if you come here, be prepared. The city is on fire.

Anyway, I love latin pop music. They bring great beats with great style to their music. From the beats to get your feet moving to sultry strumming of the guitar, this music will help your wedding become a celebration.

take your favorite Pablo artist work on the invitation and then take the lyrics of your favorite latin pop music artist and center into your wedding invite.

front of ceremony
black iron gates with gardland at the top.

simple white salsa dress with gold high heels shoes. Simple gold hoops.

bridal processsional
Get a drummer to start the processional and a guitarist to end it as the bride goes down the ailse.

take your love letters and place in the spanish in frames. Place the frames on colorful square tiles.

first dance song
rumba your way through it.

two tier cake with the bottom in blue with your topper in colofrul spanish tiles.

The Vision

When I was a little girl, I used to dress up like brides. We would put on a Barbie makeup, the dressup necklace, and a little plastic high heel shoes.
Everyone knew miss drama mamma was going to wear a big dress.

As I grew older, I added history to it. So I wore a big dress with a Victorian theme.

What's your vision? Close your eyes and think about what you want for big day and then write it down.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

After Party

What's the after party? The after party is the music that you love to dance and jam to. It is also the music you might not want everyone and their kid plus the grandmother to hear. Have your first dance, cut your cake, toast, and eat, dance an hour or so, throw that garter up, and then party. Let your grandmother know, so she sneak out of the door.

Welcome to my Hood DJ Khale , Lil Wayne, Rick ross and Plies
Pretty Girl Rock Keri Hilson
Looking for Love Dirty Money featuring Usher
Run the World Beyonce
No Diggity Blackstreet
I Got You(I Feel Good) James Brown
Sex Me R. Kelly
I Belong to You Brian McKnight
Tutti Frutti Little Richard
Every Time I Close My Eyes Babyface


The last part of this marriage series.
It is obvious that you need to have it in order to walk down the ailse, but how many people don't. They look at that wedding gown in the closet and think....I don't. I heard too many women who say I did it because......you have to fill in the blank. It was comfortable, it was safe, it was provisions, it was the kids, it was I wanted a wedding. I always said that was a great business, to have a mock wedding chapel just get it out of some of these girls system. It was never about what was suppose to be about in the first place.
Love is patient,is kind, not envious, slow to anger, is not easily provoked, thinks of no evil, knows the truth, bears all, believes and hopes all, endures all.
It is not perfection. Only the Creator is perfect. Love is a journey that you can take with the other person, for better or for worse, and if you are bless, until you leave this Earth.
Love is the oxygen of the marriage and without it just slowly dies.
How do you love? Love that person's spirit which is the essence of a person. No matter what the scales say, when the wrinkles come, when a person has a dollar or a million dollars....life changes. It will not always be a fairy tale, but it can a beautiful love story.
Love that person's spirit. It will take you so much further.
Have faith, but you need love.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I once told a friend that some of the best marriages I know, they date. They go out or plan something inside, but they spend time together. I know it is hard especially when the kids are small or when your lives are busy. It is fuel of the marriage. It is those moments when it gets hard when you think...okay it is not so bad, so I will stay.
So times are bad in the pocket for many. A date does not have to cost a million dollars. It can be a walk in the park at midnight(it totally romantic especially here in the south), an inside picnic, or learning something together. You just have to be creative.
Let's put a step further,put in writing. Anything that is important is usually in writing, so your dating plan should be in writing. Possible places, be fair to both parties, and when(once a week, once a month).
For you parents, think about babysitting. If money is a problem, barter for other things. Wait until kids take they butt to bed for that in house date.
You say you are tired but you spent a lot on a wedding, so spend the time on the marriage. It is worth it in the end.

Free Love Friday

There is nothing more romantic than being in a car, listening to some old music, and getting some sugar in between the lyrics.

hey, i'm old school.

free love friday.love is a gift.celebrate it.

Sugar Sugar The Archies
When A Man Loves a A Woman Percy Sledge
Try A Little Tenderness Otis Redding
Stand by Your Man Tammy Wynette
For The Love of You Isley Brothers

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Old Hollywood

I love old movies. It always remind me of my father. We would sit and watch movie after movie.

I love the fashion, the old Hollywood touch.

If you want a touch a glamour without the spending pocket change. This is the wedding for you. Be inspired.

black and white photograph on postcard of you and the groom

pink dress, white bead choker, crystal braclet. Red lip. Gold shoes. cascading bouquet of red roses.

white dress halter dress with gold shoes.

sign in
picture of your favorite movie star.

red rose in bud vase. Place on a small dummy tier covered in crystals.

the moment
you and the groom's handprints in gold paint. Have the guests to sign in.

two tier wedding cake with oversized candy ring as a topper.

The List

When I talk about dating(yeah, I'm a hypocrite, smile), I talk about the list exchange. The list exchange is five things that you want out of the relationship.
No discussion, you just exchange and do it.
It should be updated once a year because life and your needs change.

Don't exchange lists during holidays or your birthday. Let's not throw a high heel shoe over the turkey.

What's your sign?

The 1960s was a time of change. It is like marriage, the good, the bad, the ugly, can you please change, so we can move on. Spoken like a true Acquarius.

Be inspired by change. 1960s style.

blue invitation with black ink

white shift dress with blue heels. white carntaions with blue fresia. charms that spell dream.

pictures of space of exploration in silver frames.

sign in
you and the groom hand prints on silver paper.

two tier cake with blue ribbion. diamond braclet, pearl necklace, with pineapple in the center on the top of the cake.

The Household

On the journey to getting married, people love, lust, and say let's do it. You need some reality with the fantasy.
So put down the wedding swatches and listen up. These are the questions you need to ask before you say I do. Who pays the bills? How are the bank accounts organized? How many kids? If we already have kids, what are the rules of discline? Who is going to clean up? When are we going to clean up? How many times do you need to have sex? What are your short term and long term goals? What is your spritual philosphy? Where are going to spend the holiday?
These are just some of the questions you ask. It is important. I answered a lot of questions since I was a teenager to adults when they used to call me.
Marriage is a beautiful thing but if you don't have a game plan it will not work. It is like everything in life. Faith without works is dead. You have to work it out before you go down ailse.

Have faith but you need reality.
Love, Peace, and Soul