welcome to the moment

love is a gift...celebrate it

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Moment..inhousedate

white with red ink

red crop top and ripped jeans....gold high heel sandles

finger foods..with passion fruit...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

budget 101

.So...it's was the 1990s...I sat down at the computer and put all my hopes and dreams in a popular wedding online planner. Then I hit the entered button and almost dropped the keyboard.

part time job plus 35000 job did not equal 30000.

So, I research all afternoon, find some hope in a budget wedding site.

David bridal for a dress but you can also rent and get one sewen.

I found aarmark for food. You can find a personal chef if you keep the guests small. Then
you can also hire a student chef.

The cake, it can be the grocery store or small creation with cupcakes or sheet cakes.

You may need a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

so...planning 101

Once I received a phone call from someone, she said, girl, we are down here starving.  A birthday party that had run out of food. Invite list, I thought. I told the story to D trew who laughed at 6 mos...it was a moment.

take a bath and create a day or go to park. Write down your ideas in a short paragraph.

get organized
by a binder with pockets. then a wedding planner or use one online.

get to the 3
what is most important three things for your day. 

support team
this can be a professional wedding planner or a good friend.

choose your maid of honor or friend of honor
Find someone who supports you and your day.

planning week

Well, it is here, wedding season....peak of it, anyway. It is where romance meets ideas. This week I hope to help you plan your moment.  I am going share with my experience.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

red, white, and blue

the red, white, and blue.....

red dress with blue carnation boquet

blue with black ink

sword printed on the ailse runner

red and white bottom cake....sword topper

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


white inviation and sand border.......glue....sand to border...add gold luster dust

little white dress...light blue shoes....sun hat

sand dollars hang from the ceiling.....

two tier cake....little shells cake topper

creative spaces

A store....a small one...wine and cupcakes....find a small shop with 20 of closetest...decorate with small containers.....

Monday, May 21, 2012

save your dime

go to rentail store for a dress...save that dime for shoes


centeprieces...food base

minicupake in a ring box.....on a bed of flowers

berries in fruit glass....with a flower tied to the base of the glass

sprinkles...at the base with cookie flower

red, white, and white

it's almost memorial day...i will be sizzling with my son at six flags if it does not rain. i

summer fun week....

red with black ink

red dress wtih blue shoes, i found a great pair last week

star shape cupcakes.....with star shaped sprinkles.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

the moment-inhouseDate

thong covered in dried flowers

sheer dress with flower underwear

finger foods on fresh leafs..salad with flowers....burger in shapes of leaves

the dress
outside picnic in the yard

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


in my victorian mind, when i do fall in love. I know it will be bright as the sunshine.....

clear container with yellow ink

white dress with colorful scarf on head tied to the side..(yellowandorange)

photograph  of the sunrise....on a sheet cake with name and date

Monday, May 14, 2012

Save your dime

okay, this is challenge.....under $500.

white paper and stickers andbe creative with your wording.

take a simple white dress...go get some discount shoes.

rice krispy treats with fruit glazed...add fresh flowers on top

let them have cake...

I am cookie baking mode with my son. When i am stessed out, I love to cook cookies and bake cakes. I am wierd that way.

get a character cake pan from craft store with spray food coloring, you have somthing creative in no time.

you make them ahead of time. you can make the mini ones...little beads and frosting..that's it.

it is sweet...you can crumble cookies on them.

the diy


Centerpieces can be many things.......

Bird houses embelished by white beads.
Hats...filled with flowers
Boxes wrapped with gift boxed with grass

Think outside the box....find inspiration in your own back yard.

the love story

a 2 page story book

a rose bouquet with a ribbion from one of your date dresses

a cookie with your love story on it