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love is a gift...celebrate it

Monday, February 24, 2014

Inhouse Date

black dress....gold shoes....with fun appetizers to watch the oscars...gold foil candy.....trophy with rose petals


pink carnation with red lollipop center


Forever 21.....for shoes

Planning 101

The menu....I sat at the computer and gave the person the seasoning for my chicken. okay, i am clearly am a control freak..... This meal will be the most imporant meal of your life. You will remember each bite forever.... So.... family recipes, childhood memories, cultral and tradions, your first date, your enagement meal, a favorite trip.....

Monday, February 17, 2014


shorts with sequin shirt and 1940s high heel shoes

Inhouse Date

cookies and creame,white dress with baby doll heels....cookies baking while watching a tv show...

creative cakes

toy theme three cake in kid wagon....color with your favorite child hood toys breakfast in tiffany's two white tier with sunglasses on as topper... the country affair bake apple with cake inside of it with glazed icing...


take a loaf bread use real grass on top......

planning 101

Get organized. Find a planner. Find a binder. A great friend to hold your hand through the process. A journal for your thoughts...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Date Ideas

the park with creative sandwiches and cupcakes with a boombox......candy store sampling date, buy and eat there......old school burger joint......chinese boxes from kroger with prepackage egg rolls......

gifts for him

snack basket....popcorn....movie ticket...concert tickets.....hobby toy....cool t shirt....tennis shoes....

going to the chapel

Going to chapel...look at McDonough Georgia...Pristine Chapel....is a great chapel...

the dress

Look for lightinthebox.com....is a great place to find a dress....


chocolate rose in a bed of straweberries in a brown square box

planning 101

Emily Post, a great book of etiquette to plan your day. Do I feel that you go by all the rules, it depends on the crowd as a great host. You will take in your wedding guest list. For a formal moment, you should consider some of the general rules at least for your ceremony. The seminformal day can be a mix bag. Informal weddings, most guests know that some of these rules will be deleted. You have a blank canvass for your wedding. If your wedding ruels are too unique, inform guests through a website, a small card in their invitation....

Monday, February 3, 2014

work out

yoga week....10 to 30 minutes



Planning 101

the veil.... The veil is the tradional part of your fashion day. the short veil It is great for a nontradional dress or a collumn shape dress. find the train The train can be followed by the veil of the same length the hat and short veil A great fashion moment for a little dress or vintage gown where do you find it? The wedding dress shop, online, or even esty Make sure you pack it up carefully. You can always save it for the next generation.

Great dresses

Attentiona all Macy's shoppers: The clearance racks are there for a short dress day for you, the bride or bridesmaids. Take advantage of the end of season sales.

The Moment

So I go to this great place for cake and pastries. It has a long counter, great music with a few tables. A wedding for two. Order. Officiant. In a short dress and cute cut, it is a moment...