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love is a gift...celebrate it

Friday, November 27, 2015

Inhouse Date

Hot chocolate,snacks, and bed. A cute bra with pj bottoms and spiked high heels as you walk away. A holiday movie as you snuggle.

Bridal Class 101

So it is holiday season.This is the wonderful time to get many things.

A wedding dress
Discounts are everywhere, even for a person who does need it, can appreciate it. So go online or in the store for the deal.

For those in do it yourself mode, this is the most wonderful time of the year indeed. Candles, beauty, and baskets are all around from the flea market to a great gift shop.

This is not the best time but it is the best time to get a few pennies your final price as the holiday season brings out a more giving attitude.

Other Tasks
A wedding journal
A wedding Planner
The centerpiece of wedding..officiant,wedding sites,food, dj, and photographer

Have a peppermint tea as you plan your moment.


The Thanksgiving calories came and went to our behinds. It is the next day, walk in place to your favorite holiday movie with leg lifts and crunches, for 50 counts.

Holiday Wedding

For an intimate moment, there is the holiday wedding. An invitation in ivory is a classic start in colored inner envelope. A bride, a long A list dress with a satin coat is a dramatic moment.
The guests are greeted with singing children in the lobby or outside. Then inside, a program, with the couple picture in the holiday setting on the front is given to the guests. Holiday music fills space as the intermediate family walks down the aisle, and the wedding party simply stand at front. Together the couple walks down the aisle,recite a reading and vows.
The reception, dinner and party. The classic tunes of the holiday is for dinner and cocktail but r and b with pop, a touch of hip hop keeps the night rocking. The bride changes clothes. A meal is simple duck with fruit base sauce, pasta with a green salad. Dessert is a festive drink.
The cake is a great ending. A rollercoaster as a topper.

The Dress

Where to find it? For a casual dress, I would head to Plato's Closet.


Voltives in oranges with a gold painted Pumkin is a festive carry on for the late fall season.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Inhouse Date

Pleated leather dress with red heels. Favorite teen movie. Strawberry turkey burger with thousand island dressing. Icecream float.


What a Wonderful World..Louis Armstrong
Thank You..Sly and Family Stone
Autum Leaves..Ed Sheeran
Autum Serenade..John Coltrane
Love Potion Numbere 9..The Cloves

but live.com

The Dress

Where is it? dresale.com has a beautiful and regal mermaid for under $200.


Too cold. A video of dance will do. Add 50 extra crunches to get ready for your big day.


Colored rectangle glass vase. Tall grass with wax flowers and marigold on a square patch of square grass.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Inhouse Date

Popcorn Time. Pink underwear. Cotton candy,popcorn, and raisinets. A food movie. Enjoy...

Thanksgiving Wedding

A fun wedding is a Thanksgiving holiday one. We send save the dates for this moment which is a simple Thanksgiving card. This moment is for 20.
The bride wears a simple A line skirt with wine colored blouse with a black silk shoe. A pin on the blouse is a better choice for this wedding. Down the aisle of a leaf printed runner. The front of ceremony is two black iron pots filled with fall branches. A song from child hood walks the bride down the aisle. The guests sit in simple wooden chairs.  The bride and groom recite a poem and say I do.
The reception is white table without the centerpiece. The food is in the center table in colorful decorated bowls.  The food is tradion with creative desserts and sides. Music from the bride teen years are played during dinner.
The reception music is the dating years of the couple. A chocolate table to usher in the upcoming Xmas holiday is a sweet touch. The cake is a tired cranberry bread pudding with a fruit jam with flowers on top.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.


A creative and festive centerpiece is a simple Apple with a mini rose and surrounded by cherries.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Inhouse Date

Early Xmas movie night. A short red sweater dress with black booties. A pony tail we are off with Carmel apple popcorn. A duck sauce sandwhich with scallions in beef with thick bread. A dessert of egg nog cupcakes.

Have fun...

Popcorn and Love

So it is that wonderful time of the year for movie watching. A heart arch with roses and lilies. A bride is in a red dress with black silk shoe with rose in hair. A ceremony takes place at dinner. There is music from old movies. Then at dessert, we get married. A topiary of gold beads and popcorn in a white container as a centerpiece. A cake of red with black drop strings with bride and groom in gold topper. The cake is under a heart arch. The dance is last from your favorite movie. A send off Carmel popcorn in heart shape gold boxes as a favor.
Love is a gift,celebrate it


lillies and alstroemerias in the center on a upside down moss covered container.