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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First Dance

The Lady in my Life...Micheal Jackson

The Dress

If you want a royal moment, it is at David Bridal. A simple white dress for under $2000. The number is SWG685.

Pop of Color

Normally I am not down with a pop of color at a wedding. I like things short,simple and neutral. Then maybe we go crazy with a bit of color on the toes. So I am going to put down the 1950's Modern Bride magazine down. These days the colors for weddings are endless. Designs on the fingernails and toes are in vogue.
The Queen. The girl,who feels royal have a few options. A deep purple nails with a formal white gown. A candy apple red for a formal day, works for both day and nighttime. If a bride feels really majestic, she should explore metallic hues of bronze or silver.
The Princess. A peach is a great pop of color that is calm down look for a mermaid dress. A pretty in pink goes from daytime to night whether the event  is at a church or the park. Lilliac color is another choice for you. Fuchsia is a beautiful idea for a nighttime princess bride.
The Tea Bride. Tea time inspired by the colors of nature.Something blue is quite sweet for an afternoon or early evening look. A green on the nails may be unusual but nice for the late night wedding. Lace patterns on the nails gives the bride a unique look for a formal wedding.
The Rock and Roll Bride. She lives by her own rules. The obvious black is great from formal to informal. A silver color on the nails also works for this bride. Metallic gold is great for the bride rocking it out. Animal print is fun for a late night affair.
So a pop color is different but can give your bridal look a pop of personality.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chocolate Dream

Chocolate outside the is no tradional flavor. It is great for an ethnic wedding, V Day, or a chocolate theme. So from fresh flowers to chocolate dipped strawberries as a topper the options are endless.
A great example was in the Delmarvanow by Patty Cakes which can be found this week Delmarvanow.com.


Seafood bar. Keep simple. Appetizer,shrimp pasta on a cracker. Cat fish with cherries tomato kabobs. Mini fish Sandwhich. Clams and lemon. Lemon and lime mini cupcakes. Skinny Girl Magarita as your signature drink.

Inhouse Dance

The car. Backseat date. A portable for movie. Popcorn with mini cookies. Candies in the box. Have fun.


Dasies in the center with tea roses in a leaf wrapped square container.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Love Letters of Great Men by Kirkland. So this is great to spark some romance or provide your wedding vows. It is just good read.

Sweet Thing

The wedding cake is one of the  highlights of your day. It has to be great in construction and taste. The options are forever more than I, a young person dreaming of my day. From a winding tiered golf course to a gold two tier dream, creativity is only requirement as well the money to your sweet moment.
Can you bake a cookie? No. Then you should let the cake pans go. A professional or alternative is needed. Accuracy and knowledge with practice is required to bake a wedding cake. A fallen cake or a dry cake is not great. So unless you willing to take a cake baking class, I would let your Betty Crocker dream go.
Where? There is must have list of wedding professionals in all price points. For example Baker Man is a great cake baker in Atlanta, Georgia,but he is not cheap. So off to Publix in which I have used for many celebratory moments. They are known to provide a great wedding cake in all prices. Website and social media search is also a source for information. The home baker if you can find he or she, can cut your wedding costs.
How do I pick out a cake? It is not long science formula, and it is kind of fun. So you need your formality,place, and color with overall concept of your day. Then we decide construction, round,square or a tennis court. Flavor of cake, it is also part of the equation. Lemon,vanilla or mocha chocolate shake. Then your icing can be basic buttercream or a buttercream with fondant. You should meet three bakers. I would flip through the work. A tasting is a must.
Do I need a contract? I could tell you a few stories. So everything is spelled out that you want. Rental prices should be included. The delivery time and price is also part of your contract. Any special cakes such as a groom's cake or guest favors is also on this contract. A striped caked two tier late instead of a three tier vanilla cake is a very upset bride.
With these few tips, I hope this helpful to you.

Friday, June 19, 2015


The cake and ice cream social does not seem like the thing to do. Ice cream has come a long way since your great grandmother's parties and wedding. With the sophiscated tastes out there, there are million to have a ice cream wedding reception.

Ice cream Sandwhich ..cover the side with peanuts.
Chicken broth with vanilla ice cream withn almonds
Chocolate Chips in Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Icecream with bacon
Push-up Bars
An orange sorbet
Peanut butter cookie covered in banana,ice cream,whip cream and cherry on top of big cookie
Fresh fruit
Two cheeses with crackers

Now...you have a moment.

It may take a million dollars for an event but not as much as a moment.

The Dance

In college this was the song especially in love. People in love would start and end their day in love with this song.

Anniversary...Tony Toni Tone

The Dress

I found this great at Macy's. It is a white lace illusion belt dress from Betsey and Adams which cost a mere $229.  A simple summer dress for your wedding day.

Work Out

Work outs can get boring. A big hula hoop in one of your wedding colors may do the trick. Take a moment to watch Alvin and the Chipmunk. Then hula hoop at least 30 minutes of the movie.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

inhouse date

Faux or real, a movie with champagne or sparkling water. Have a celebratory drink. Then add a short white romper with gold heels. A mini sub Sandwhich with candy popcorn. Share an oversize lollipop.


Peonies in pink in the center. Pale pink roses on outer band with clear beads on edges. Place all your materials in oversized champagne glass. The color pink is becoming the new white for weddings.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Floral Tips

The peak of summer wedding season will be here soon. This is not the best time for those who are on a budget for brides. There is little wiggle room in negotiations for price. So being a savvy floral shopper is key to the success of your wedding budget.
Aisle Two. The grocery store will order any florals for you at reduced price. It is much cheaper than any florist in town. A great do it yourself book and a couples of friends is needed. With an evening of work , you can have what you need.
Are you sick? The hospital gift shop. It has floral person. They will order your designs or make a simple one for you. It is the budget bride little secret. From simple center pieces to a great bridal bouquet, you are off to have a beautiful day.
Attention all crafters. So the craft department store such as Micheal Craft Store has a person who can your wedding flowers. Now you can go through the store merchandise if you are not against silk florals or purchase your supplies and ask this person to work on their off hours. In any case you are not spending the average amount. 
Are you sending me to the funeral home next? Maybe for the limo but not for florals. Anyway, these three great options to save on your day.
It may take a million dollars for your event but not so much for a moment.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Workout

It is summer. Who wants to really want to sweat and work out? 50 crunches. Then walk in place for a whole movie.

Inhouse Date

A box series like Glee. Popcorn chicken,lemon popcorn, mini orange cupcakes. A pair of jeans and fun t shirt with tennis shoe heels.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


lollipop with candies in the bottom of a container covered in rose buds. A sweet summer look.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Romance Novel

Night Song...Beverly Jenkins


Watermelon flavored cupcake with a strawberry icing...

The Dance

Adore..Prince for your first dance. A classic will not ever be out of style.

Inhouse Date

Strawberry and love. A little red dress. Then strawberries and tomato base pasta with strawberry short cake with strawberry and broccoli salad. A little jazz and dinner.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


The donut table. The donut table can become a wedding. Peanuts on mini donuts. Cheese on midsize ones. Chocolate and cream cheese on some donuts. Then a wedding tower of buttercream. Add tuna fish and apple sandwhiches. Then add turkey and a salad on the sandwhich.

Quick do it yourself wedding reception.

It is a moment.


A centerpiece of white tea roses in a tea cup with mini white carnations.