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Monday, June 22, 2015

Sweet Thing

The wedding cake is one of the  highlights of your day. It has to be great in construction and taste. The options are forever more than I, a young person dreaming of my day. From a winding tiered golf course to a gold two tier dream, creativity is only requirement as well the money to your sweet moment.
Can you bake a cookie? No. Then you should let the cake pans go. A professional or alternative is needed. Accuracy and knowledge with practice is required to bake a wedding cake. A fallen cake or a dry cake is not great. So unless you willing to take a cake baking class, I would let your Betty Crocker dream go.
Where? There is must have list of wedding professionals in all price points. For example Baker Man is a great cake baker in Atlanta, Georgia,but he is not cheap. So off to Publix in which I have used for many celebratory moments. They are known to provide a great wedding cake in all prices. Website and social media search is also a source for information. The home baker if you can find he or she, can cut your wedding costs.
How do I pick out a cake? It is not long science formula, and it is kind of fun. So you need your formality,place, and color with overall concept of your day. Then we decide construction, round,square or a tennis court. Flavor of cake, it is also part of the equation. Lemon,vanilla or mocha chocolate shake. Then your icing can be basic buttercream or a buttercream with fondant. You should meet three bakers. I would flip through the work. A tasting is a must.
Do I need a contract? I could tell you a few stories. So everything is spelled out that you want. Rental prices should be included. The delivery time and price is also part of your contract. Any special cakes such as a groom's cake or guest favors is also on this contract. A striped caked two tier late instead of a three tier vanilla cake is a very upset bride.
With these few tips, I hope this helpful to you.

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