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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just the Two of Us

Candlelight for thanksgiving?....Turkey with a white wine reduction, little pearl onions, and lemon infused aspargus with mini pumkin pie......

The Moment

This week...I do not have time to get married, so if you one of those persons...A fun burger joint with a short dress and blue shoes...Then a cake base flavor champagne milk shake...pour champagne in..cheers...I do.

country music 1980s

Blonde wigs on your bridemaids...welcome to 1980s...two hay stacks on either side of the ceremony....grass in a clear container.....a guitar to sign....the music at the cocktai hour only with overalls on the wait staff...bbq for the cocktail hour...love lyrics for vows


the pumkin with a small opening...with a rose

planning 101

The Engagment............For the parents, inform them in person with dinner or at least by phone.>>>YOu can give them the news by phone, email,or letter......With your friends, spread the cheer by email, letter, or phone....Newspaper annoucements should be kept general, a May or spring wedding and your general education and occupation.....The Engagement Party is an occassion hosted by the bride's parents or the couple which includes the intermediate family and friends. Gifts are given but not demanded nor expected......A ring, can be the diamond, cut, color, or grade....but explore the birthstone or other symbols like a necklace.....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Moment at Publix

So I went back to Publix to be inspired for The Moment.....yeah. Anyway, So if I had a wedding to do, say that, day, you could because the options are endless for a fall wedding. Centerpieces The candy appple day. You have an candy apple in a flower pot. A salad of mushrooms, broccoli, and apples. A cornish hen with apple stuffing. Use apple flavored lollipops as a dessert. Oversized pots for the front of cermeony and around the reception room. A dress with a red silk shoe and red sheer veil. There is a seafood pizza bar. White sauce, tarter sauce, or cocktail sauce with your favorite seafood combinations with fresh herbs. An icecream sandwhich decorated with royal icing on the plate serve as the cake. Next bridal 101 class next year...

Friday, November 15, 2013

just the two of us

the candy picnic...cupcakes with candy on top, chocolates, dips with crushed nuts and candies for lollipops


3 flowers like a presentation bouquet with baby breath and grennery filler.

rock n roll the 1980s

So you want something different, black leather dress, leather shoes that matches the groom, leather bridal boquet, glass rose centerpieces, guitar solo at the cermony, leather ribbions around the cake for 25 people, taking place on the stage.

Fashion 101

Find a veil on ebay

planning 101

Beverly Clark...she has a great line.

publix event

Saturday...november 16, the savory side, back at publix for a free wedding class 3-5 at lennox square mall location.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just the two of us

I found a cute shoe.....still too many hours for a man...I will live through you. Anyway, besides the mall is not the best mall to find a moment. So...it is thanksgiving...now...before the family which is loud and is talking all the time(my big greek wedding). candlight. there cornish hens. coucous. little baby carrots glazed in honey. cupcake topped with pumkin icecream.

The fashion day

So, I went to the several stores at lennox square mall. It is that wonderful time of the year, so if you want a dress for the cheap for your day. Think black Friday. There will the sales and you are flexible,you will find a great deal.

planning 101

Get a binder and organize your things.

1980s headbanger night

So....it is Saturday night with my pony tail. MTV. What you watching? headbanger night...i respond. I love rock, i like it loud, it less than when i was growing up...i still love it... invitation black leather with fabric paint....(small wedding less than 20) bride leather dress with black boots...half leather veil....with sheer fabric for the front centerpiece artist pictures in frames music event...... it is a stage, find a park, find a school. Flowers hanging down...mike with flowers and rags tied to it. high school or local band perform. say i do....then recepition, your table is on the stage..wheeled in...but covered in fabric. a gutitar solo during dessert. bridesmaids..leather skirts and white shirts..

Sweet Moment at Publix at Lennox Square Mall

Yesterday, I went to Publix at Lennox Square Mall. It was great with food demonstrations from pumkin icecream to tasty turkey and cranberry sandwhich as well as other treats. Walk the ailse, if you were flexible, you could plan your moment in a day for a small wedding. Candy bouquet, hershey kisses glued on a hanging round floral foam. Oversize cupcake for a centerpiece. Pumkin cheesecake, a pie table. Nut and cheese table. In great and inexpenive containers. You can have a moment at Publix. Cheers!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fashion 101

Tis the season...soon... Discounted Dresses....

Just the Two of Us

A blanket, fingerfoods, and a bottle of wine. Checkers, anyone?


The 1970s...... The Bride White Collumn Dress and Straight Hair Centerpiece and Bouquet Gerber Dasies. Boquet of Gerber Dasies in a watering pot. A clear vase on the table on green grass. The Cake Two tier white cake with an oversize smiley face lollipop as the cake topper. Sign In A painting of the peace sign

Planning 101

To find a great wedding site....you need patience but it possible. A wedding planner can assit you by the hour. The Vistor Convention Center is also a great source for wedding site information. DJ's may know of affordable spot for wedding day. There is always the yellow pages. An post on a wedding site for a bride or a former bride may do the trick. Happy Planning!

Friday, November 1, 2013

weekend plan

So.... dress shopping Take a tote and 3 friends and enjoy. Bring shoes, underwear, and patience. post office get the invite weighed before you stamp it let the music play three and five love ones with itunes, billboard, and dj lists....find the general direction sweet love cake eating time for two..sample your cake