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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Moment at Publix

So I went back to Publix to be inspired for The Moment.....yeah. Anyway, So if I had a wedding to do, say that, day, you could because the options are endless for a fall wedding. Centerpieces The candy appple day. You have an candy apple in a flower pot. A salad of mushrooms, broccoli, and apples. A cornish hen with apple stuffing. Use apple flavored lollipops as a dessert. Oversized pots for the front of cermeony and around the reception room. A dress with a red silk shoe and red sheer veil. There is a seafood pizza bar. White sauce, tarter sauce, or cocktail sauce with your favorite seafood combinations with fresh herbs. An icecream sandwhich decorated with royal icing on the plate serve as the cake. Next bridal 101 class next year...

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