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love is a gift...celebrate it

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Cake Wedding

It is May. The last month before it gets really hot. A great time to plan a moment.
Invitation. Vanilla scent on white invite with pink ink. A bow wrapped around the invite. A pink envelope.
The Bride. One single peony in pink surronded by white tea roses with pink satin ribbion. A pink dress with white shoes. A ceremony of a white aisle runner with a light weight wire basket.  The ceremony has the  couple to walk down the aisle. Then they have a flower girl behind them. Then the wedding party. The couple sits during the ceremony.
The Reception. The wedding cake for a centerpiece in white icing with pink dots on the side with a glass wedding bell.  A meal that meets sweet and savory with a cookie in a cake flavor as desert. Then a wedding cake in white with a mini wedding cake as a topper.  Music starts with pop music and jazz. Then it ends with current tunes on the radio.
Candies as a wedding favor is a sweet ending to the day.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Bridal Class

12 months or more
A planner
A Budget
A photographer
An officiant
Ceremony and Reception Music
A movie

6 months
A florist
A Baker
A dress
Wedding Party
The Museum

3 months
Invitation Ordered
Menu Planned
The Dinner

2 months
Rehearsal Dinner
Alteration Appointment Made
Ceremony It

1 month
Invitation Sent Out
Wedding Emergency Plan

Wedding Schedule

Inhouse Date

Pink dress with fuchsia..with red satin shoes. Then there  is pizza bites with mini cookies.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Love Notes

To the beach or dance floor, it is a mine too.

Sing...Ed Sherran
My Precious Love..Otis Redding
My Love...Patti LaBelle
Kenny G...Wedding

Sunday, May 22, 2016


A movie plays with the radio,the bull in the background. A silent one. Atl,the bull...CountrySoul.

Inside Park Wedding

A plan B for rain is needed for this moment.
The Bride. A bride walks down the aisle in green shoes. A bouquet is a round ball of miss and baby breath. An aisle runner is simple grass. A mix of leaves,baby breath, and petals are for a small moss covered flower basket. The ring bearer carries the ring in a nut on a pillow. The kids go first. Then followed by the party. A couple walks down the aisle. The groom in a green tie with brown shoes. A song,the Earth Song by Micheal Jackson. A poem,two songs. A bouquet presentation of leaves with baby breath. A shoe change at the end.
The Reception. The Reception has two trees with fruit at the base. Then there is fruit and vegetable appetizers. Moss covered vases with simple branches. There is classical music,jazz, and r and b. A plate of green sauces,nuts, poultry and beef. A bouquet of roses presented to the bride. A dance with the flower girl and ring bearer. Then there is a couple dance. Then a mix of modern tunes.
The Ending. There is a sparkle on green shoes. Country music for the cake cutting. A cake of white icing,green dots on the side. It is a glass..apple..as a topper. The bride is given a gold dipped rose.
A flute plays as they leave.
The guest leave with cookies in green boxes.
It is a omens.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bridal Class

Welcome to creating The Moment..

12 months
A journal
A planner
A Consultant or Helper
A Budget
A Caterer
Wedding Site
An Officiant
A DJ and/ or Band
Ceremony Music
A Photographer
Engagement Part
A Cookie Date

6 months
A Dress Appointment
A Florists
Save the Date
Wedding Party
A Cake
A Candy Date

3 months
Ceremony Items
Donut Date

2 months
Invitation Ordered
Rings Please
Rehersal Dinner
Cupcake Date

1 month
Invite sent out
Dress Alteration
Bridal Shower
Emergency Plan
Inhouse Sweet Date

Day Of
Enjoy the Day

Friday, May 20, 2016

Inhouse Date

It is time to relax. A mat for two. yoga moves. Spandex shorts with sports bra. Fruit based snacks. A break from movie night.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Love Notes

Let Me Love You...Mario
Stay With Me..Sam Smith
With or Without You..U2
All of My Life..Ki- Ci & Jo Jo
All of Me..John Legend

Share your first moments with song.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Country Soul

The Bull..ice cream sandae date as you listen to the bull..Atlanta on the radio.


It is a time for fun. So welcome to the circus.
The Bride. The Bride wears a white dress with a red veil with red matching shoes. A boquet of red and yellow roses. A star pendent necklace completes the look. She walks down a red aisle runner to a show tune.
The Ceremony. The Ceremony is filled with song,dance, and a poem.  Bubbles are given to the guests as the bride and groom dance up the aisle.
The Reception. The reception has red and yellow umbrella in potted plants with red and yellow flowers at the base. A garland of light in tent fashion is above the head. Songs from the Lion King is for the couple entrance and departure. A fun but sophiscated cocktail hour with circus food. The flavor so became sauces for the dinner. A popcorn table is fun towards the end.
The cake. The cake is two tier in red and yellow. Two clowns in wedding attire is the cake topper.
This is great guest list of fifty with a white invite with red and yellow ink.
Keep day festive and fun. I would not take this moment too seriously.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bridal Class

Easy does it? So these are basics to plan your wedding...You can even skip the favors.

12 months or more
A planner
A budget
An officiant
A Photographer
A Caterer
Weddibpng Sites
Inhouse Date

6 months or more
A Dress
A Florist
Transportation Cake
Wedding Party
Yoga for Two

3 months or more
Select Music
Beauty Plan
Wedding Acessories
A Picnic

2 months
Invitation ordered
Rehersal Planned
Cupcake date

1 months
Inviation Sent
Emergency Plan

Day of
Wedding Schedule a Review

Friday, May 13, 2016

Wedding Blogs to Love

Brookyn Bride
Rock N Roll Bride
Style Me Pretty
Martha Stewart Wedding
Collin Cowie Wedding

Inhouse Date

Pink tank with animal print legging with black high heels. Pizza of bacon,cheese...Then vanilla milkshake..

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

Love Notes

Great songs for your day...

At Love..Etta James
By your Side...Sade
Crazy Love..Van Morrison
Everything..Micheal Buble
That's How Strong my Love Is..Otis Redding


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Toy Story

A blue invitation with red ink

The Bride
The Bride wears a white tea length dress Witherd roses with clear balls in the center

The Front of the Ceremony
Two blue painted oversize opt fill with two oversize topiaryies of roses and greenery

The Cake
White cake with a mini doll and train as a topper

Unique Touches
Bubbles,animal cracker table,heart shape mini pizza,two clowns...

FAO Schratz...Have a great Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day..

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bridal Class

May, the spring is about to become summer. Enjoy the journey of wedding planning.

12 months
A wedding day break with friends

6 months
Beauty Plan
Wedding Accessories
Wedding Party
Save the Date
Inhouse Date

3 months
Wedding Favors
Rehersal Dinner
Invitations Order
Me Day

1 month
Invitation Sent
Dress Alteration
Emergency Plan
Day of
Wedding Schedule

Inhouse Date

Pink shorts with white bra...black and white polka dot shoes. Pink cupcakes with turkey bites. Lemon flavored popcorn.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Love Notes

Great and classic options for your wedding.

You Give Good Love..Whitney Houston
My Heart Goes On..Celine Dion
Endless Love..Luther Vandross
We Belong Together.,Mariah Carey
When I'm With You...Tony Terry..

Monday, May 2, 2016


It is spring. I love it. After the rain, comes the rainbow. A beautiful inspiration for a wedding.
Invitation. A clear invitation with a pink ribbon, a musical note charm attached to the invite. Like a love letter, find a vanilla scent and spray on the back of the invite.
The Bride. The bride wears a pink wedding dress with a clear crystal beaded vanilla. A shoe of pink. A bouquet of pink roses both tea size and full size with a clear ribbion. She walks down the aisle of a colored aisle runner to Patti LaBelle, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. A pair of pink shoes sit on pillow on a pedestal at the end of the aisle for presentation later.
The Ceremny. A gold arch. Pink,red,yellow, and blue covered flowers cover the arch. An orange,red, and pink flower ball hang on the center on a gold ribbion. The Music inspired by The Wizard of Oz. A flower girl of Dorthy in a pink dress with red sparkling shoes with a ring bearer of the lion, animal print in pink as the pillow.
The Reception. The decor of pink. Balls of clear glued as a topiary. The bottom of the container has miniature flowers. Gold chargers with a pink rose.
Candy Table. Colored candies with cookies along with mini cupcakes that had candies on them.
Ribbion in the sky by Stevie Wonder is the first dance song.
Favors, in clear boxes, fill with Skittles.
It is a moment.