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Sunday, May 15, 2016


It is a time for fun. So welcome to the circus.
The Bride. The Bride wears a white dress with a red veil with red matching shoes. A boquet of red and yellow roses. A star pendent necklace completes the look. She walks down a red aisle runner to a show tune.
The Ceremony. The Ceremony is filled with song,dance, and a poem.  Bubbles are given to the guests as the bride and groom dance up the aisle.
The Reception. The reception has red and yellow umbrella in potted plants with red and yellow flowers at the base. A garland of light in tent fashion is above the head. Songs from the Lion King is for the couple entrance and departure. A fun but sophiscated cocktail hour with circus food. The flavor so became sauces for the dinner. A popcorn table is fun towards the end.
The cake. The cake is two tier in red and yellow. Two clowns in wedding attire is the cake topper.
This is great guest list of fifty with a white invite with red and yellow ink.
Keep day festive and fun. I would not take this moment too seriously.

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