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Monday, May 2, 2016


It is spring. I love it. After the rain, comes the rainbow. A beautiful inspiration for a wedding.
Invitation. A clear invitation with a pink ribbon, a musical note charm attached to the invite. Like a love letter, find a vanilla scent and spray on the back of the invite.
The Bride. The bride wears a pink wedding dress with a clear crystal beaded vanilla. A shoe of pink. A bouquet of pink roses both tea size and full size with a clear ribbion. She walks down the aisle of a colored aisle runner to Patti LaBelle, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. A pair of pink shoes sit on pillow on a pedestal at the end of the aisle for presentation later.
The Ceremny. A gold arch. Pink,red,yellow, and blue covered flowers cover the arch. An orange,red, and pink flower ball hang on the center on a gold ribbion. The Music inspired by The Wizard of Oz. A flower girl of Dorthy in a pink dress with red sparkling shoes with a ring bearer of the lion, animal print in pink as the pillow.
The Reception. The decor of pink. Balls of clear glued as a topiary. The bottom of the container has miniature flowers. Gold chargers with a pink rose.
Candy Table. Colored candies with cookies along with mini cupcakes that had candies on them.
Ribbion in the sky by Stevie Wonder is the first dance song.
Favors, in clear boxes, fill with Skittles.
It is a moment.

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