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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Snack Table

It is snack time on the weekend or in the evening. Chocolate popcorn with lavender. A herb pasta in a small container with crushed peanuts with a steak and Brie cheese melt.Then for the kid in all of us a mini hotdog with honey mustard infused with crush nuts garnished with cheddar popcorn.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Inhouse Date

Date night. Black lace leggings with bra. Adventure  like Batman movie with high heels. White sauce pasta  salad shrimp garnished with popcorn. Margarita beer and ice cream float.

Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July Wedding

For the holiday simple with a celebratory spirit is the way to go.

We start the day with jeans and t shirt with satin shoes as a bride. In an ice cream shop, a wedding for three takes place with a simple I Do.
Then we have lunch for 50. Carnations in white in a silver buckets. Then clear blue plates. The champagne flows for your guests. For the lunch,you have a catered affair at Houston's.

For the signature drink 1 liter of Pepsi, 5 cans of chocolate drink with 1 bottle of champagne. Garnish the glass with a lemon wedge.

Then later you head to Chicago for your honeymoon.

Give love to Toys for Tots

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Steak Salad

Grill or pan. It is up to you for the summer.
For the steak, season sprinkle of salt and pepper. Cook max 20 minutes per side in butter.
With your salad, slice your steak. Then take the bag of salad, add the pecans.
Salad dressing is equal parts of ice cream and dressing.
Add freshness of hospitality of diced pineapples.

2 portions of steak, 1 bag of butter, salt and pepper to taste,1 bag of salad. 1 can of pineapple 4 Tsp thousand island 4 Tsp vanilla ice dream, 1 bag of pecans

Music and great place, you an easy way to celebrate.

Brownie Suprise

Southern sweet no matter where you are. You need a box of jiffy corn bread,4 prepared brownies with nuts,a small bag of peanuts, container of Wilton high humidity icing, or icing with extra Crisco shortening,and a cup of Pepsi.
Then we need to do the following things for the dessert. You need bake. Cool. Make mini balls with the brownies. Then fill your cupcakes. Ice by adding 3 Tsp of Pepsi to your icing. Crush the nuts. I want you to add them to the muffins.
You have a great dessert.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Icecream 4 Th of July

There is the  ice cream bar with herbs,nuts,and flavors for the holiday. Then there is rice,nuts,truffles(slightly cooked and cool) on vanilla ice cream.