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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Inhouse Date

So...a picnic. A pair of black panties and bra with silver heels with black bow tie. Finger foods. A Brie and mushroom white chocolate sauce pizza. Almond, candy, and popcorn mix. Strawberry mock or real cocktail. Mini candies of choice. Music and love. Have fun.

Bridal Class 101

Really? It is New Year Eve but I do understand. So you cannot keep your hands off your wedding planner. This is a list for you.

Great to Do
The Guest Book, Toasting Glasses,
Unity Candle
Sign In
A Wedding Journal

Got to Do..wedding six months or less
Officiant, Photographer, The Caterer, The DJ, The Cake, The Transportation
Invitation Order

Need to Do..Two Months or less
Invitation..wine and dine party
Emergency Plan with emergency kit
Contact vendors
Set up meeting with Wedding Planner
Seating Charts
Wedding Dress Alterations Appointment Confirmed

Try a date. Spend some your time with your love.


An upside to a down weather moment. To some it is even good luck for it to rain on your day. It clears the air and provides growth. The sound of it is really soothing.
Be inspired by the theme.
To set the moment, an invitation of clear and blue with black ink. An black and white image of the couple sharing an umbrella is an unique touch. A horseshoe charm inside the invite is another personal thing of nature. So from the invite to the ceremony program, a clear single panel one in black ink. A bubble is handed to each guest as well.
The bride.The bride wears a white A list form gown with a parasol. A blue shoe and hair piece completes the look. A jazz piece is great as she walks down the aisle to silver arch of flowers .
The reception. The space has a centerpiece of ice scupultures. The room has open umbrellas in oversize stone pots with florals at the bottom. A few aquariums of fish also fill the room. Jazz beats with R and B sets the mood as your guest enjoy seafood pasta station,finger food, and a champagne bar. Signature champagne cocktail is provided for the toast.
Special touches. Clear blue aisle runner provides a touch of color. Sounds of nature music in the restroom.  Trees at the front of the reception near the guest table filled with colored blue water in clear or glass ornaments. A wedding cake in blue. Two tired of fondant but a topper that is an aquarium. At the end rock candy is a great way to say thank you to your guests as a favor.


Champagne flute,two. Then we filled with colored ice. Add carnations and roses.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Inhouse Date

So tired of the holidays? Black knee length boots, red underwear. Adventure movie. Then mini snacks of cookies,candy,mini popcorn balls.

Bridal Class 101

So choosing between the wedding and holiday may be juggle. So simplicity is key.

The List

A Break
plan thirty minutes and max an hour

A Inhouse Date

Wedding Accesories
unity candle,candles,flower basket,ring pillow

Must List
If you have to plan as the date is near
Officiant,photographer,dj,wedding sites,food,and cake

We all hate this task,make fun with cookies and a movie with friends for help.

So enjoy the holiday if you can The wedding is not going anywhere.

Holiday Movie Wedding

Take One,one take only. It is the holiday wedding movie filled all things Christmas,
Oh Christmas tree. The Christmas trees,two exact, at the entrance. There is a small tree at the guest sign in. Then there is an oversize one at the reception. A great blank canvass for any theme.
Let it snow. The song.let it snow as the guests enter. The dessert table on faux snow. A signature ice snow drink. Then as you dance night away, you can also include a touch snow lighting.
The songs. When and where is the key before says enough. So a few....singers outside when your guests come in. A song,during the ceremony is a lovely gesture. At cocktail hour a blend of classical music or jazz mixed with the holiday songs. Then you can end it with another holiday moment.
Where is Santa? He is at the reception. It is a fun touch for fun photography with your guests. You can bring one your holiday stars during cocktail hour. Then have Santa escort out.
The holiday house. The holiday house is the cake. A traditional house design or your dream concept is all great. Blinking lights is a unique touch. If you can get a replica of the bride and groom, this is a unique touch.
The unexpected. A gift to the parents. A song from the child. A an oversized ornament filled with flowers as a centerpiece.  One or two unique touches is enough.
Then like any movie,there is an ending. A toast,to the guests,from the bride and groom gives the wedding theme its last lines.


Red tulips with red tea roses with three red poinsettia in the center.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Inhouse Date

In short pj's and sparkly high heel shoes. A holiday jazz moment of music. We are off with mini muffins,both savory and sweet. A love letter night with a great book for out loud reading.
Have fun.

Ode to Wedding Planning during Holiday

No time to plan a wedding with the holiday. No problem. Keep your wedding planning simple until after New Year Eve.

The Big Picture

A Wedding Journal
A Wedding Planner..book,person,or both
Wedding Cake

If needed
Wedding Sites
Wedding Flowers

Good luck!

The Holiday Engagement Party

Cheers! It's the holiday when we gather around with family and friends. What a perfect time to announce and celebrate your great news. A warm space,creative decor, and a great menu,then we are off to a wonderful party.
Set the space. A gold urn filled with roses with cranberries attached around the perimeter of the container. White votives around the container. Oversize ornament topiaries in gold pots.  A table setting with pepermint as your place setting with tag completes a festive moment.
The menu. Cranberries meet egg nog. A salad with cranberries, an egg nog fried chicken with cranberry glaze, egg nog pudding with cranberry mini cupcake as a dessert. A fun play with food should please this crowd.
The logistics. An engagement party is for close family and friends. The parents of the bride or the couple gives the party. An invitation can be as formal as a paper invite or as informal as a phone call. A simple day or night with food and a great toast. A simple moment not the wedding to set the tone for this lovely time of your life. Wedding presents?  A present is always received with a gracious spirit, but I would not place a gift registry card in the invite.
The personal touches. Family pictures around the room is a great. Giving the parents a personal note with a small token of love is terrific. A great play on music for all throughout the party is a sweet touch. A mini dessert as a favor sends your guests on a sweet note.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Inhouse Date

Happy Holiday! So holiday music and cheers.Have a drink in a simple black dress and festive silver shoes. Finger foods can be added. Then enjoy.

Holiday Wedding Planning Checklist

So what are you things you can get done during the holiday? It is off wedding season. A lot. This seem to be the best list.

Cake Tasting
Gift Registry
The Wedding Planner
The Honeymoon

The Cake

Holiday and cake,what a great match for a task for the holiday. A day for two to cross something off the wedding list but to have fun during the holiday season.
What do you need? An overall concept,colors,or any theme for your day that can be explained. Pattern swatches of dress may be included. A picture would be great but not a necessity. 
The next step? An appointment. It is the holiday season. So I would not just walk in there. Make a cake appointment. The two you of you should be prepared to bring your ideas,concept,date,and budget. The budget of your wedding cake can be as low as $2.00 and up or can be as high as $10 per slice depending your design of the wedding cake. 
When we get there,now what? Relax,it's cake tasting during the holiday. The cake is,construction,concept,filling,and icing. The construction can be as simple as vanilla or as complex as a dessert you had on vacation which can be done from sheet cake to a mini model of your wedding dress. The two or three tired cake seemed to be more the trend in a classic style this wedding season. The filling gives the cake a extra layer of flavor. The outside icing can be done in classic buttercream or modern fondant. The bells and whistles are extra from musical or moving parts to elaborate flowers. Then the cake has to be placed on something. 
Then we sign? Taste and look. Look the design book not just your cake but for overall professional work. Taste a sample. Then we get a full budget of cake,rental,delivery,and set up. Make sure the time is on there to be delivered.
So in a few steps, you can cross this task off your wedding checklist in between the holiday weeks.


Poinsettia with red roses in oversized champagne flute made from centerpiecces. Festive and romantic.