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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Holiday Engagement Party

Cheers! It's the holiday when we gather around with family and friends. What a perfect time to announce and celebrate your great news. A warm space,creative decor, and a great menu,then we are off to a wonderful party.
Set the space. A gold urn filled with roses with cranberries attached around the perimeter of the container. White votives around the container. Oversize ornament topiaries in gold pots.  A table setting with pepermint as your place setting with tag completes a festive moment.
The menu. Cranberries meet egg nog. A salad with cranberries, an egg nog fried chicken with cranberry glaze, egg nog pudding with cranberry mini cupcake as a dessert. A fun play with food should please this crowd.
The logistics. An engagement party is for close family and friends. The parents of the bride or the couple gives the party. An invitation can be as formal as a paper invite or as informal as a phone call. A simple day or night with food and a great toast. A simple moment not the wedding to set the tone for this lovely time of your life. Wedding presents?  A present is always received with a gracious spirit, but I would not place a gift registry card in the invite.
The personal touches. Family pictures around the room is a great. Giving the parents a personal note with a small token of love is terrific. A great play on music for all throughout the party is a sweet touch. A mini dessert as a favor sends your guests on a sweet note.

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