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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Snicker wedding

Fondant covered snickers...white dress with silk brown shoes..place...candy store to say I do with champagne toast

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bridal Class

So...it is the minibridal class..... First step....Emotional...close your eyes.... You have to visualize day and write it down. Then you should start your journey as bride in a beautiful journal.... Next Step....Support....Who is supporting you and your day? Find a person. Then ask them over lunch or a beautiful letter to help you put together your day. Next Step...Budget....So you sit down with current funding not future and come up with a plan. Then you have a meeting even if it is by phone to have a real budget with a wedding account... Next Step...Nuts and Bolts. There are million pices to your wedding but they are some basic things. Planner. Organized.Officiant.Reception Site.Food. Cake.Wedding Party.Music. Transporation.Photography.Decor. So once those things are done...we are ready to look for the dress... The Dress....is your next step...So clip out and print out pictures from theknot.com.Then you should have at least three options. An A line forgives all figures. I love it on all shapes. Take two people with you. More than three is a crowd. The Ceremony...Plan for the ceremony. The officiant should provide the rules as well your site managers. Personalize it with music,poetry,and readdings. The Reception...The reception is over fifthy percent of your budget. So every dollar counts. The money should go into the food. It is nothing worse than a great looking reception site with bad food. The Cake...The cake is the last thing people with really remember about your day. Choose a flavor that most will like. If you have a wedding site, a poll can be set up for your guests to vote...Taste when you meet the baker to ensure it is what you want... The Emergency List...A travel bag or tool box. Think about what will or could happen. Address most of it. Most great websites have an emergency list. The emergency list should also include a schedule for the day.... The Music...Listen to radio but mix it with the oldies but goodies. The classics should also be considerered. Sentimental thoughts with a moment ... what was out the year you dated... So it is a moment. Good luck, I hope every goes well with you...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

....fruit salad

A white dress.Purple shoes.Hard candy with fruit on the topper of a cake....glass container filled with candy hanging from ceiling a centerpiece.cheese course as a dessert.smoothie bar...


Sprite and ciroc....


Spray painted trains on moss............or silver train on moss...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Fun music.dance in the morning....

Dessert reception

A sweetheart tooth menu is a great treat. Mini herb cupcakes,fruit salad,cheese course,and chocolate wedding cake.


Cotton candy in a glass with pink carnations

Cupcake love

So white dress with pink shoes.A small space. Pink carnations.cupcakes...sweet and one savory.Oversize cupcake with candy ring topper....

Monday, June 16, 2014

A car

Wedding in the convertible....shorts and shirt....burger and fries with milk shakes...vows said with movie quotes.music from the 1950s...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


A tropical mix in yoru standard chamapgne is great for a summer wedding...

Burger Joint

There is a great burger joint that has the best fried pickles at Centennial Park. With beer that they serve and a bottle of champagne you will bring, there is a great moment there. For ten of your best buddies, get married in a pretty white dress and a fabric flower in your hair. Right now, there is a great white dress with metal belt plate at underground which would be perfect for this day. So I do, burgets and fries with a beer. A champagne toast. Instead of the cake, consider the milk shake. Listen to fountain music or bring your own. There is even a ferris wheel to end the day...


So normally, I don't beleive in favors. How many do really keep? They stay in the attic and collect dust...So if you have to get well choosen favor, consider what people normally use everday. Food, what type of food? A minicupcake. A bag of nuts. A minibag of cotton cotton. Music, if it is popular. A song played from the wedding. Candles,matchsticks,playing cards are not great favors. They will end up in the back of the closeet. You should get at least twenty percent less of your favors for guests. Everyone is not going to take one at the door. Go to an exbride house, you will find a bag of favors that was given to her from the wedding day. To favor or not to favor is not question for me. If it is a question for you, then think about your guest list and who they are, if they will use this for everyday life, then they may use your favor. If not, skip it..

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rock n roll

Mall wedding.get married outside your favorite store...cake at the cafeteria for ten of your friends.plaid dress with leather tennis shoes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Forever 21

It has great little dresses for the moment...


Candy Apples in Potted plants with cherries at the base..


So it is summer and spring time...downtown and the park, while you are there, get married... watermelon and tomato with onion salad with cherry and olive oil for the salad....crusty bread with cream cheese... with apple muffins instead of the wedding cake... A white dress with green shoes.... Two of you say I do...

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Stage

So the stage for the dramtic is a great way to set your moment. Invitation, I would sent out a black card with silver ink with rose petals inside envelope. The dress, a little black dress with red heel. A poem or reading from a play. A song from a musicial. Then cheers at the end instead of the unity candle. A cake, two tier, with a single rose as a topper...