welcome to the moment

love is a gift...celebrate it

Sunday, January 26, 2014

work out

dance to three radio songs


white roses with pink petals at the bottom

The Dress

Lenox Square Mall...a simple dress with shoes, a penny sale is going on in one store

planning 101

go to vegas...be inspired....playing cards for favors

waiting to exhale

new year eve inviatiton black with silver ink dress black dress with silver ink cake black cake with silver roses music oldies but goldies the moment share a champagne toast instead of the unity candle

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Moment

I am not going to lie, I think, you are very lucky to find the one, and as far me I find out each day why I started the Moment.... The work has become more important than finding the one.... In other news, I am still blue jean girl on Friday night wedding... So for my blue jean moment, there is a diner near Lennox near a sports bar I like to go. This is one of my spots. Blue jeans,t shirt and high heel shoes. Rose exchange. Burgers with a mini cupcakes. I do. Kiss and go club..... What happened to that woman who was quoting Queen Victoria?....

The Dress

Aniyabridal...online for your wedding dress

Work Out

Betheny Frankel work out cd...


A popcorn container filled with red beads on stems and greenery

Julius Ceaser

Et tu, Brutus..... Mix theatre with Julius Ceaser.... invitation White inviation with black ink Bride Two piece dress. White narrow skirt with crisp white shirt. Beaded head piece around head. Centerpiece Ivy in stone pieces on the table Cake Two piece cake with collumns and a bowl of greenery Sign In A book of Art Favors cookies with a map on it

Planning 101

For the basic of etqiuette, you should consider reading Emily Post. I love the old version of it online. Yes, you can get some of the basic information online. Then use the rules that is specific to you...... Happy Planning!....

Monday, January 13, 2014

alexender the great

the great alexender great be inspired// post card of travel for invitation........dress with blue gown with silver shoes.... centerpiece(a flower centerpiece with various flags), cake, blue cake with your country flag in it....sign in...a map

table side wedding

you know a great place with music and food...get married there...chapel stands up as you say i do.

planning 101

cut your guest list by twenty percent

Sunday, January 5, 2014

work out

Right now, Xmas is over, but the chocolate from it is still dancing in my head. It is winter, so I love it, so a walk with a twenty minute of actual sweat with some dancing will do until spring.

Finding the Site

Finding the place for a wedding and reception can take forever. I went from chapel to a buffet space. All have advantages or disadvantages. So off to a party room at an insurance company. A lot of times, I did feel like that bride in the book from The Diary of a Mad Bride....

A dessert reception

An evening sweet tooth reception is a great solution for the budget. Deli is a great way to save time. You can take the cupcake and dust them with gold, place diamond sugar on a cookie. Do it yourself is another option. Armed with Wilton or another cookbook, cookies, minicupcakes, pies can adorn your table. If you are having a small affair, the persoanl chef can be called for your wedding reception. Candy,cupcakes, cookies can be done in a professional manner and wow your guests.....

a historical day

I am a lover of history, I always love it, even as a little girl, I would sit in a chair and read my encloypedia set for fun. So for me, I had a day with historical touch...tussy mussy, anyone?................. How to have a historical day. You should do the research at the library. You should pick modernize version for a dress. Take the flavors from the era and make a great cocktail hour. Use the music for your prelude of the cermony. A fun cookie table can be taken out of the pages of history.... A movie is another way, to get great days, the Titanic,anyone?....

planning 101

pull your fabrics and swatches and other patterns. Place it in a binder for the baker, dress, or florist.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy new year!

Our house always entertainment ready in theory not always in appearance, we started our with lights and music. Then a great book and more music with a concert on Micheal Jackson. I had a great day. I partied to radio a little of bit. ..... Late for the new year...I fell alsleep at midnight and woke up at one o'clock.... So anyway, I hope you great one... The guy was working, oh well....