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Friday, August 30, 2013


I am not lie....I was not never down the Cinderella story being a prissy tomboy.

I hate to clean, some things has not changed. Two chicks telling me what to do when my father brought the house was not happening.

That is my story.....

If you believe, this is for you....

ballroom gown, black sash, black silk choker, pony tail. consider renting

White roses, blue fresia on a gold framed mirror

white invite with gold ink.....computer print out

two tier cake with the glass shoe....

`the recycled wedding

So it is time have a wedding. What can you do to get it done with very little money.

the dress
Can you borrow something from your friend.
Is there something in your closet you can wear.

Many brides in history wore their best dress and not a new gown.

the invitation
a great script on the computer and a lovely letter for your guests.

the food
what is in the fridge?

the cake
a bread pudding...decorated with frosting

grass or tree leaves in tea cups, glasses....even a flower on a spoon

the bride
can carry a book that inspired him

the place
your or his place.......or the parents place, small day

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

planning 101-the cocktail hour

The cocktail hour. It is one hour only, not 30 minutes or 30 days. This segment of the reception takes
place at the beginning of your reception. This normally gives the couple enough to take to take a breather between the cermony and the reception and get some their photographs of the cermony site.

The plan

keep affordable
An accurate head count is the first step. Then use cheaper cuts of meat with nonprotein options.

make it creative
your first meal together or your first trip on the road....

turn down the volume
you have the whole night to party the night away. So jazz, R and B or classical music at a low volumen will do.

Beauty and the Beast

So it is almost fall....this is toward the end of wedding season, the last three months. The weather in
so many weeks we will pitch perfect for a fairy tale moment. Many have looked at the movie Beauty and Beast with a twinkle in their eyes.

blue inviation with black ink

blue dress with silver shoes. mirror purse filled with tea roses.

silver candle sticks with rose filled candles

two tier cake with a castle on top

Monday, August 19, 2013



As I skate around as a kid to 1999 the song by Prince, it came with a great New Year Eve but without the backwards big bang theory.

It was a year for celebration, a modern 1920s.....

off shoulder A line dresses

crystal centerpiece with silver dipped flowers

fondant covered with silver dipped

bridemaid dresses
silver silver mary janes with a white shirt.....black skirt.....

sign in

You go into a box of family memories. There is a white plastic of vinyl book with signatures in it that takes place before the ceremony and before the reception for those they did not have a chance to sign
before the ceremony.

It is a great for a number of things. You have a moment to record history. Your guest can give thier wonderful thoughts. All nice comments, hopefully.

A picture, a drawing, or a artistic piece of funiture

a dress, a shirt or a shoe

a book or just a beautiful piece of paper....

high tech
twitter, facebook, or a website with forum

mr and mrs. smith

So I love this movie, being the bossy person I am, so a woman who knows herself and has power to kick butt.

I am a geek, I love all the gadgets.

plastic card

black leather dress with light up tennisshoes

two tiered mirroed tiles at the base of each layer

glass flowers in black wooden vases

twitter sign in

planning 101

day of director

The day of director is an afforable option for bride on a budget. I had one for my own day, and she was great person who did a beautiful job for me. She gave me a planning session, rehersal, set up,
and ran the day smoothly.

It was a bumpy ride....so I was very grateful for her.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

science history.....the 1950s

I love science, I always have and will. It was one of my favorite subjects. As  a little girl, I would
do these little science lab experients. I always glued to my science based child craft book. The geek
in the class who love a little science was always a turn on.

be inspired by science...........

white dress with metal industrial tussy mussy filled with glass flowers

test tubes with a small flower

candy table
space inspired candy you can buy at a speciality store

two tier with a rocket

oldeies but goldes burger and fries..........with rock n roll from the era

the wedding website

style me pretty....great ideas for you day

planning a moment

A little white dress and a small aparment,there was a day with family and friends. As I grew, I heard
many of these stories. The little white dress event. A day under 20 with the family minster.
Inspiration for the moment.

To plan that day
find the officiant
find the house or space
a small bouquet
family style food
small two tier cake
invitations.....handwritten letters.............

Monday, August 5, 2013


 I went to this great shop. It has wonderful gowns under $3000 dollars. It is in Buckhead....Georgia.
LeDress boutique for consignment.


1993....Northeast class of 1993...home of the Raiders....

red dress with gold heels

the band for the ceremony

as you go in the reception.

Jodeci, Mary J Blidge

pictures of classmates or family

sign in
Bill Clinton

the website of the week

It is a great blog that I have been following for years.

Planning 101-Feed the people

There are several of types of reception on a budget.

tea party
take a southern movie theme and make a tea reception.

cocktal reception
take a cd and make a cool cocktail reception

cake and punch
an international fashion magazine becomes the inspiraton for an cake and punch

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Inhouse Date

High heel shoes...with the invite on the heel

Movie, flavored popcorn....wine


High heel shoes..cut off shorts....and a animal print bra