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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Dress

Score. Forever21. Floral Faux Leather Applique Dress. I am spelling the whole title
of the label. It is on the web for....$27.90. You now can afford your red bottom shoes.
Code number..2049257266

Happy Shopping


So it is summer, a fast seafood bar is a great DIY. We have a fast shrimp with a fun sauce, using a very lose mash potatoes and lemon juice. Crabcake with something spicy for a dip. A fry bar with various seasoning on fries with dips, go play in the international flavor box. Oysters, clams, and mussels give a great ending to your food station bar with a mini salads in cups. Add citrus flavored mini cupcakes.
So, a little prep work. Keep your day to no more than 10 to 20 guests. Add lemons in baskets for your centerpieces.

So, it may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

Outdoor Wedding

So it is summer. Summer outdoor weddings are taking place everywhere. You have found a wedding magazine page. Then you were inspired to create a beautiful wedding. It is not that easy. So, first of all, we need a indoor wedding plan. Then a checklist. A checklist includes chairs with front of ceremony décor. A great tent is always nice. How do we deal with hot or cold if needed. The event person may have some solutions. Yes, you have to go to the bathroom.
Little personal touches. There are fans for the hot. A wrap if it is cold. Even outside, little bubbles as we walk down the aisle or the flutter of butterflies.

The Kids Table

So if we get someone to supervise them near by. We set up a few kids tables. The kids tables give everyone a break from a weird cute but gross joke. So, we set up food, snack centerpieces instead of flowers. Then we have coloring sheets, puzzles, mini play dough to occupy the smallest ones. Little word puzzles for the older ones. Their food can be the basic unit of fun food. It really can. It can be version of the main menu. So your chicken with a beautiful sauce. Now, there is a chicken nugget version of it.


Candles are a great money saver. We have tube white candles in shape of a flower floating in a simple bowl shaped glass container. Then we add the touch of wild flowers all over the table.

Inhouse Date

So summer concert. Rent or buy your favorite music concert. We have spicy popcorn, use a chilli powder seasoning. Then mini chili pepper and cheese bites. Then add a cake pop.  Flavored water.
We are going to wear, a little sundress with strappy shoes.  Watch and enjoy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Inhouse Date

It is rent night. So buy the movie, The Rent. We wear a little black dress with silver shoes with big diva wig hair. Then fingerfoods with a cheesecake.

Popcorn with peanuts...


The menu  creative but simple. Fries with coconut oil with sesame seeds. Then we add margarita chicken with lemon oil. A salad with cucumbers with lettuce with lemon juice. Pears and white cheese for dessert.

Summer Flowerbox

Summertime is a beautiful time for your flowers,.



So it is summer. The last thing I or you want to do, is go to work out. So quick workout. We run in place inside to your favorite radio show for twenty minutes. Then wall push up for 25 counts. 50 crunches.

The Dance

All Night Long...Lionel Richie

The Dress

Allure Bridal..style 2866...Lace sweet vintage dress. Very summer for a summer wedding. allurebridal.com


Cally lilly with rose bud inside the lily in a white cermanic vase.

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Boutonniere

The Boutonniere is a timeless tradion of a flower presented to the groom, groomsmen, and honor male guests of the wedding. It is normally one flower on the lapel. It is normally given to the male before the wedding or during the ceremony for the honor guests such as the parents or others.
Tradition. For traditional wedding, we use a flower. It is normally a beautiful rose. A large gardenia is also an option. A carnation is more for a simple bride.  It also can be something of nature such as baby breath and a leaf  for an outdoor wedding. Then there is also a nut for a fall day.
Timeless. There are some timeless options instead of the flower box. A dress pin made from crystal or a pearl is a great option for a male. A patriotic day with a flag is another great way to give a token of love to your male participants and the groom. A tiny fabric covered pin is also unique fashion but
timeless moment.
Unique. Unique means a lot of things these days. So, in the nontradional wedding box, we use paper.
A paper flower, small, can be great for a playful wedding. A ceramic flower is a great for a brunch or a tea. A coin made into a dress pin is also a great touch to personalize your wedding day.
So from a flower to tiny art dress pin, the options are endless. Simplicity with class but playfulness is the key to great wedding boutonniere.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Dance

Earn It....Weeknd..


The menu is simple Peanutbutter chicken broth French toast with honey, honey glazed bacon, and a salad(orange,apple on  boston lettuce) with orange white wine and oil....Dessert is a simple mini egg custard. 

Got Veil?

Find a great one at the weddingveilshop.com/uk

Inhouse Date

Golf,anyoe?  So inside golf game. Green bra with white boy shorts with white sneaker high heel shoes. Mini bottle of wine, cheese,fruit, and seafood afterward,maybe first. Time to play.....wink.


Presentation bouquet style. Lilly,delphinium with grapes in oversized champagne glass.

Monday, July 13, 2015

First Dance

anytime....Bryant McKnight

The Dress

Where do you find the dress? Short and sassy. Try Plato's Closet. Summer will be ending soon and the deep discounts are just starting.

Love Birds

So, love bird is normally a spring theme. I think this is lovely time to think about this theme.

Be inspired by nature.

So a blue invite with silver ink sets the tone for your day. We place a feather pen in this invitation. A pop of color of blue for inner envelope. 

The bridal look is simple but unique. We start with a basic empire waist dress. Then we have a feathers on the outer edge of a bouquet with lilies in the center. For a unique touch but not required. Have a rounded bird cage made in gold to enclose the whole bouquet. A blue shoe with a gold heel
is another touch. Simple clear nails with blue toe polish. Something blue is pretty much covered.

We are off to the reception. Little children are singing a classical tune outside your wedding as your guests arrive in pretty white outfits with blue singing books in leather. Then inside, a white program with blue ink is given to your guests. Your love story is printed on the program.  Rated G for everyone. Keep it classy. A duet of song is part of your program.  So is the poetry.

You kiss and declare your love. Doves are released from a silver cage.

A reception room of hanging flowers in actual bird cases decorate your reception. There is silk covered base trees with glass birds hanging from the trees. The décor for the table is white with blue freesia in clear square vase. A little faux bird decorated with clear crystals are next to the centerpiece.
The food is simple meal of chicken breast with a simple white wine sauce with a salad of water melon, micro greens, and white wine  vinegar and honey. We listen to classical with big band music as we eat. Then start with a jazz moment with a lovely dance of a couple to perform. Then we head
to the beats of r and b with the oldies but goodies as we party into the after party of main stream pop and hip hop.

A guest favor is needed. So if it is. We give sunflower seeds.

The wedding guests are only about 10 to 20 for this moment. Have fun.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Inhouse Date

Inhouse swim party. A large beach towel with soothing music. Massage oils with candles. Finger food, lemon shrimp salad, mini crab cakes with lemon Popsicle. A blue bathing suit with silver scrappy high heel shoes.

The Favor

In history a favor was a piece cake for the guests. Now it might be a zoo pass. Favors have come long way. What I do know, poems,bookmarks, and even matches are rarely used or taken. So food is normally accepted.

A sweet treat always bring smiles

A donut..Krispy Kreame
Cake pop...Target
A cookie....Amercian Cookie Company


A creative idea but still affordable. We are hanging the baskets from the ceiling low. We cover the basket in moss. Then I want baby breath,wild flowers as well as a glass butterfly in the basket.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Patrotic Day

This wedding moment is for under 25 guests with a simple clear invite with blue ink.

A purple dress which represents this country majestic presence is different for a Patrotic look with royal deep blue shoes. A bouquet that cascades of blue,purple carnation with red tea roses completes the look. A blue aisle runner is a unique touch with a simple monogram in silver. A patrotic song gives your entrance down the aisle. During the ceremony, a love letter from a President to his First Lady is a personal touch for your vow under a silver arch of simple greenery.
A musical selection of bells is a classical ending to the wedding ceremony.
Off to the reception with a shoe change of red. Then we enter a space of hanging chandeliers covered in simple greenery. On the table, there is silver candelabra with blue candles around it. Classical tunes for the cocktail becomes jazz tunes for dinner. A menu of a garden salad, pasta with shrimp with a champagne sauce or pasta with chicken with the same sauce. A mini apple pie completes the meal with a white chocolate sauce on the side. A shoe of a white shoes with a little bling is the last shoe.
A wedding cake of white with a topper of purple and blue sugar carnations with red tea roses completes the look.

The Dress

The dress is a tea length gown found for under $500. It is at well bridal.com, and the style number is tedw015.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Inhouse Date

Beer and a movie. Yes it can be a root beer. .  So,a great hero movie like Independence Day with a beer cocktail with soda or fruit juice. A great drink mixer. Peanut theme meal. Honey roasted nuts, popcorn with chocolate and nuts. Chips with a peanut butter with a pinch of curry salt. Plain chicken bites. Serve in pumps and short short khaki shorts.

First song

Maxwell..,Stop the World


The centerpiece idea is sweet summer look in two clear square vases. Exact size,side by side. We have ranunculus with peonies in a pale color with tea roses in the center and outside for balance.

Shop around some of these flowers are pricey.