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love is a gift...celebrate it

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Wedding

Spring inspires a wedding. The blooms makes the most pessimistic believe in love and matrimony. As I have walked through my own streets, I am inspired to share the ideas for a spring moment.
The Ceremony. An garden arch painted pink but on the arch, we hang flower petals on white beads for the front of the ceremony. Flower petals are glued to small green wreaths on the aisle. Then there a flower petal decorated aisle runner. A mistletoe in pink florals hang near the front of the ceremony.
The guests receive a fabric but floral fan at the door with the program.
The Bride. A floral wedding dress in tea length is bold but a beautiful statement with simple pink shoes. The headpiece of a green glass flower in hair gives a subtle but still elegant statement. A green bouquet with three pink tulips in the center is quite lovely for this wedding.
The Reception. We enter into a space for 50. The tables are covered in flower petals with three tulips in green glass bud vase. Each guests receive a tulip with name tag on plate. There are oversize pots of greenery throughout the room. A dance,a meal, a live music selection, a dj, and cake cutting...then there is dancing.
The Cake. The cake is two tiers in pink with greenery as a topper in a birdcage with candy Easter eggs around.
The Favor. The favor are egg shape candies.A sweet ending for the day.

Love is a gift,celebrate it...


Hadphones for two in the park listening to the bull on the radio,the Atl edition..

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Chocolate flowers in colored white chocolate vase...is different way to go for a centerpiece idea.

Bridal Class

It is holiday weekend. Personally I am knee deep in Easter bunny. We must go on.
So here is the list.

12 months

A wedding journal
A planner
A Budget
A walk in the park date

6 months

A wedding sites
A caterer
A officiant
A DJ and Photographer
Wedding Dress
A Florist
Wedding Party
A picnic date

3 months
A wedding cake
A menu
Wedding Acessories
Wedding Rentals
Inviations Ordered
An Inhouse Date

1 month
Seating chart
Emergency Plan
Meeting with Planner
Wedding Dress Alteration
Invitations Mailed
Cupcake Date

Day of
Review of day of schedule
A great breakfast

Friday, March 25, 2016

Lenox Square Mall...Play

It is a great weekend to play at Lenox Square Mall.

Inhouse Date

Poka Dot dress with an inspirational movie. Popcorn with Easter Eggs and carrot cake.

Have fun guys.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Bed breakfast in bed with the radio tuned into The Bull Atlanta.

Wedding for Two

Say I Do, recorded and sent to all. We are in your living room. Decorated with candles and flower petals. A single tier chocolate cake with two strawberries as a topper. The music of Kenny G. A red dress with chocolate brown shoes. Read a poetry to each other.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Tall vase filled with pink and gold painted branches

Bridal Class

Almost Easter my favorite time of the year. It is a great time to plan a wedding.

12 months
A wedding journal
A wedding officiant
The Planner and Budget
The Florist
The Baker
The Caterer
The Photographer
Wedding Sites
Inhouse Date

6 months
The Cake
The Dress
The DJ
The Picnic Date

3 months
The Wedding Aceesories
The Menu
The Alterations Appointment
The Art Museum Date

1 month
Emergency Plan
Seating Chart
The Movie Date

Day Of
Review the schedule

Friday, March 18, 2016

Inhouse Date

Love and Basketball movie. Herbal cheese melt with lemonade.We are wearing jeans,jersey,pony tail with high heel shoes..

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Bull

On the calendar...The Bull with bread and pasta for a middle of week date.
Tune to The Bull on the radio, Atlanta.


Pink is the color of spring. This is not my favorite color, but  it is my top ten. So from the flowers to dress, consider this color for the moment.
The Ceremony. We are going to do paper spring flowers inside a container of greenery. Two large pots of this design. Then we use  flower confetti in pink instead of flowers petals.  Pink pew bows with paper flowers in the center. Nature music is played outside.
The Bride. The bride wears a pink gown with a pink veil. Then floral shoes gives it a touch of the season. We use a bouquet of pink paper flowers in various shades. A real bouquet of roses is presented at the end of the day.  A sweet pony tail. Tiny crystal and diamond earrings. Then we walk down the aisle to Human Nature by Micheal Jackson.
The Wedding Reception. Oversize pots of greenery with pink paper flowers throughout the room. The cocktail of fruits and vegetables placed on rounds of grass. Jazz tunes. Then we move on to dinner with a centerpiece, a grass or miss covered container with paper flowers. Then consider a tea bar with a pink signature cocktail. Edible flowers are incorporated within each course.  The music goes from retro to old school hip hop.
The Cake. A sweet spring ending. A round table cloth in pink. The oversize cupcake in pink with the paper flower as a topper.

Happy Planning

Friday, March 11, 2016

Bridal Class 101

The days here is singing spring. So here is a list for the week.

12 months or more
Wedding Journal
Picnic Date in Park
Wedding Planner
Officiant,Caterer, Photographer
Wedding Sites
The DJ
Engagement Dinner

6 months or more

A Massage
The Florist
Wedding Dress Shopping
Wedding Party
Wedding Cake

4 months or more
Alteration Appointments
Wedding Invitations Ordered
The Wedding Annocement
Hair,Nails,Makeup Plan
Great Movie Night with Friends
Wedding Newspaper Abnoucement

1 month or more
Invites Mailed
Menu Planned
Reception Seating
Dress Alteration Appointment
Rehearsal Dinner Plan
Emergency List Plan
Last Wedding Planner Appointment
Bath and Book

Happy Planning..


Star shape bouquet of white gardenias, tea roses and mini carnations with sea shells in the center..

Inhouse Date

Card game date. Jeans with black and white heels with black tank. Steak with glazed apples. Chips with spicy apple chutney..Have fun..

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Creative Invites for Wedding Party

Normally, a phone call does it.
Then we scream with excitement.
We are off to plan our wedding, knowing our close family and friends will be there. Yes, it can be that simple or you may give them a moment.
Singing Card. What's their favorite song? A personalized singing card says thank you in advance. A card, a colorful pen, and a stamp, then we are off to ask the big question to those who close to you.
Sweet Tooth Gift. Bribery, sometimes gets you everywhere. Maybe some food will help. A cupcake, chocolate at a great shop is the way to go. A small gift with the question on a small personalized card.
Fun T Shirt. What is your friend or family member's personality? A personal expression t shirt is light hearted to say yes.
Three ways to get a  I Do for you. I would keep it  light hearted and fun. Then email a list what you need from them. Personal touches set the right tone for your day.

The Bull...Atlanta

Enjoy The Moment...at The Bull...countrySoul..

Bridal Class 101

This week,for some, if you are lucky inspired by the upcoming season,spring. The Sun. Did you miss it? Happy Planning in the sunshine.

12 months or more

Write down vision
Buy a Planner
Create a Budget
Grab a Journal
Planning Day in Park
The Basics..Officiant,Caterer,Photographer,D.J.
Wedding Sites
Engagement Party..A Tea?

6 Months or More

Dress Shopping
Salad Lunch with Friends
Inhouse Date
Form Wedding Party
Save the Dates

3 months or less

Wedding Appointments
Order Sign In
Ceremony and Reception Accessories
Read a Funny Book

1 Month

Emergency Plan
Emergency Kit
Appointment with Planner
Wedding Annoucment

Day of

Check List
Have Fun...

Friday, March 4, 2016

Inhouse Date

Adventure Movie.We wear jeans,t shirt, and animal print high heel shoes. Popcorn meet skittles. Fruit salad with cheese and orange flavored jam...Have fun.