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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Creative Invites for Wedding Party

Normally, a phone call does it.
Then we scream with excitement.
We are off to plan our wedding, knowing our close family and friends will be there. Yes, it can be that simple or you may give them a moment.
Singing Card. What's their favorite song? A personalized singing card says thank you in advance. A card, a colorful pen, and a stamp, then we are off to ask the big question to those who close to you.
Sweet Tooth Gift. Bribery, sometimes gets you everywhere. Maybe some food will help. A cupcake, chocolate at a great shop is the way to go. A small gift with the question on a small personalized card.
Fun T Shirt. What is your friend or family member's personality? A personal expression t shirt is light hearted to say yes.
Three ways to get a  I Do for you. I would keep it  light hearted and fun. Then email a list what you need from them. Personal touches set the right tone for your day.

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