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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Pink is the color of spring. This is not my favorite color, but  it is my top ten. So from the flowers to dress, consider this color for the moment.
The Ceremony. We are going to do paper spring flowers inside a container of greenery. Two large pots of this design. Then we use  flower confetti in pink instead of flowers petals.  Pink pew bows with paper flowers in the center. Nature music is played outside.
The Bride. The bride wears a pink gown with a pink veil. Then floral shoes gives it a touch of the season. We use a bouquet of pink paper flowers in various shades. A real bouquet of roses is presented at the end of the day.  A sweet pony tail. Tiny crystal and diamond earrings. Then we walk down the aisle to Human Nature by Micheal Jackson.
The Wedding Reception. Oversize pots of greenery with pink paper flowers throughout the room. The cocktail of fruits and vegetables placed on rounds of grass. Jazz tunes. Then we move on to dinner with a centerpiece, a grass or miss covered container with paper flowers. Then consider a tea bar with a pink signature cocktail. Edible flowers are incorporated within each course.  The music goes from retro to old school hip hop.
The Cake. A sweet spring ending. A round table cloth in pink. The oversize cupcake in pink with the paper flower as a topper.

Happy Planning

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