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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Wedding

Spring inspires a wedding. The blooms makes the most pessimistic believe in love and matrimony. As I have walked through my own streets, I am inspired to share the ideas for a spring moment.
The Ceremony. An garden arch painted pink but on the arch, we hang flower petals on white beads for the front of the ceremony. Flower petals are glued to small green wreaths on the aisle. Then there a flower petal decorated aisle runner. A mistletoe in pink florals hang near the front of the ceremony.
The guests receive a fabric but floral fan at the door with the program.
The Bride. A floral wedding dress in tea length is bold but a beautiful statement with simple pink shoes. The headpiece of a green glass flower in hair gives a subtle but still elegant statement. A green bouquet with three pink tulips in the center is quite lovely for this wedding.
The Reception. We enter into a space for 50. The tables are covered in flower petals with three tulips in green glass bud vase. Each guests receive a tulip with name tag on plate. There are oversize pots of greenery throughout the room. A dance,a meal, a live music selection, a dj, and cake cutting...then there is dancing.
The Cake. The cake is two tiers in pink with greenery as a topper in a birdcage with candy Easter eggs around.
The Favor. The favor are egg shape candies.A sweet ending for the day.

Love is a gift,celebrate it...

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