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Friday, July 3, 2015

Inhouse Date

Beer and a movie. Yes it can be a root beer. .  So,a great hero movie like Independence Day with a beer cocktail with soda or fruit juice. A great drink mixer. Peanut theme meal. Honey roasted nuts, popcorn with chocolate and nuts. Chips with a peanut butter with a pinch of curry salt. Plain chicken bites. Serve in pumps and short short khaki shorts.

First song

Maxwell..,Stop the World


The centerpiece idea is sweet summer look in two clear square vases. Exact size,side by side. We have ranunculus with peonies in a pale color with tea roses in the center and outside for balance.

Shop around some of these flowers are pricey.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First Dance

The Lady in my Life...Micheal Jackson

The Dress

If you want a royal moment, it is at David Bridal. A simple white dress for under $2000. The number is SWG685.

Pop of Color

Normally I am not down with a pop of color at a wedding. I like things short,simple and neutral. Then maybe we go crazy with a bit of color on the toes. So I am going to put down the 1950's Modern Bride magazine down. These days the colors for weddings are endless. Designs on the fingernails and toes are in vogue.
The Queen. The girl,who feels royal have a few options. A deep purple nails with a formal white gown. A candy apple red for a formal day, works for both day and nighttime. If a bride feels really majestic, she should explore metallic hues of bronze or silver.
The Princess. A peach is a great pop of color that is calm down look for a mermaid dress. A pretty in pink goes from daytime to night whether the event  is at a church or the park. Lilliac color is another choice for you. Fuchsia is a beautiful idea for a nighttime princess bride.
The Tea Bride. Tea time inspired by the colors of nature.Something blue is quite sweet for an afternoon or early evening look. A green on the nails may be unusual but nice for the late night wedding. Lace patterns on the nails gives the bride a unique look for a formal wedding.
The Rock and Roll Bride. She lives by her own rules. The obvious black is great from formal to informal. A silver color on the nails also works for this bride. Metallic gold is great for the bride rocking it out. Animal print is fun for a late night affair.
So a pop color is different but can give your bridal look a pop of personality.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chocolate Dream

Chocolate outside the is no tradional flavor. It is great for an ethnic wedding, V Day, or a chocolate theme. So from fresh flowers to chocolate dipped strawberries as a topper the options are endless.
A great example was in the Delmarvanow by Patty Cakes which can be found this week Delmarvanow.com.