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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DIY.....the southern holiday celebraion...

So for this DIY.....it is the south which big flavors and lots of options.

So...let's start....ham and bisquits with peach perserves......peach salad with green salad....
chicken soup shooters with peach syrup...and onion....

The next table....turkey with cranberry glaze...stuffing in the form of a muffin....collard green

The desert...mini cupcakes....pecan glazed pecans, chocolate cake, german chocolate, and vanilla
seven up....

mini southern snack table...praline, pork rinds, peach ice cream, blackberry and chocolate wine floats...

It is a lot of food..under 20 folks....so you can create this moment...

Skipping Xmas

Skipping Christmas is my favorite book. I love to use this as wedding theme.  So here we go off to the island....maybe.

To set the tone of the day, I would use a colored white invite with blue ink.  A small space is great for the day. I would invest the money to rent a fire space.   The front of ceremony there is a simple tree, as large as you could do with simple lights. Tables are there covered in white cloth. There is a small
tree.  For place seating, use an island item, clear glass with the name attached to it. The menu has
ham and fish. It is a mini wine tasting. Snow flake shape cookies but with dots of blue or  pink.
An island drink is signature drink to hint of a missed vacation.

A song for all at the moment....

Budget Rehearsal Ideas

There are many places to have a wonderful ending to your wedding process with close family and friends without breaking the bank.

Sweet Tooth
A café for a small group will give you a variety of items for you day. A simple phone invitation with
a few options is the way to go....sandwhich,muffin, soup, and etc.

The Pizza Joint
The pizza  joint is another quick and easy way to afford your dinner. Pizza of cheese, meat, and a creative option with a simple dessert. A city post card or e invite is the way to invite.

The Burger Hangout
An old fashion burger spot is simple way to get together with those you love. A fun party invite is the investment I would spend on this type of dinner.

Christmas in April

Does it have to be red and gold, no? Do you want to celebrate the gift of love during spring? Yes, this is a great concept for you.

Be inspired by the love of spring.

To start off your moment, I would send an invite with green ink on white invitation. A floral scent can also be included. The bridal look could be a white dress with green shoes. A round of greenery and small bulb of twinkling lights would make a unique bouquet.  The front of ceremony are two oversize boxes that is covered with gold foil with a green in the center. Add a little bit of greenery to the center.  At the reception, the centerpiece are boxes covered in gold foil with greenery added to the center of each gift box with simple white votives around the box. 

The cake is a sweet endng with a two tier square with a simple green fondant box at the center.

The bridemaid

communication is essential. You need to use communication at least once of month by creative email or in pretty paper with the details that pertains to them.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Candy Apple in a spring pot with cotton candy at the bottom. It is a great spring time touch....

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Dress

The Dress is style 250, a red number for a Gone with the Wind....Alfred Angelo dress...find it oline.