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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Dress

Black dress with a colored veil.... A silver tussy mussy filled with silver plastic sprayed painted fruit...


A simple wine bottle on the table with a pictures of family on the label

The Menu

A wine theme....... Herb chicken with grits(wine,salt and pepper)...aspargus and lemon.... a great wine as a dessert.... wedding cake...wine infused cake with vanilla icing...fruit as a topper

Planning 101

So it is spring, it is the beginning of wedding planning. So let's go back through it. You need 12 months to plan your event. Then following things: a great planner, a binder, a wedding journal, and supportive shoulder. You may want to join the knot.com. It is a great source of information as well many supportive girls going through the same process as you.

Wedding Hair

So we have wedding hair which most people leave to the last minute. I hate it because what was the point of wearing this great dress and now your hair looks like a mess on your great day.... So find the dress and make a decesion on the formality of your day.... So base on the dress and formality look at weddinghair.com..... Or a bridal magazine is a great source for wedding options... After you made hair decesion, find a stylist, beauty school is better than nothing.. Take your veil, hair pieces, and a picture of your gown with you. Then take the time 3 months for something simple, 5 months if you need a cut and color for everyone including you to get used to the new look.... Day of get your hair done unless you have a simple cut or look or a wig. You may can get away with it the day before your big day....

Centennial Park

So I took a sandwhich and wine to the park since it was a great day and I was free from my child...it had been a rough week... So cheers! be inspired by this wedding theme.... invitation White invite with green ink......... Bridal Look White dress with green leather shoes.... Centerpiece grass in a wine glass.... Cookies.. with the name of the guest... Fountains.... Champagne fountain... Wedding Cake Two tier cake with the American flag as the topper with a fountain and tiers...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

wedding nails...

I love get my nails done. It is only time when I can really chill out besides sleep and not hear my child with his many requests for the day.... For wedding nails, I do like to keep it classic and simple.... a neutral nail...a pastel...or even a classic red especially for a nightime affair.... Try out the color and the person a couple of months before the big day. Then early morning or a couple of hours before your event, get your nails done.... Enjoy the experience.... Best rule, color on the toes with a neutral nail for the most formal event...