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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inhouse Date

So... invitation....white card with writing and perfume movie..spyfy sort of movie.... snacks...popcorn with jelly beans, black colored candy yam chips, peanuts, and cheese sandwhiches.... outfit.....black body stocks with rip shorts high heel shoes

Monday, April 21, 2014

Planning 101

Where do you find the funding for your day.... Peer to Peer Lending..... Make your wedding a charity event and get sponsors... Twitter fundraiser connected to a simple website, tell your love story and maybe someone will support it....

The Dress

Prom season is winding down. Make sure you catch the sales. I would start at the department stores. Then the thrift stores as these kids have trades threads in for cash. I also would consider putting in a simple classified on ebay or craigslist....


Pink rose boquet with red roses in the center in glass vase...

The Menu

So today, after an interesting Easter, I woke up and cooked up this moment.... inviation Red and black..... bride black dress with red veil... centerpiece cherry tomatoes in a simple container.... menu.... carrots (tomato paste base mayo) on a cracker, neckbone(bbq sauce), hotsauce and tomtao, ravoli with crushed peanuts, chocolate cake with cinnamon chocolate icing with crushed peanuts on top.... wedding cake a mini cherry flavored cupcake....


I like bridebox.com for shoes that are under $200.

Friday, April 18, 2014

inhouse date

the inivitation white letter on animal print paper bride animal print dress and red shoe the movie jungle fever...spike lee food coconut fried chicken, chips in a lemon mayo sauce....popcorn with..cinamon... mini peanutbutter cupcakes