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Monday, October 28, 2013

Free Bridal Class

So I do remember those budget brides days.... So join me at Publix at Lennox Square Mall at 3-5 near the wedding cake. I will teach you all my tricks. November 16. How to have a wedding under $10,000

Thursday, October 24, 2013

flower containers on the cheap

So you could spend a million dollars on a creatvie container. so.... purse filled with a jar. Basket from thrift strore. Let's use a small tote A mason jar with a ribbion glued to it

halloween dates

Create your own drive through.....movie on dvd and popcorn. Backseat love.

Monday, October 21, 2013

the halloween affair

So I have seen every kind of Halloween wedding, there have been some moments. This is a great and affordable wedding theme for your day.

school cafteria

stage or front
simple painted pumkins

wedding gown
a costume

Mac and cheese in mushooms, apples stuffed with carrot slaw, mini cheese pizza, chicken and
grape salad in mini cups, and mini burgers.....

mini candy cupcake buffet

sign in
movie poster

Marriage Contract

The contract sets the standard what you want. It should include dating,  money, and various issues that will come up. It is not a prenup but it deals with the relationship on how this is going to work
and how your marriage will be maintained.


I love thrift. Before you spend retail, you should look at your local thrift stores for your wedding gown or take a formal dress and make a moment.

the amusement park

Find the carosel and ride...get married...Then you should have lunch

Friday, October 18, 2013


So you want a great wedding.....pull from inspiration.

This is inspiration can be a great book, a zany play......

For me, it was a wonderful book by Beverly Jenkins..Night Song. It is a historical romance novel, I took the era and brought it to life at wedding along with a New York socitey era day.  Combined, there was a ballroom gown, a reception for 85, a lunch, at a place of business. Formation of a partnership.

We did not make it....but we are trying to parent my son under the same household, as divorced people.

The next time, to every suprise, a partnership again but something more simple. Jeans and t shirt, a church.....maybe a church service with lunch. I do when the time is right want a marriage. I think this is why this blog is so precious to me, that I am giving hope but also giving great tips and ideas how to make your engament period a journey. That wedding should reflect you.

I want you to have a moment, not just some  souless event, but one you will remember for rest of yoour life....

love, peace, and soul

maya m wilson

Monday, October 14, 2013

beyond the buttercream

So my cake was old school, in the world of cake art, there is a million and one ways to get a great cake.

take fondant with your favorite herbs with a differnt effect for a small
tier cake

cupcake shapes
wedding bells, small shoes, you can do a million things with a cupcake

If you have sense of adventure, consider candy instead of the tradional cake.
In various shapes, colors, and sizes, you can stacked in clear container or serve them as a dessert course.

it's just for a moment

go to the place of worship and say i do.....then have lunch with family and friends. little white suit with pink heels.  cake, two tier with a pink roses.

it's just a business

black suit with red shoes...rose pin on lapel. go to your favorite restraunt for
the i do.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

creative i do

The I do does not have to have to be this formal thing in which you have to connect all the Emily Post dots but can be what you it to be.

find a festival
ten at a festival with dark jeans,cute shirt, get married outside or inside the festival. For very little, you have said I do.

A kids day
Rent the party room and in cute skirt with a blouse and high heel white tennis shoes, you give your heart forever to the love your life.

the fast food wedding
A table for five, bring the officiant and close friends. Get married at the table. Then eat.....bring your own cupcakes. A jean dress and flat shoes will do.. Wear a flower ring.

backyard wedding

I went outside and was inspired by nature of the backyard.

3 leaves surrounded by wild flowers.

grass tied together in a creative manner

the centerpiece
stacks of grass with tied together with a few wild plants for a bud vase

the grass necklace
take the grass and make knots and make a necklace to wear instead of a boquet

leave your shoes behind and disover the back yard.


mirror with information  in ink for 20.

A line gown with a round boquet of roses with a baby breath center.

using lego to make a building on a mirror

an apple pie with an American flag

Let the music Play

Live music can be pricey......from the big band, so many brides ditch the idea and go with a DJ in which you can always find one under $1000. With a little creative thought, you can let the music play.

High and College Band
A young person may give you a deal. Head to your local music department of a college or high school.

Independent Play
An Independent person who need more gigs is another great source for inexpensive music. Ask
your local dj's.

Wedding Magazine
Wedding Magazines is also a great choice to find the one for your music needs.

DJ and Live Music
You can have the team up and save in the end. The DJ can do your ceremoy music and party music while using your live music for the cocktail hours or first dances.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

pretty in pink

A computer flash and a great guy in the end...

It is the 1980s's

pink dress and red shoe...pink dress has two tier fabric effect

white dress with little male hats

toy trains

two tier cake with shoe

the little pumkin wedding

So it is that wonderful time of the year, Halloween. It is beautiful time especially here in the south to get married with clear skies for the most part and mild temperatures. Witht mother nature in the background, you will beautiful moment...

Two oversize pumkin with wooden candles inside of it.

       Bride dress of white dress with orange or brown veil

pasta with a pumkin sauce

                           centerpiece small pumkins

Then .....pumkin with the cake coming out it...