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Friday, October 18, 2013


So you want a great wedding.....pull from inspiration.

This is inspiration can be a great book, a zany play......

For me, it was a wonderful book by Beverly Jenkins..Night Song. It is a historical romance novel, I took the era and brought it to life at wedding along with a New York socitey era day.  Combined, there was a ballroom gown, a reception for 85, a lunch, at a place of business. Formation of a partnership.

We did not make it....but we are trying to parent my son under the same household, as divorced people.

The next time, to every suprise, a partnership again but something more simple. Jeans and t shirt, a church.....maybe a church service with lunch. I do when the time is right want a marriage. I think this is why this blog is so precious to me, that I am giving hope but also giving great tips and ideas how to make your engament period a journey. That wedding should reflect you.

I want you to have a moment, not just some  souless event, but one you will remember for rest of yoour life....

love, peace, and soul

maya m wilson

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