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Friday, February 26, 2016

Inhouse Date

The Dramatic. Oscar weekend. It is old movie night. TV dinner with milkshake. Capri pants,shirt, and high heel pumps with pumps.

Have a great night.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Inouse Date

Basketball footage. Try something different. Jersey as dress with heels, a pony tail. Peanuts, sweet and sour wings, with honey vanilla buttercream cupcakes.

Have fun.

Bridal Class

So I hope you guys had a great Valentine's Day as I, myself was chocolate engaged.

You should get more things done this week.

12 or more months

A funny book
A funny movie
A wedding journal
The basics...officiant, ceremony and reception site, food
The DJ
The Cake
The Photographer
The Wedding Planner..person,book, or both

6 months or more
An Inhouse Date
A Dress
Wedding Party
Save The Dates

3 months or more
The Menu
The Ceremony Items
Hair,Nails Planned
A Home Spa Day
Wedding Invitation Ordered

1 months
TheWedding Favors
Table Seating
Wedding Rings with Date
Wedding Invitation Mailed
Final Alterations
Wedding Rehearsal
Emergency Plan

Day Of
Emergency Plan
Wedding Schedule Review

Have fun


A dummy tier with miniature flowers. Then we place a glass figure on the dummy tier.

Winter White Wedding

So it is winter. I love this season. I am the only southerner in this area not complaining about the weather. So a wedding in the winter is a perfect idea for me.
Invitation Please. A clear invitation with silver ink and silver bow with scent of vanilla on  the inner envelope. A program should  match. Then we move forward with clear favors with candies for favors wrapped in silver bows.
Here Comes the Bride. The bride in a white dress with silver satin shoe. A bouquet of silver and clear beads completes the picture. A silver or mirror tile  runner is a unique touch with candles on either side. Soulful jazz tunes are played for the processional. The guests blow bubbles at the end of the ceremony.
Let it Snow. Mirror  rounds on round tables. A glass urn filled with clear beads and roses. Then we play classical  and jazz tunes with fun children music. Then we move on to Motown to  dance. Then hot 100 current tunes as the party progresses. In  meantime, we have trees with  clear glass ornament filled with snow hanging from silver painted trees. An ice cream bar. Creative shape ice for bar.
The wedding cake. The cake is two tiers. The top tier has a snow flake effect. Then we have topper of a crystal couple ice skating.
So the winter wedding that will warm everyone's heart.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Inhouse Date

Adult Cookies and Milk. Camp short shorts with plaid shirt with high heel boots. A movie. Seafood sub with graham crackers topped with buttercream and mini marshmallows. Lemon flavored popcorn rounds off. Strawberry Milk.A little different for the kid at heart.
Have a great time.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bridal Class

It is love week. So it is hard but not impossible week to get the party started. From the florists to cake bakers,they are knee deep in orders. I would wait to next week to receive more time and attention.

Have a great Sunday

12 months or more

A wedding journal
A wedding planner book
A wedding consultant
A wedding site list
A photographer

6 months or more
A wedding officiant
Wedding Sites
Save the Dates Send Out
Wedding Dress

3 months
Wedding Party List
Alterations Appointment
Emergency List
Wedding Accessories
Rentals Finalized

1 Month

Invitations Sent Out
Rehearsal Plans Finalized
Spa Day,home or away..Relax
Emergency Kit

Let's not forget our V Day date..Okay.


Full pink roses with mini tea pink roses as a topiary in a grass covered basket.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Inhouse Date

Black shirt with white shorts shorts. We add a black and white shoe. Then there is a movie. A meal of fresh fruit,apple sauce with ham.

Winter Spring Dress Moments

A winter dress has become much more accessible but for those brides who desire a spring look,a.  lace coat, a fur wrap, or a heavy shawl gives you more options.

I found three great options at BHLDN
bhldn..dot com

Fleur Dress
Sophia dress..

Happy Shopping


White silver painted planter with real grass but glass flowers..