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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wedding Bling, Bling

So it is wedding time. It is almost summer engament season. So here all the rules for the bling. To me, the fashion rules do not apply for a wedding day. Tradionally, historically, weddings are pagentry and costume, not just a great fashion moment. So for fashion, on your wedding day, a great bracelet and ring, then that's it. You would do a great headpiece with a braclet. A few things depending on the dress. For me, a wedding, you could do three or even four pieces for your day. The only rule, make sure you figure this out a few months before the day. It is great when you purchase your gown to make a decesion..Where to get it? A tradional store, a great maker, an art musueum, a art festival........ Something borrow may apply as well...


Pink lemonade with gin and strawberry...

Piedmont Park

On the swing, covered with vines on the side. Say I do. Then a great picnic with roasted pepper on thick bread, a great cocktail, fruit, and wedding cookies instead of cake. Make sure you include a poem.


Iron sprayed painted white with flower petals around it..

Monday, May 26, 2014

Red,White, and Blue

So...red, white, and blue. To set the tone with the invitation,you should consider a blue invite with silver ink. A white dress with blue shoe with a red flower in hair. Centerpiece, a clear glass on the table with flower petals. Thrift and flea shops are great places to shop for this item. The cake should be simple with blue ribbion with a clear topper. Glowsticks are a great way to end the day as you are going off as husband and wife...

Happy Memorial Day

Have a picnic for two....have fun..

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Great Places for a Bridemaid Dress

So thank God is not the 1980s when a dress was worn once and then thrown away...These are great places to get a dress.Forever 21.David Bridal.Rent the runway...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Five Guys

So Five guys which is located at Atlanta Georgia off Mara. For twelve people is a great place to say I do. A little red dress from Grease and shoe. You off to get married near the sculpture in front of Marta. Then off for awarding winning fries and burgers...


Popcicle Bar....

Romance Book

Happily Ever After

Sweet Tooth

The wedding cake is not dead but is not always with us. It is almost becoming a dying art. So what are your options? Bread pudding, donuts, minicupcakes, a slice a pie, or even a dessert wine...

Monday, May 12, 2014


marshmallow in bud vases with painted food dye to make an art piece..

Bonnie and Cyde

So a woman who is still attached meets a guy. They go off in history..Bonnie and Cyde. It is reference used from movie to music... It also makes for a great inhouse date... invite... naughty picture in bathing suit... outfit... short short jeans and cowboy boots with bra... old movie night.... snacks... mini tacos with turkey and cheese, trail mix mini cornbread on cream cheese, and dessert pizza chocolate and nuts..

What flowers..

I like to visit the City of Decatur. It is a great place to hang out. For mother's day which I celebrated on Saturday, I went with a purple bag of lunch. So the event planner in me saw the wedding in it. It is located by the old court house. It has enough decor and charm in which you can cut your entire flower budget. A creative fashion purse for the brides and maids will do it instead of the flower bouquet.... From the I do to the cake cutting, you have the entire wedding in this space. If you have an emgergency, no problem. Dress,food,and cupcakes or baked goods are all covered.... So if you would like have a moment, consider this space...


Pinapple,white wine, cinnamon with tsp of sugar...

Destiny's Embrace...Beverly Jenkins

So this a great historical theme for your day. I love the main character. She has a lot of sass and smart as well as survival skills.... Be inspired by the 1800s.... invitation...a handwritten letter....the bridal look..a two piece white dress with white wedding boots...centerpieces..sketches of a wedding dress(look online or find someone to sketch for you)...Fish and chip menu with a chicken salad....wedding cake..collumn wedding cake with a old fashion groom and bride wedding topper...

Wedding Dress

I like Melissa Sweet designs. You can buy off the rack, from thrift,or try to rent it. These are three ways to have your fashion moment..

romance book

So to stay in the mood and look at a hot guy on the cover.Beverly Jenkins night song. She is one of my favorite romance writers..... Night Song by Beverly Jenkins....

Pink cigar

Great idea for business woman... Bridal look..white suit..pink shoes...pink and yellow roses ....fruit base menu with steak...cigar bar...shot drink in pink...groom cake as wedding cake

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Skinny girl....night

Inhouse Date

Beyonce and Jay Z are coming to Atlanta...They seem to have best time.... So create a bar for your inhouse date... invitation perfume bottle with the label table cover it up with your favorite bottles with two chairs on the side. You could also rent one or purchase inexpensive bar... music Music blasting as you drink and catch up with each other... outfit white shirt and sequin short shorts with red high heel shoes

Wedding Dress

Be inspired by the stars.Bride Magazine online has a great suggestion for wedding dresses inspired by various award shows...


Simple moss covered chandelier hanging low from the ceiling...

Wedding Reception Schedule

So things happen. Sometimes things are happening especially during the wedding reception because we donot have things in order with a schedule. So with a great book you can come up with a schedule, so you can less moments... Formality.A formal wedding is normally at four hours. The reception start with a cocktail hour which allows the bride and groom to have a minute, take pictures, or say hello their guests.Afterward, a receiving a line,dinner,toasts, cake, and then party. Somewhere, towards the end a boquet toss and garter removal takes place. For a less formal day, you may decide to elimate the receiving line. Write It Down. A written schedule should be completed a month before you big day. Then you should mail it to all your professional vendors as well as copy to your honor attendants, best man and maid of honor... Emergency Plan.The emergency plan should be a couple of pages of what to do. If the cake is not delivered, where is the nearest bakery for at least snack desserts. The plan should have a bag or tackle box that has a sewing kit, small nails, fashion tape, stain remover, and etc... So, I wish I could say nothing will happen out of order.Things do. It is just better to plan for it....

Book for the Month

Second Chance Danielle Steel

Summer Time Party

So I went to the park yesterday. It was lit up. I thought the perfect place for the moment as I sat and partied on the bench to some old school hip hop.....on old school radio.Dial thing.... be inspired by the summer time party Invitation Old school casset with the invite information... Bride Look... Shorts and crisp light blue shirt with 1940s high heel shoes... Park... There is no need for the decor, just flower petals on the ground... Get married on a rose covered blanket... DJ needed or the radio on speakers for the music... Cake Pop cake... Special Touch Popcicle Alcohol Bar....

website for wedding planning

onewed.com...I love this site. It has a great support of girls for your q and a...