welcome to the moment

love is a gift...celebrate it

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Inhouse Date

Halloween. Rocky Horror Show. It is a lace shorts,stockings, and rock and road theme shirt with four inch heels. Chocolate popcorn, Apple and ham pizza bites with brie. A jello base drink.

Have fun.

Spooky Wedding

The day starts with opera like music outside the events as the guest arrive and given a velvet printed program and rose.
The bride wears a velvet dress,a choker, and a centerpiece of red roses inside a velvet covered tussle musssy. A flower girl and ring bearer in velvet faces are painted for the season. The aisle runner has a floral print.  The front of ceremony are hand painted trees in silver with black beads and crystals.
The day is for 50 guests.
The reception is a silk covered and tapestry runners with crystal candelabra. On the table of black clear chargers and plates, the napkin ring is cored in velvet. The meal simple with creative sauces of rich colors. Candy completes the meal.
The cake is a sweet ending in chocolate with velvet ribbon around each tier with a rose as a topper.
Love is a gift,celebrate it.


An upside jar with a rose in a mini flower pot.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Inhouse Date

Countdown to Halloween. Animal printed bra with black boy short underwear with a red pump. Kitty Kat ears. Then we eat a sea food pasta with lemon flavored popcorn. A scary movie as you cuddle with mini lemon cupcakes and candies.  Have fun.


Flower power. 1975, the era of great boots. So love,peace,and soul. Welcome to the 1970s with a great wedding idea from the era.
The invitation is a pretty pink with a colored inner envelope. A floral scent on the back of the invite is a unique touch. A bride in a white shift dress with floral boots. A flower ring replaces the bouquet. She glides down the aisle on a floral printed aisle runner.
A curtain of florals hangs on the door. Then there a floral curtain on the wall to match.a meal of a floral petal salad,a pink sauce with vegetables and chicken. A fruit in a Orange glaze Asa dessert. A centerpiece of a clear candelabra with beaded florals makes for a great table moment. Classic music from the era mixes in with R & B.
The wedding cakes gives the day a sweet ending. Enclose the cake in a tent. Then on the side there is a curtain of colored beads. The cake is a two tiers of white with a pink top tier. The top tier has faux grass with a floral bridal boot.
Have a great moment.


Daisies with blades of grass and pearl stems in a miss covered and white bead covered container is elegant way to have a fall centerpiece.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Inhouse Date

A cool date for two. Beef Lipton soup popcorn. Mini beef tarts. A movie. A scary one. An outfit of blue boy short underwear with bra and black high high heels. Enjoy.


1989. It is the 80s for the 80 s baby. So we are off to an invitation in white with an old school black computer font. A white dress in a off shoulder design with a lace hat is a retro bride with satin pink pumps. A carnation,rose with glass flowers is another way to look at a bouquet in a glass bouquet holder. The music is from our favorite tv shows for the ceremony. The theme song for the Family Ties.
Then we move on to our favorite day time weddings for quotes.
A colored limo and we are off to the reception.
From jazz to R and B, we entered into white tables with pink carnations large and small with tea roses in clear vases.
The food is chicken with pasta and shrimp. Then we move to a savory herb pound cake.
A cake with two tiers but has pink colored fountain.
Mini Rubik..cubes as a favor.
A day for 50. A moment forever.


A beautiful centerpiece in a white pitcher of pink Astros and mini carnations and roses. A different way for fall.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Inhouse Date

Love letter night. From the book. Short pj's with pink high heels. Cupcake food from savory to sweet.


A small room for 50.  A white mermaid dress with blue satin shoes. Iron wedding tent with crystal candle chandelier. Tables with a silver candlebra with glass votives filled with white candle. A dinner for your day is white potato soup,red pepper pasta with potato pasta, and two tier mini cake in white with dots of blue icing. In the room, encased the chandelier with blue crystal light box. A shoe change from blue satin to silver and crystal.


In the center tea roses with peonies surrounded with camellia.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Inhouse Date

White dress with blue silk shoe. Your best date night meal remix. Then a great movie. Creativity in popcorn with blue candies.