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love is a gift...celebrate it

Monday, December 30, 2013

the fashion moment

look now for the little dress at the outlet store.....

planning 101

Inspiration.... So we all looking to stay inspired for our goals this year, wedding planning included for you. So they are lots of ways to bring inspiration to day, I have heard them all from occupation to a great piece of literature. Your day does not have be this cookie cutter event even though there nothing wrong with it. To personalize it.... Look for ... your hobby, it is cake... your occupation, it is a place(bookstore for the professors)... a shoe, it is a color the topper of the cake..... Keep all your inspirational ideas in a binder your vendors...

champagne wishes on a beer budget

So champagne, thank God comes in all price points. I like Korbel which does.... So for your celebration, little Sarah Jessica Parker,her real wedding, a little black dress of a big one with satin silver shoe for the bride. A ceremony filled with candles on little tables that you rent. Small appetizer of poultry and fish with moments in chocolate. Mini cupcakes..... A little champagne toast with a champagne cookie table of mini cookies..... Small space, try to find one with 20 people tops..... Cheers!.....

happy new year

it is coming soon, i am glad.... Anway, I am very excited about next year about this blog. The classes, the events, and those things that I will bring to you and the great hope that you have a wonderful day. It will be day that you will remember for the rest of life.... So to all you new brides, may your day be filled love, joy, and happiness and it last for the rest of your life.... maya m wilson, the moment....

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

xmas oranment

oranment with your engagement date...

last minute gifts....

Papyrus, Godiva, Macy's, Target, Walmart, Xmas Store....

play day

X rated toys, a creative movie, and xmas is not just for kids anymore.

just the two of us

cookie dough and icing...a project together for the holiday

work it out

it is holiday season, so, 20 minutes walking in place to your favorite holiday movie.

the lil dress

colored shoes with your lil dress makes it more interesting, hand painted ones with your name and date...you could do yourself.

alfred angelo

take an affordable one....alfred angelo

planning 101

Use your first date as your inspiration for your wedding

Sunday, December 22, 2013

happy holiday

So it is that wonderful time of the year, I am sitting here on my steps as my son ride in the living room on his scooter..... I am hope that the holiday is treating you well and the one that you are with has not only met but exceded your expectations... Take a moment to enjoy the season, I know that is diffcult when you are under planning tips and swatches of fabric but do try. To have a break from the hustle and bustle, even if only thirty minutes, try to have smooch or laugh even if it is on the park bench watching the kids iceskate..... Even better, a date, even if it is just movie from Hulu or an old DVD. A hour, snacks, and cuddle.... Those moments are the ones that keep it alive. I know no great marriage or relationship that does have a date night. I know you sign up to be bride but you are preparing to become that person's wife.... grab a mistletoe.... Cheers...maya m wilson

Sunday, December 8, 2013

just two of us

A song in the park by someone, friend or an affordable moment...with finger foods

debbie gibson , welcome to the 1980s

bride she wears a denim jacket and a white linen dress with denim high heel shoes centerpiece greenery with baby breath in a colorful base cake barbie doll on top. music Debbie gibson music at the cocktail hour


strawberries on stickes with roses in the center in a clear vase

gifts for him

new phone goggle glasses dr dre beat ear buds or headphones soft computer keyboard by microsoft

planning 101

The children... What do to help the kids in your wedding to enjoy the day without being in the way. activities coloring pages at the reception usher for the children to make sure they know where to go or if they need to be taken out sitter if you can afford a sitter at the ceremony and at the reception time short and sweet ceremony 10 minutes. 4 hours. food chicken fingers and fries with mini cupcakes.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

just the two of us

movie and mini pizzas from savory to chocolate and strawberry


A painted tray with a wooden container with simple grass

Gift Ideas for Him

So..........I am home depot..... Tool sets witha gift card..... a pair cool customized nike shoes.... a massage gift card.......... lunch gift card from established place........

The Queen of England

Be inspired by a classy lady.......... invitation white with blue ink and symbol at top........ centerpiece a silver candlebra........ a dress a white lace gown with a star necklace..... the groom a miltary uniform costume..... music from the big band of the 1940s

planning 101 engagement ideas

a lunch with both parents........... a tea with girlfriends.......... a party with your friends........... A book...get organized... A journal for your thoughts