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Sunday, December 22, 2013

happy holiday

So it is that wonderful time of the year, I am sitting here on my steps as my son ride in the living room on his scooter..... I am hope that the holiday is treating you well and the one that you are with has not only met but exceded your expectations... Take a moment to enjoy the season, I know that is diffcult when you are under planning tips and swatches of fabric but do try. To have a break from the hustle and bustle, even if only thirty minutes, try to have smooch or laugh even if it is on the park bench watching the kids iceskate..... Even better, a date, even if it is just movie from Hulu or an old DVD. A hour, snacks, and cuddle.... Those moments are the ones that keep it alive. I know no great marriage or relationship that does have a date night. I know you sign up to be bride but you are preparing to become that person's wife.... grab a mistletoe.... Cheers...maya m wilson

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