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Monday, December 30, 2013

the fashion moment

look now for the little dress at the outlet store.....

planning 101

Inspiration.... So we all looking to stay inspired for our goals this year, wedding planning included for you. So they are lots of ways to bring inspiration to day, I have heard them all from occupation to a great piece of literature. Your day does not have be this cookie cutter event even though there nothing wrong with it. To personalize it.... Look for ... your hobby, it is cake... your occupation, it is a place(bookstore for the professors)... a shoe, it is a color the topper of the cake..... Keep all your inspirational ideas in a binder your vendors...

champagne wishes on a beer budget

So champagne, thank God comes in all price points. I like Korbel which does.... So for your celebration, little Sarah Jessica Parker,her real wedding, a little black dress of a big one with satin silver shoe for the bride. A ceremony filled with candles on little tables that you rent. Small appetizer of poultry and fish with moments in chocolate. Mini cupcakes..... A little champagne toast with a champagne cookie table of mini cookies..... Small space, try to find one with 20 people tops..... Cheers!.....

happy new year

it is coming soon, i am glad.... Anway, I am very excited about next year about this blog. The classes, the events, and those things that I will bring to you and the great hope that you have a wonderful day. It will be day that you will remember for the rest of life.... So to all you new brides, may your day be filled love, joy, and happiness and it last for the rest of your life.... maya m wilson, the moment....

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

xmas oranment

oranment with your engagement date...

last minute gifts....

Papyrus, Godiva, Macy's, Target, Walmart, Xmas Store....

play day

X rated toys, a creative movie, and xmas is not just for kids anymore.

just the two of us

cookie dough and icing...a project together for the holiday

work it out

it is holiday season, so, 20 minutes walking in place to your favorite holiday movie.

the lil dress

colored shoes with your lil dress makes it more interesting, hand painted ones with your name and date...you could do yourself.

alfred angelo

take an affordable one....alfred angelo

planning 101

Use your first date as your inspiration for your wedding

Sunday, December 22, 2013

happy holiday

So it is that wonderful time of the year, I am sitting here on my steps as my son ride in the living room on his scooter..... I am hope that the holiday is treating you well and the one that you are with has not only met but exceded your expectations... Take a moment to enjoy the season, I know that is diffcult when you are under planning tips and swatches of fabric but do try. To have a break from the hustle and bustle, even if only thirty minutes, try to have smooch or laugh even if it is on the park bench watching the kids iceskate..... Even better, a date, even if it is just movie from Hulu or an old DVD. A hour, snacks, and cuddle.... Those moments are the ones that keep it alive. I know no great marriage or relationship that does have a date night. I know you sign up to be bride but you are preparing to become that person's wife.... grab a mistletoe.... Cheers...maya m wilson

Sunday, December 8, 2013

just two of us

A song in the park by someone, friend or an affordable moment...with finger foods

debbie gibson , welcome to the 1980s

bride she wears a denim jacket and a white linen dress with denim high heel shoes centerpiece greenery with baby breath in a colorful base cake barbie doll on top. music Debbie gibson music at the cocktail hour


strawberries on stickes with roses in the center in a clear vase

gifts for him

new phone goggle glasses dr dre beat ear buds or headphones soft computer keyboard by microsoft

planning 101

The children... What do to help the kids in your wedding to enjoy the day without being in the way. activities coloring pages at the reception usher for the children to make sure they know where to go or if they need to be taken out sitter if you can afford a sitter at the ceremony and at the reception time short and sweet ceremony 10 minutes. 4 hours. food chicken fingers and fries with mini cupcakes.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

just the two of us

movie and mini pizzas from savory to chocolate and strawberry


A painted tray with a wooden container with simple grass

Gift Ideas for Him

So..........I am home depot..... Tool sets witha gift card..... a pair cool customized nike shoes.... a massage gift card.......... lunch gift card from established place........

The Queen of England

Be inspired by a classy lady.......... invitation white with blue ink and symbol at top........ centerpiece a silver candlebra........ a dress a white lace gown with a star necklace..... the groom a miltary uniform costume..... music from the big band of the 1940s

planning 101 engagement ideas

a lunch with both parents........... a tea with girlfriends.......... a party with your friends........... A book...get organized... A journal for your thoughts

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just the Two of Us

Candlelight for thanksgiving?....Turkey with a white wine reduction, little pearl onions, and lemon infused aspargus with mini pumkin pie......

The Moment

This week...I do not have time to get married, so if you one of those persons...A fun burger joint with a short dress and blue shoes...Then a cake base flavor champagne milk shake...pour champagne in..cheers...I do.

country music 1980s

Blonde wigs on your bridemaids...welcome to 1980s...two hay stacks on either side of the ceremony....grass in a clear container.....a guitar to sign....the music at the cocktai hour only with overalls on the wait staff...bbq for the cocktail hour...love lyrics for vows


the pumkin with a small opening...with a rose

planning 101

The Engagment............For the parents, inform them in person with dinner or at least by phone.>>>YOu can give them the news by phone, email,or letter......With your friends, spread the cheer by email, letter, or phone....Newspaper annoucements should be kept general, a May or spring wedding and your general education and occupation.....The Engagement Party is an occassion hosted by the bride's parents or the couple which includes the intermediate family and friends. Gifts are given but not demanded nor expected......A ring, can be the diamond, cut, color, or grade....but explore the birthstone or other symbols like a necklace.....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Moment at Publix

So I went back to Publix to be inspired for The Moment.....yeah. Anyway, So if I had a wedding to do, say that, day, you could because the options are endless for a fall wedding. Centerpieces The candy appple day. You have an candy apple in a flower pot. A salad of mushrooms, broccoli, and apples. A cornish hen with apple stuffing. Use apple flavored lollipops as a dessert. Oversized pots for the front of cermeony and around the reception room. A dress with a red silk shoe and red sheer veil. There is a seafood pizza bar. White sauce, tarter sauce, or cocktail sauce with your favorite seafood combinations with fresh herbs. An icecream sandwhich decorated with royal icing on the plate serve as the cake. Next bridal 101 class next year...

Friday, November 15, 2013

just the two of us

the candy picnic...cupcakes with candy on top, chocolates, dips with crushed nuts and candies for lollipops


3 flowers like a presentation bouquet with baby breath and grennery filler.

rock n roll the 1980s

So you want something different, black leather dress, leather shoes that matches the groom, leather bridal boquet, glass rose centerpieces, guitar solo at the cermony, leather ribbions around the cake for 25 people, taking place on the stage.

Fashion 101

Find a veil on ebay

planning 101

Beverly Clark...she has a great line.

publix event

Saturday...november 16, the savory side, back at publix for a free wedding class 3-5 at lennox square mall location.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just the two of us

I found a cute shoe.....still too many hours for a man...I will live through you. Anyway, besides the mall is not the best mall to find a moment. So...it is thanksgiving...now...before the family which is loud and is talking all the time(my big greek wedding). candlight. there cornish hens. coucous. little baby carrots glazed in honey. cupcake topped with pumkin icecream.

The fashion day

So, I went to the several stores at lennox square mall. It is that wonderful time of the year, so if you want a dress for the cheap for your day. Think black Friday. There will the sales and you are flexible,you will find a great deal.

planning 101

Get a binder and organize your things.

1980s headbanger night

So....it is Saturday night with my pony tail. MTV. What you watching? headbanger night...i respond. I love rock, i like it loud, it less than when i was growing up...i still love it... invitation black leather with fabric paint....(small wedding less than 20) bride leather dress with black boots...half leather veil....with sheer fabric for the front centerpiece artist pictures in frames music event...... it is a stage, find a park, find a school. Flowers hanging down...mike with flowers and rags tied to it. high school or local band perform. say i do....then recepition, your table is on the stage..wheeled in...but covered in fabric. a gutitar solo during dessert. bridesmaids..leather skirts and white shirts..

Sweet Moment at Publix at Lennox Square Mall

Yesterday, I went to Publix at Lennox Square Mall. It was great with food demonstrations from pumkin icecream to tasty turkey and cranberry sandwhich as well as other treats. Walk the ailse, if you were flexible, you could plan your moment in a day for a small wedding. Candy bouquet, hershey kisses glued on a hanging round floral foam. Oversize cupcake for a centerpiece. Pumkin cheesecake, a pie table. Nut and cheese table. In great and inexpenive containers. You can have a moment at Publix. Cheers!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fashion 101

Tis the season...soon... Discounted Dresses....

Just the Two of Us

A blanket, fingerfoods, and a bottle of wine. Checkers, anyone?


The 1970s...... The Bride White Collumn Dress and Straight Hair Centerpiece and Bouquet Gerber Dasies. Boquet of Gerber Dasies in a watering pot. A clear vase on the table on green grass. The Cake Two tier white cake with an oversize smiley face lollipop as the cake topper. Sign In A painting of the peace sign

Planning 101

To find a great wedding site....you need patience but it possible. A wedding planner can assit you by the hour. The Vistor Convention Center is also a great source for wedding site information. DJ's may know of affordable spot for wedding day. There is always the yellow pages. An post on a wedding site for a bride or a former bride may do the trick. Happy Planning!

Friday, November 1, 2013

weekend plan

So.... dress shopping Take a tote and 3 friends and enjoy. Bring shoes, underwear, and patience. post office get the invite weighed before you stamp it let the music play three and five love ones with itunes, billboard, and dj lists....find the general direction sweet love cake eating time for two..sample your cake

Monday, October 28, 2013

Free Bridal Class

So I do remember those budget brides days.... So join me at Publix at Lennox Square Mall at 3-5 near the wedding cake. I will teach you all my tricks. November 16. How to have a wedding under $10,000

Thursday, October 24, 2013

flower containers on the cheap

So you could spend a million dollars on a creatvie container. so.... purse filled with a jar. Basket from thrift strore. Let's use a small tote A mason jar with a ribbion glued to it

halloween dates

Create your own drive through.....movie on dvd and popcorn. Backseat love.

Monday, October 21, 2013

the halloween affair

So I have seen every kind of Halloween wedding, there have been some moments. This is a great and affordable wedding theme for your day.

school cafteria

stage or front
simple painted pumkins

wedding gown
a costume

Mac and cheese in mushooms, apples stuffed with carrot slaw, mini cheese pizza, chicken and
grape salad in mini cups, and mini burgers.....

mini candy cupcake buffet

sign in
movie poster

Marriage Contract

The contract sets the standard what you want. It should include dating,  money, and various issues that will come up. It is not a prenup but it deals with the relationship on how this is going to work
and how your marriage will be maintained.


I love thrift. Before you spend retail, you should look at your local thrift stores for your wedding gown or take a formal dress and make a moment.

the amusement park

Find the carosel and ride...get married...Then you should have lunch

Friday, October 18, 2013


So you want a great wedding.....pull from inspiration.

This is inspiration can be a great book, a zany play......

For me, it was a wonderful book by Beverly Jenkins..Night Song. It is a historical romance novel, I took the era and brought it to life at wedding along with a New York socitey era day.  Combined, there was a ballroom gown, a reception for 85, a lunch, at a place of business. Formation of a partnership.

We did not make it....but we are trying to parent my son under the same household, as divorced people.

The next time, to every suprise, a partnership again but something more simple. Jeans and t shirt, a church.....maybe a church service with lunch. I do when the time is right want a marriage. I think this is why this blog is so precious to me, that I am giving hope but also giving great tips and ideas how to make your engament period a journey. That wedding should reflect you.

I want you to have a moment, not just some  souless event, but one you will remember for rest of yoour life....

love, peace, and soul

maya m wilson

Monday, October 14, 2013

beyond the buttercream

So my cake was old school, in the world of cake art, there is a million and one ways to get a great cake.

take fondant with your favorite herbs with a differnt effect for a small
tier cake

cupcake shapes
wedding bells, small shoes, you can do a million things with a cupcake

If you have sense of adventure, consider candy instead of the tradional cake.
In various shapes, colors, and sizes, you can stacked in clear container or serve them as a dessert course.

it's just for a moment

go to the place of worship and say i do.....then have lunch with family and friends. little white suit with pink heels.  cake, two tier with a pink roses.

it's just a business

black suit with red shoes...rose pin on lapel. go to your favorite restraunt for
the i do.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

creative i do

The I do does not have to have to be this formal thing in which you have to connect all the Emily Post dots but can be what you it to be.

find a festival
ten at a festival with dark jeans,cute shirt, get married outside or inside the festival. For very little, you have said I do.

A kids day
Rent the party room and in cute skirt with a blouse and high heel white tennis shoes, you give your heart forever to the love your life.

the fast food wedding
A table for five, bring the officiant and close friends. Get married at the table. Then eat.....bring your own cupcakes. A jean dress and flat shoes will do.. Wear a flower ring.

backyard wedding

I went outside and was inspired by nature of the backyard.

3 leaves surrounded by wild flowers.

grass tied together in a creative manner

the centerpiece
stacks of grass with tied together with a few wild plants for a bud vase

the grass necklace
take the grass and make knots and make a necklace to wear instead of a boquet

leave your shoes behind and disover the back yard.


mirror with information  in ink for 20.

A line gown with a round boquet of roses with a baby breath center.

using lego to make a building on a mirror

an apple pie with an American flag

Let the music Play

Live music can be pricey......from the big band, so many brides ditch the idea and go with a DJ in which you can always find one under $1000. With a little creative thought, you can let the music play.

High and College Band
A young person may give you a deal. Head to your local music department of a college or high school.

Independent Play
An Independent person who need more gigs is another great source for inexpensive music. Ask
your local dj's.

Wedding Magazine
Wedding Magazines is also a great choice to find the one for your music needs.

DJ and Live Music
You can have the team up and save in the end. The DJ can do your ceremoy music and party music while using your live music for the cocktail hours or first dances.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

pretty in pink

A computer flash and a great guy in the end...

It is the 1980s's

pink dress and red shoe...pink dress has two tier fabric effect

white dress with little male hats

toy trains

two tier cake with shoe

the little pumkin wedding

So it is that wonderful time of the year, Halloween. It is beautiful time especially here in the south to get married with clear skies for the most part and mild temperatures. Witht mother nature in the background, you will beautiful moment...

Two oversize pumkin with wooden candles inside of it.

       Bride dress of white dress with orange or brown veil

pasta with a pumkin sauce

                           centerpiece small pumkins

Then .....pumkin with the cake coming out it...                                                                         

Sunday, September 29, 2013


target....online for bridal dresses

planning 101

The honeymoon

Be prepared....

travel agent or someone to help you to organized and take care of the details

keep it simple, a hotel with a great musuem....or your dream trip(lesser hotel, keep money
for the moments, and save money on the food, blogging may be your friend and not your
foe on how to travel as well as asking big question on twitter)

pack the essential things...but keep the emergencies in mind

always have the cash if you can...in a safe place..on you

Get a checklist from the knot and get started

the kenndy's

So it was 1960s, there was bride who set the standard for socitey....

Mrs. Kenndy.....

A little white dress with hat and veil....

A pineappple as a centerpiece on cake stand with flower petals

A two tier cake with yellow dots on the side....with yellow sugar flowers

Bridemaids carry a purse filled with flowers

Thursday, September 26, 2013

the after party

So aftesr party, when we give grandma a kiss, a basket, and promise to call her. Then to lights change and the music start bumping....

the after party..............gin and juice, snoop dog

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ode to hip hop

so it is moment, if you want one, Atlanta, is hip hop on the streets this weekend....

if you want a moment, there is a club, there is a bar. With a little black dress and sparkling heels and a cool officiant. You say I do, share a drink, with cupcakes.

It is simple, right.

Then dance the night away.

Besides, Atlanta is a great place, where everyhing is hot.....share a coke and smile....as well as the other activities going on in the city.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

planning 101

So if you ever read the book as the girl who looked at a place in NYc with very wealthy friend....
all the places, she finally decided of her parents back yard

After all it was free....

places to get married

the back yard
the living room
a small church in a smaller town
aaramark sites
a party room at kids place
a bed and breakfast
a hotel in mid size or small town
the park
a store
a cupcake shop
a coffee shop
skating rink
a school
a daycare


lightinthebox. com for a great deal



So it was countdown as Prince was heard all over the city.....

It was 1999

bridal look
white dress with gold shoes with one gold dipped flower

gold painted champagne bottle on  a mirror

two tier cake with gold flower in the center

sign in
twitter sign in..you can print it out later

Thursday, September 19, 2013

cookie monster

Cookies are great for a wedding...who does not like  a cookie. Unlike matchbooks and other favors, they more and likely will  consume your cookies.

mini cookie favors
In small boxes, give a few for the favor

Cookie boquet
Fill the container with beads and place on a patch on green and make cookie bouquet

cookie cake
cookie cake couple just a flat big cookie for small weeding in shape of a wedding cake
with the names and date on it...

cookie tiered cake
cookies in clear containers stacked....

Unique flower moments

So unique flower moments could be...

hang the flowers upside down with pretty string from the ceiling

Two flowers only with a wonderful beaded necklace glued to the ribbion

cover the container with flowers and simple greenery in the container

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Ebay......look and find it....

1940s radio

Welcome to the old school era when .....what's cable?

So no cable, welcome to the radio.

black with silver ink

neutral colored paintsuit with dark brown heels....with a corsage on the wrist

big band music for cocktail hour

silver airplanes...silver painted from the toy store on the table in an oversize cocktail
glass filled with black beads...

planning 101-stamp it

Sending the invitation is not just ...lick it and stick it....


1. You should get a list of etiquette rules, especially if you are having a formal affair.
2. Then you make sure you take one full package of your inviation and get the correct
3. Find some friends and have a movie
4. Then make sure they have the supplies...

4 to 6 weeks before the big day....
If you you send out a two lists...A and B....send 8 weeks in advance...with the B list
6 to 4 weeks...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

peter pan

The classic....

green silk with fabric pen

black top and green skirt with green silk shoes, and ivy

peter pan in glass a few over your cake and front of cermony space

gold plates with a line of ivy.......

sign in
movie from poster

dramatic invitations

So a invitation can be simple as white cardstock and themography..............


the following ideas

creative wording
use your favorite song or your favorite poem

have song to sing song
in the delivery, high school or college student who is looking for part time or experience with
show tune.

a snack
a flat snack in a clear pretty bag with the inviation glued to it

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Discovery....sexuality in a Shakeshere to cells from a microscope...welcome to the 1600s

bridal look
ballroom gown with a diffent colored jacket

ship with a budi vase with a rose

two tier cake with a fairy as a topper

sign in
Claude Lorriane artisic moment

planning 101-let the music play

For the music, it starts with formality. A formal wedding requires tradional tunes while you
get jiggy with it for an informal day. 

start early.......

12 to 6 months
Once you have made decesions with your site. Then go online with snacks and look though

You need the following: prelude music for the cermony, cermony music, and music afterward.
Cocktail tunes, the first dances, wedding party dance(optional), and dance tunes. Cake cutting,
garter and bouquet toss

after party tunes
When you want to listen to a lot of hip music which is not right for your grandmother, consider
the after party. A warning, a small card in your inviation with a reminder by small card
on the dining table as well a annoucment. Kiss grandmother on the kiss an have fun.

everything in writing
write down your desires and make sure it is given to you with firm payment as well as
overage charges..

From live music, dj, to a ipod setup, your options are endless.

nontradional fashion for a wedding

So my wedding is planned without the man...I will find the man later. 

Anyway....there are jeans and heels, I had the big gown moment.

a neutral colored pantsuit 

jeans and pastel colored shirt with sparkling shoe

shorts, jacket and shirt with heels

Monday, September 2, 2013

1920s....have a day that roars

I love the fashion of the 1920s. The music, dancing, the shoes....and the drinking...

I especially like the drinking

White layered flapper dress with pink silk shoes. White classy 1920s hat.
Oversize bouquet with greenery, baby breath, and tea roses.

Silver canddlebra

Two tier cake with champane bottle as a topper

planning 101

The fashion moment.............

sets formality

Dress Search
Book, magazine and online. Find at least three or four dresses with two good friends or family

What's under there
Bra, panties.

Find the correct shoe for the gown.

Hair, Makeup and Nails
Trial is key to hair, makeup and nails. If you get frustrated, a wig, conclealer and foundation with gloss, and a short neutral nail with a bit of shine.

red, white. and blue

So it is labor day, we are celebrating rest which in my case....yeah.

Single mama 365....

Be inspired by this moment......

white dress and silver floppy hat....red silk hat

clear container with blue berries

two tier with small apple topper

Sign In
Historical photograph from labor day....

Friday, August 30, 2013


I am not lie....I was not never down the Cinderella story being a prissy tomboy.

I hate to clean, some things has not changed. Two chicks telling me what to do when my father brought the house was not happening.

That is my story.....

If you believe, this is for you....

ballroom gown, black sash, black silk choker, pony tail. consider renting

White roses, blue fresia on a gold framed mirror

white invite with gold ink.....computer print out

two tier cake with the glass shoe....

`the recycled wedding

So it is time have a wedding. What can you do to get it done with very little money.

the dress
Can you borrow something from your friend.
Is there something in your closet you can wear.

Many brides in history wore their best dress and not a new gown.

the invitation
a great script on the computer and a lovely letter for your guests.

the food
what is in the fridge?

the cake
a bread pudding...decorated with frosting

grass or tree leaves in tea cups, glasses....even a flower on a spoon

the bride
can carry a book that inspired him

the place
your or his place.......or the parents place, small day

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

planning 101-the cocktail hour

The cocktail hour. It is one hour only, not 30 minutes or 30 days. This segment of the reception takes
place at the beginning of your reception. This normally gives the couple enough to take to take a breather between the cermony and the reception and get some their photographs of the cermony site.

The plan

keep affordable
An accurate head count is the first step. Then use cheaper cuts of meat with nonprotein options.

make it creative
your first meal together or your first trip on the road....

turn down the volume
you have the whole night to party the night away. So jazz, R and B or classical music at a low volumen will do.

Beauty and the Beast

So it is almost fall....this is toward the end of wedding season, the last three months. The weather in
so many weeks we will pitch perfect for a fairy tale moment. Many have looked at the movie Beauty and Beast with a twinkle in their eyes.

blue inviation with black ink

blue dress with silver shoes. mirror purse filled with tea roses.

silver candle sticks with rose filled candles

two tier cake with a castle on top

Monday, August 19, 2013



As I skate around as a kid to 1999 the song by Prince, it came with a great New Year Eve but without the backwards big bang theory.

It was a year for celebration, a modern 1920s.....

off shoulder A line dresses

crystal centerpiece with silver dipped flowers

fondant covered with silver dipped

bridemaid dresses
silver silver mary janes with a white shirt.....black skirt.....

sign in

You go into a box of family memories. There is a white plastic of vinyl book with signatures in it that takes place before the ceremony and before the reception for those they did not have a chance to sign
before the ceremony.

It is a great for a number of things. You have a moment to record history. Your guest can give thier wonderful thoughts. All nice comments, hopefully.

A picture, a drawing, or a artistic piece of funiture

a dress, a shirt or a shoe

a book or just a beautiful piece of paper....

high tech
twitter, facebook, or a website with forum

mr and mrs. smith

So I love this movie, being the bossy person I am, so a woman who knows herself and has power to kick butt.

I am a geek, I love all the gadgets.

plastic card

black leather dress with light up tennisshoes

two tiered mirroed tiles at the base of each layer

glass flowers in black wooden vases

twitter sign in

planning 101

day of director

The day of director is an afforable option for bride on a budget. I had one for my own day, and she was great person who did a beautiful job for me. She gave me a planning session, rehersal, set up,
and ran the day smoothly.

It was a bumpy ride....so I was very grateful for her.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

science history.....the 1950s

I love science, I always have and will. It was one of my favorite subjects. As  a little girl, I would
do these little science lab experients. I always glued to my science based child craft book. The geek
in the class who love a little science was always a turn on.

be inspired by science...........

white dress with metal industrial tussy mussy filled with glass flowers

test tubes with a small flower

candy table
space inspired candy you can buy at a speciality store

two tier with a rocket

oldeies but goldes burger and fries..........with rock n roll from the era

the wedding website

style me pretty....great ideas for you day

planning a moment

A little white dress and a small aparment,there was a day with family and friends. As I grew, I heard
many of these stories. The little white dress event. A day under 20 with the family minster.
Inspiration for the moment.

To plan that day
find the officiant
find the house or space
a small bouquet
family style food
small two tier cake
invitations.....handwritten letters.............

Monday, August 5, 2013


 I went to this great shop. It has wonderful gowns under $3000 dollars. It is in Buckhead....Georgia.
LeDress boutique for consignment.


1993....Northeast class of 1993...home of the Raiders....

red dress with gold heels

the band for the ceremony

as you go in the reception.

Jodeci, Mary J Blidge

pictures of classmates or family

sign in
Bill Clinton

the website of the week

It is a great blog that I have been following for years.

Planning 101-Feed the people

There are several of types of reception on a budget.

tea party
take a southern movie theme and make a tea reception.

cocktal reception
take a cd and make a cool cocktail reception

cake and punch
an international fashion magazine becomes the inspiraton for an cake and punch

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Inhouse Date

High heel shoes...with the invite on the heel

Movie, flavored popcorn....wine


High heel shoes..cut off shorts....and a animal print bra

Monday, July 29, 2013

dress under $1000



So we war and love,my favorite era of shoes. I used to collect them on V day on ebay of all colors.
On the day, I was married, I wore a white satin inspired pair under by ballroom gown.

Celebrate a moment.....


wedding dress
white satin with a cascading boquet of roses, green, and lillies

Charlie Parker
Frank Sinatra

satin shoes on a brown wooden box....flower balls hang in baskets

two tier cake wth the flags of the united nations

Sunday, July 28, 2013

blog of the week

A journey of a bride who spends very little....


Planning 101

To favor or not to favor, that is the question. You can skip it becasue it does end up in the attic but if you decide to keep it, then these are some sugestions for you.

candy or minicupcakes

a mix tape, fun single,or video

printed materials


Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Constitution

 I love Political Science. As a little girl, I would sit in a chair glued with my encyclopedia set. I would read with great interest each President. When I teenager I kept journal of the convention in which my younger sibling found starange. As adult it was a great soap. Instead of the Young and the Restless,I was tuned into the Bold and the Beautful of Poltical Science.
So when think about Poltical Science in America...we are inspired by the Constituion...be inspred
by history.

bridal gown
light brown dress with cosmo and blue ribbion

boxes covered in roses

sign in
aged paper

box shape cake with your commitment contract on it

commitment contract
signing at the cermony.

The Cake

After you have finshed most of plannng, it is time to order of the cake. This process should be done
3 to 4 months before your moment.Take a friend or two or honey, then sit down wth the cake
baker. When you interview that person, make sure you look actual samples as well their album.
Then at some point, even if you have to pay, taste something they haved baked.
The contract should include: the cake, the flavors, the construction, time devlivered, and rental
fees....as well your set fee.

Then there should be some discussion if you are going to keep the top layer of your cake. Many people do,  I did, for a week, oh well, so much for that theory.

Planning 101

The bridal class...find a local bridal class for cool ideas.

The Yogurt Shop

There is a great place in the city of Decatur for Yogurt. It is a wonderful place for a whimsical wedding.  Pretty paper laterns in geometic patterns hanging from the ceiling is pretty much all you.
With a white tea length dress with black flat sneakers.
With a solitst, a bango, you have a moment.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Music 101

High School Musical, the first one...for a magical touch during your cermony.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


David Bridal and get a bridemaid dress that is white or pastel colored for a simple moment.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So  I like to to go to art festivals. This is a piece from the Black Arts Festival. 

black with gold ink

red dress with gold  and red stripe skirt....

colored beads in gold rim glass

family recipes

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Invitation Ideas

the business card
It is small for your pantsuit wedding.

One page with history of your romance

the bookmark
the bookmark invitation that is kept forver

Monday, July 15, 2013

planning 101

When I was married,  I took a historical novel and make it my wedding reception. It kept the day really simple. A simple lunch in a ballroom gown.

Monday, July 8, 2013


I just watched this movie, I will admit,I wore it, all of it. Thigh high falling down and all, not enough thigh to be that high.

If Valley Girl is the ulimate 80s movie,then Clueless is totally your 90s cinema moment.

be inspired by cluess

white baby doll dress with pink mary jane high heel shoes

little jeep cake...

cake shape as a mansion

high heel shoes cookies

Sunday, July 7, 2013




I love Impressionism era of art....I took art history in class, it was one of the few classes in colleges I actually attended all the days instead........yeah

I never was good at going to class in college.

be inspired....

Dance et Le Moulin et Gatette

white dress and parsol
centerpiece....round rose ball as topiary
two tier cake with parsol
stripped fabrics on cake table

Amercian Revolution Tea

dress.....white tea dress and wig....with ribbion in the back
cupcake reception...tea savory and sweet cupcake
saucer with one flower

planning 101

Try the knot.com on line for planning checklist.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's a wonferful life

I am not really in this thing called xmas...So for me, it is books, movies.

The movies I love are like this one. It is a Wonferful Life when the man sacrfices his young life
in order to keep and inspire the town...

I am single..anyone know a man like that?

bridal look
pink suit...blue hat....blue silk shoes.

xmas balls in a clear container

two tier cake with a amercian flag

pencils with you name printed on it



A Sweet Moment

Blueberry Pie...cake topper on the side

History Day


I love the fashion of this era. When my feet was smaller, I had closet full of 1940s, real vintage shoes.
Some of them, I never evn wore, they were just for the love of shoes.  he
From the big band era to lady like suit and hat, this is one my favorite era.

be inspired by the 1940s.......

bridal look
white dress suit and pink wedge

big band music

national anthem
as you open up yoopur wedding cermony

khaki covered....containers with white roses

two tier cake with wedge shoe as a topper

the best place to shop for your day

It is summer time, I have a lot of things to do....so i love festivals. There are like Walmart for what I do, I can find business networking, things for film and plays, fashion, and personal items.

All in one place....

For a wedding, if you are open minded, a cermanic bowl can hold guest cards for sign in.
A dress is great for your reception.
A local band is a more affordable option for a funky cocktail hour.

So...do not count out art, music, or craft festivals.

Planning 101

A planner....

A planner is a great tool to have for your day. When I was married, I had four for my little wedding.
Anyway, I am control freak that way.
So for your planner, it should have the following things. The planner need to have a great checklist,
update etiquette rules,great tips, and resource information. It would be even wonderful to have
a place for guests, lists, and a budget.
To obtain a planner, there are many places to find one. For free, online, like the knot.com. A craft
store. You can use a etiquette book.
Purchase or find your planners, at least 12 to 7 months before your date depending on the formality and the number of guests.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

fashion thursday

rentherunway.com for fashion moment.

Sweet Moment

Cupcakes with white icing with lattice in flesh tone with apple filling

History day

Gilded Age.....
The dress....white dress, pink flowers and a fan
parsol centerpieces. parsol in planters...with roses
cake-collumns with a fountain at the bottom
Romantic Poem to start the wedding

planning 101

Get a journal. Then enjoy the moments of big day. It is great when you get a million one well thought out plans for other people, you can then remember your orginal wedding moment planning.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013