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Sunday, September 8, 2013

planning 101-let the music play

For the music, it starts with formality. A formal wedding requires tradional tunes while you
get jiggy with it for an informal day. 

start early.......

12 to 6 months
Once you have made decesions with your site. Then go online with snacks and look though

You need the following: prelude music for the cermony, cermony music, and music afterward.
Cocktail tunes, the first dances, wedding party dance(optional), and dance tunes. Cake cutting,
garter and bouquet toss

after party tunes
When you want to listen to a lot of hip music which is not right for your grandmother, consider
the after party. A warning, a small card in your inviation with a reminder by small card
on the dining table as well a annoucment. Kiss grandmother on the kiss an have fun.

everything in writing
write down your desires and make sure it is given to you with firm payment as well as
overage charges..

From live music, dj, to a ipod setup, your options are endless.

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