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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Inhouse Date

Summer time date. You, wear green short shorts with a white collar polo kind of top. Flat sneakers round off this look. We look at sports base movie such as football or basketball. So, we have root beer base with nuts, root beer or beer, and caramel popcorn.

Have fun.

Say Cheese

So maybe you are busy bride who does not have time. Cheese and wine reception in the late evening may do the trick for the bride on the go. So we head to small space for less 40 guests. Tables set up in a dark purple with a silver urn holding grapes. Then we need few trees with lights to make it more festive.
Explore your international culinary menu. Organize the cheese by country with small card. Then add a wine bottle in which they can ask or grab for a perfect match. So cheese, crackers, rustic breads,
fruit, and unique nuts. A bit of chocolate may round off this wedding reception.
The music. The music for this moment ranges from classical, jazz, to R and B. Include your parents or other family wedding tunes to your day for a more personalized moment.
A three hour time period is perfect for this moment.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

Gift Registries

So we are towards the end of the wedding planning process. So it is gift registry time. The history of the gift registry was a, the department store, the bride, and the guests who brought a gift and sent it to the home. Now, it is modern times, an electronic gun and a printed list is now the thing in which the guests can come, print out the list, and purchase the gift. The gift is brought to the wedding shower or wedding itself at the reception. I like the old school method of bringing the gift or mailing the gift to the home. If we flip through the etiquette book, your guests have a year after the wedding to purchase the wedding gift.
Where do we go for a gift? The options are endless.
Department store. Hello, it's aisle five. As affordable as Target or Walmart, we find, pots and pans with fun and festive dishes. Then there is glassware at JcPenny's or Macy's with a china pattern. For more options, there is great and antique looking items from Pottery Barn. Taking a list is best. Groom participation is great but  not needed but if it is Home Depot, he may be interested. They do have a gift registry.Oh, yeah, you can go online.
A bank account. Money. So if you want the money, set up the account. Then you add paypal attached to it. Then your guests can you the money instead a gift.
A donation. Do you have a favorite charity? So within your wedding invitation inform your wedding guests that you have a favorite charity you would like for them to support.
Gift Card. Set up a tree with a deep base to hold gift cards. Then have a list online on a website for various cards you would like from gas to your favorite date spot. A binder may be needed for a larger wedding to organize them.
Destination for two.  Contribution for your honeymoon is another great idea when you have the wine glasses you would ever need. With a travel agent, set up your travel gift registry. Then you can have the funds for your happily day after.
From six to four months before your big day, make a plan and implement for your wedding gifts.

Party Music

Party summer music

Don't Stop the Music Rihanna
Yeah...Chris Brown
Get the Party Started...Pink
Billie Jean...Micheal Jackson
Let's Dance...David Bowie

The First Dance

Adore by Prince


A fun formal cocktail. We start with a mushroom soup in shot glass. A pull pork slider with spiced apples. Mini picnic fries, you can buy them out of the can. Coleslaw milk is coleslaw you made, drained, and put the flavor in milk. Lemon mini cupcakes are a great ending. To round it off, set up a section of mushrooms, apples, and carrots with simple seasoning.


Lulu.com has an adorbable dress for only $54. It is under lavish in lacy ivory lace dress which is a knee length white dress for a sweet afternoon wedding or a great brunch.


A circle of grass with colorful eggs on it

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Inhouse Date

Monopoly game? So great. Black shorts with a sequin bra with t strap high heels shoes. A date meal of spicy red pepper popcorn with chocolate coins with cucumber lemonade drink. A game and food for a great date night.

The Work Out

Kickboxing tape for 30 minutes for the hot summer workout. Work it out


A tea is always simple to put together. Watermelon lemon tea, apple spice tea, with lemonade tea. Then regular sweet southern tea. For the rest of the reception, mini  ham biscuit, chicken potato salad on biscuit, scones, salmon with cream cheese on crackers, cucumbers, and pastries.

The Dress

Style 9150 at allure bridal is a old Hollywood like dress in white with black lace appliques. For a white ailse ready moment, this is a great bridal look.


Blue tulips with white roses o the outside of the centerpiece in a glass urn container for a garden like party reception.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Tea, anyone?

For something really easy and classy a tea will do. A place that is great like a bed or breakfast or a place of art. An invitation on simple floral paper with calligraphy for a small guest list. A day in the afternoon for a blushing bride in a white tea length dress with pink satin high heel shoes with a pink rose in hair. These things are all the making of a great summer tea.
The day, we enter in the space. We sign a great art book. Then we move on to our tables. A solid color table with floral colored chair cover brings a little brightness in the room. A low centerpiece of roses and mini carnations in simple crystal container. Music of classical tunes with classic but fun r and b. The music gets more lively as the day goes along. From the classic to jazz, the r and b, to some right now pop and r and b music. A bride may even change her shoes from pink to light blue.
The food should be kept what is expected with fun and creative twists. Scones, tea sanwiches, and cookies with cake pops. One or two but no more three bites are the rule for tea. The tea itself can be based on their favorite soda flavor. A signature tea is also a great personal touch for your moment.
Sophistication with simplicity is key. This is not to be a full event but a day shared with those in your life. Tea service set can be rented. A touch of  unique with the napkin that matches the chair cover. Food should not go far in the flavor if they is an culinary adventure. This information should be somehow included on your wedding invitation packet. Speeches for a tea should be kept to one to two sentences only. The time for the whole tea should be only 2 and half to no more than 3 hours.
Personal touches are fine. A personal table of the relationship may serve well. Childhood pictures
in silver or crystal frames. A frame love letter. A social media table in which the computer is covered in fabric to send their wishes to couple is also a great touch.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Inhouse Date

Castaway, The Movie is needed. A bathing suit top with long jeans with a pair of high heel sandals.
Seafood with lemon flavored popcorn. Ice cream as dessert. Then movie with food. Maybe a bath for two latter in something fruity.

The Dress

A steal at The Limited. A texture A line dress for $74.99. Item number 3091831. You can find this adorable dress at thelimited.com

The Work Out

Too hot to work out. Jump rope for 50. Run in place for 20 minutes. Crunches for 100.


An easy summer wedding meal. Oranges with tangerines in a green salad. A orange glazed chicken breast with lemon flavored pasta. An orange sorbet is cool ending to your wedding reception.


A topiary type centerpiece of an orange on a wooden stick covered with moss with lemons and tangerines at the bottom of the container.

The Simple Summer Day Wedding

The wedding checklist looks  is like a long scientific equation. The wedding day is very simple if you let it. A wedding is a ceremony that reflects your love with a reception filled and shared with good friends and your family. So in the basic box of wedding planning, ceremony, the bride, food, music, and cake. A few pictures and your day is a success.
So this wedding is a little different that anyone can put together.
In most simple wedding site form, find one place with chairs and tables. The time and money saved on staff, vendors, transportation, and maps is too great to pass up on peak summer prices. So, an easy summer wedding is your moment.
So, we start to set the table with back ground music. Jazz with R and B is a great fit for this type of wedding. The table is filled with fresh fruit in white bowls. The guests are seated Then groom follows.The bride comes in wearing a  short but sweet white tea dress. The vows are said like a toast to each other with the clinch of  their toasting glasses with the wedding minster. A three course meal follows with the cutting of the wedding cake.
Special touches can be added. You can write the name of your guests at this wedding on the glasses. A mini cupcake favor is always great. Music selections, suggestions from your wedding guests is also special touch. I always like to add family or date recipes to the menu.
Then that's it. That's it. Yes. A lovely dinner with great company is the moment.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


The menu that is easy to execute. Chicken stuffed with cream cheese, peppers, and strawberries with a simple salad of a green with rasberries. Then a blueberry muffin mini cupcake with black berry icing.

The Dress

A steal. $164.49 at jjhouse online. A beautiful white tea length gown in tulle bottom with a white top portion with a beautiful sash that comes in over ten colors to match your wedding d├ęcor.
style number...14739.

So from a beautiful white carpet ready day to an elegant tea, it is a moment


So a simple but elegant centerpiece of tulips, mini roses, lemon laves in a urn with two branches lke a handle.

Inhoue Date

Indie Movie Night. Rent the movie. Pop the popcorn. Add a cheese herb sprinkle on the popcorn. Black boy shorts and white lace bra. Then we have goat cheese with turkey sandwhich. Grapes.
Flavored sparkling water.