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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gift Registries

So we are towards the end of the wedding planning process. So it is gift registry time. The history of the gift registry was a, the department store, the bride, and the guests who brought a gift and sent it to the home. Now, it is modern times, an electronic gun and a printed list is now the thing in which the guests can come, print out the list, and purchase the gift. The gift is brought to the wedding shower or wedding itself at the reception. I like the old school method of bringing the gift or mailing the gift to the home. If we flip through the etiquette book, your guests have a year after the wedding to purchase the wedding gift.
Where do we go for a gift? The options are endless.
Department store. Hello, it's aisle five. As affordable as Target or Walmart, we find, pots and pans with fun and festive dishes. Then there is glassware at JcPenny's or Macy's with a china pattern. For more options, there is great and antique looking items from Pottery Barn. Taking a list is best. Groom participation is great but  not needed but if it is Home Depot, he may be interested. They do have a gift registry.Oh, yeah, you can go online.
A bank account. Money. So if you want the money, set up the account. Then you add paypal attached to it. Then your guests can you the money instead a gift.
A donation. Do you have a favorite charity? So within your wedding invitation inform your wedding guests that you have a favorite charity you would like for them to support.
Gift Card. Set up a tree with a deep base to hold gift cards. Then have a list online on a website for various cards you would like from gas to your favorite date spot. A binder may be needed for a larger wedding to organize them.
Destination for two.  Contribution for your honeymoon is another great idea when you have the wine glasses you would ever need. With a travel agent, set up your travel gift registry. Then you can have the funds for your happily day after.
From six to four months before your big day, make a plan and implement for your wedding gifts.

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