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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Simple Summer Day Wedding

The wedding checklist looks  is like a long scientific equation. The wedding day is very simple if you let it. A wedding is a ceremony that reflects your love with a reception filled and shared with good friends and your family. So in the basic box of wedding planning, ceremony, the bride, food, music, and cake. A few pictures and your day is a success.
So this wedding is a little different that anyone can put together.
In most simple wedding site form, find one place with chairs and tables. The time and money saved on staff, vendors, transportation, and maps is too great to pass up on peak summer prices. So, an easy summer wedding is your moment.
So, we start to set the table with back ground music. Jazz with R and B is a great fit for this type of wedding. The table is filled with fresh fruit in white bowls. The guests are seated Then groom follows.The bride comes in wearing a  short but sweet white tea dress. The vows are said like a toast to each other with the clinch of  their toasting glasses with the wedding minster. A three course meal follows with the cutting of the wedding cake.
Special touches can be added. You can write the name of your guests at this wedding on the glasses. A mini cupcake favor is always great. Music selections, suggestions from your wedding guests is also special touch. I always like to add family or date recipes to the menu.
Then that's it. That's it. Yes. A lovely dinner with great company is the moment.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

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