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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Tea, anyone?

For something really easy and classy a tea will do. A place that is great like a bed or breakfast or a place of art. An invitation on simple floral paper with calligraphy for a small guest list. A day in the afternoon for a blushing bride in a white tea length dress with pink satin high heel shoes with a pink rose in hair. These things are all the making of a great summer tea.
The day, we enter in the space. We sign a great art book. Then we move on to our tables. A solid color table with floral colored chair cover brings a little brightness in the room. A low centerpiece of roses and mini carnations in simple crystal container. Music of classical tunes with classic but fun r and b. The music gets more lively as the day goes along. From the classic to jazz, the r and b, to some right now pop and r and b music. A bride may even change her shoes from pink to light blue.
The food should be kept what is expected with fun and creative twists. Scones, tea sanwiches, and cookies with cake pops. One or two but no more three bites are the rule for tea. The tea itself can be based on their favorite soda flavor. A signature tea is also a great personal touch for your moment.
Sophistication with simplicity is key. This is not to be a full event but a day shared with those in your life. Tea service set can be rented. A touch of  unique with the napkin that matches the chair cover. Food should not go far in the flavor if they is an culinary adventure. This information should be somehow included on your wedding invitation packet. Speeches for a tea should be kept to one to two sentences only. The time for the whole tea should be only 2 and half to no more than 3 hours.
Personal touches are fine. A personal table of the relationship may serve well. Childhood pictures
in silver or crystal frames. A frame love letter. A social media table in which the computer is covered in fabric to send their wishes to couple is also a great touch.
It may take a million dollars for an event but not so much for a moment.

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