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Sunday, September 29, 2013


target....online for bridal dresses

planning 101

The honeymoon

Be prepared....

travel agent or someone to help you to organized and take care of the details

keep it simple, a hotel with a great musuem....or your dream trip(lesser hotel, keep money
for the moments, and save money on the food, blogging may be your friend and not your
foe on how to travel as well as asking big question on twitter)

pack the essential things...but keep the emergencies in mind

always have the cash if you can...in a safe place..on you

Get a checklist from the knot and get started

the kenndy's

So it was 1960s, there was bride who set the standard for socitey....

Mrs. Kenndy.....

A little white dress with hat and veil....

A pineappple as a centerpiece on cake stand with flower petals

A two tier cake with yellow dots on the side....with yellow sugar flowers

Bridemaids carry a purse filled with flowers

Thursday, September 26, 2013

the after party

So aftesr party, when we give grandma a kiss, a basket, and promise to call her. Then to lights change and the music start bumping....

the after party..............gin and juice, snoop dog

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ode to hip hop

so it is moment, if you want one, Atlanta, is hip hop on the streets this weekend....

if you want a moment, there is a club, there is a bar. With a little black dress and sparkling heels and a cool officiant. You say I do, share a drink, with cupcakes.

It is simple, right.

Then dance the night away.

Besides, Atlanta is a great place, where everyhing is hot.....share a coke and smile....as well as the other activities going on in the city.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

planning 101

So if you ever read the book as the girl who looked at a place in NYc with very wealthy friend....
all the places, she finally decided of her parents back yard

After all it was free....

places to get married

the back yard
the living room
a small church in a smaller town
aaramark sites
a party room at kids place
a bed and breakfast
a hotel in mid size or small town
the park
a store
a cupcake shop
a coffee shop
skating rink
a school
a daycare


lightinthebox. com for a great deal



So it was countdown as Prince was heard all over the city.....

It was 1999

bridal look
white dress with gold shoes with one gold dipped flower

gold painted champagne bottle on  a mirror

two tier cake with gold flower in the center

sign in
twitter sign in..you can print it out later

Thursday, September 19, 2013

cookie monster

Cookies are great for a wedding...who does not like  a cookie. Unlike matchbooks and other favors, they more and likely will  consume your cookies.

mini cookie favors
In small boxes, give a few for the favor

Cookie boquet
Fill the container with beads and place on a patch on green and make cookie bouquet

cookie cake
cookie cake couple just a flat big cookie for small weeding in shape of a wedding cake
with the names and date on it...

cookie tiered cake
cookies in clear containers stacked....

Unique flower moments

So unique flower moments could be...

hang the flowers upside down with pretty string from the ceiling

Two flowers only with a wonderful beaded necklace glued to the ribbion

cover the container with flowers and simple greenery in the container

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Ebay......look and find it....

1940s radio

Welcome to the old school era when .....what's cable?

So no cable, welcome to the radio.

black with silver ink

neutral colored paintsuit with dark brown heels....with a corsage on the wrist

big band music for cocktail hour

silver airplanes...silver painted from the toy store on the table in an oversize cocktail
glass filled with black beads...

planning 101-stamp it

Sending the invitation is not just ...lick it and stick it....


1. You should get a list of etiquette rules, especially if you are having a formal affair.
2. Then you make sure you take one full package of your inviation and get the correct
3. Find some friends and have a movie
4. Then make sure they have the supplies...

4 to 6 weeks before the big day....
If you you send out a two lists...A and B....send 8 weeks in advance...with the B list
6 to 4 weeks...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

peter pan

The classic....

green silk with fabric pen

black top and green skirt with green silk shoes, and ivy

peter pan in glass a few over your cake and front of cermony space

gold plates with a line of ivy.......

sign in
movie from poster

dramatic invitations

So a invitation can be simple as white cardstock and themography..............


the following ideas

creative wording
use your favorite song or your favorite poem

have song to sing song
in the delivery, high school or college student who is looking for part time or experience with
show tune.

a snack
a flat snack in a clear pretty bag with the inviation glued to it

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Discovery....sexuality in a Shakeshere to cells from a microscope...welcome to the 1600s

bridal look
ballroom gown with a diffent colored jacket

ship with a budi vase with a rose

two tier cake with a fairy as a topper

sign in
Claude Lorriane artisic moment

planning 101-let the music play

For the music, it starts with formality. A formal wedding requires tradional tunes while you
get jiggy with it for an informal day. 

start early.......

12 to 6 months
Once you have made decesions with your site. Then go online with snacks and look though

You need the following: prelude music for the cermony, cermony music, and music afterward.
Cocktail tunes, the first dances, wedding party dance(optional), and dance tunes. Cake cutting,
garter and bouquet toss

after party tunes
When you want to listen to a lot of hip music which is not right for your grandmother, consider
the after party. A warning, a small card in your inviation with a reminder by small card
on the dining table as well a annoucment. Kiss grandmother on the kiss an have fun.

everything in writing
write down your desires and make sure it is given to you with firm payment as well as
overage charges..

From live music, dj, to a ipod setup, your options are endless.

nontradional fashion for a wedding

So my wedding is planned without the man...I will find the man later. 

Anyway....there are jeans and heels, I had the big gown moment.

a neutral colored pantsuit 

jeans and pastel colored shirt with sparkling shoe

shorts, jacket and shirt with heels

Monday, September 2, 2013

1920s....have a day that roars

I love the fashion of the 1920s. The music, dancing, the shoes....and the drinking...

I especially like the drinking

White layered flapper dress with pink silk shoes. White classy 1920s hat.
Oversize bouquet with greenery, baby breath, and tea roses.

Silver canddlebra

Two tier cake with champane bottle as a topper

planning 101

The fashion moment.............

sets formality

Dress Search
Book, magazine and online. Find at least three or four dresses with two good friends or family

What's under there
Bra, panties.

Find the correct shoe for the gown.

Hair, Makeup and Nails
Trial is key to hair, makeup and nails. If you get frustrated, a wig, conclealer and foundation with gloss, and a short neutral nail with a bit of shine.

red, white. and blue

So it is labor day, we are celebrating rest which in my case....yeah.

Single mama 365....

Be inspired by this moment......

white dress and silver floppy hat....red silk hat

clear container with blue berries

two tier with small apple topper

Sign In
Historical photograph from labor day....