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Thursday, October 22, 2015


Flower power. 1975, the era of great boots. So love,peace,and soul. Welcome to the 1970s with a great wedding idea from the era.
The invitation is a pretty pink with a colored inner envelope. A floral scent on the back of the invite is a unique touch. A bride in a white shift dress with floral boots. A flower ring replaces the bouquet. She glides down the aisle on a floral printed aisle runner.
A curtain of florals hangs on the door. Then there a floral curtain on the wall to match.a meal of a floral petal salad,a pink sauce with vegetables and chicken. A fruit in a Orange glaze Asa dessert. A centerpiece of a clear candelabra with beaded florals makes for a great table moment. Classic music from the era mixes in with R & B.
The wedding cakes gives the day a sweet ending. Enclose the cake in a tent. Then on the side there is a curtain of colored beads. The cake is a two tiers of white with a pink top tier. The top tier has faux grass with a floral bridal boot.
Have a great moment.

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