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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wedding Bling, Bling

So it is wedding time. It is almost summer engament season. So here all the rules for the bling. To me, the fashion rules do not apply for a wedding day. Tradionally, historically, weddings are pagentry and costume, not just a great fashion moment. So for fashion, on your wedding day, a great bracelet and ring, then that's it. You would do a great headpiece with a braclet. A few things depending on the dress. For me, a wedding, you could do three or even four pieces for your day. The only rule, make sure you figure this out a few months before the day. It is great when you purchase your gown to make a decesion..Where to get it? A tradional store, a great maker, an art musueum, a art festival........ Something borrow may apply as well...

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