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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wedding Reception Schedule

So things happen. Sometimes things are happening especially during the wedding reception because we donot have things in order with a schedule. So with a great book you can come up with a schedule, so you can less moments... Formality.A formal wedding is normally at four hours. The reception start with a cocktail hour which allows the bride and groom to have a minute, take pictures, or say hello their guests.Afterward, a receiving a line,dinner,toasts, cake, and then party. Somewhere, towards the end a boquet toss and garter removal takes place. For a less formal day, you may decide to elimate the receiving line. Write It Down. A written schedule should be completed a month before you big day. Then you should mail it to all your professional vendors as well as copy to your honor attendants, best man and maid of honor... Emergency Plan.The emergency plan should be a couple of pages of what to do. If the cake is not delivered, where is the nearest bakery for at least snack desserts. The plan should have a bag or tackle box that has a sewing kit, small nails, fashion tape, stain remover, and etc... So, I wish I could say nothing will happen out of order.Things do. It is just better to plan for it....

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