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Friday, March 11, 2016

Bridal Class 101

The days here is singing spring. So here is a list for the week.

12 months or more
Wedding Journal
Picnic Date in Park
Wedding Planner
Officiant,Caterer, Photographer
Wedding Sites
The DJ
Engagement Dinner

6 months or more

A Massage
The Florist
Wedding Dress Shopping
Wedding Party
Wedding Cake

4 months or more
Alteration Appointments
Wedding Invitations Ordered
The Wedding Annocement
Hair,Nails,Makeup Plan
Great Movie Night with Friends
Wedding Newspaper Abnoucement

1 month or more
Invites Mailed
Menu Planned
Reception Seating
Dress Alteration Appointment
Rehearsal Dinner Plan
Emergency List Plan
Last Wedding Planner Appointment
Bath and Book

Happy Planning..

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