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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Boutonniere

The Boutonniere is a timeless tradion of a flower presented to the groom, groomsmen, and honor male guests of the wedding. It is normally one flower on the lapel. It is normally given to the male before the wedding or during the ceremony for the honor guests such as the parents or others.
Tradition. For traditional wedding, we use a flower. It is normally a beautiful rose. A large gardenia is also an option. A carnation is more for a simple bride.  It also can be something of nature such as baby breath and a leaf  for an outdoor wedding. Then there is also a nut for a fall day.
Timeless. There are some timeless options instead of the flower box. A dress pin made from crystal or a pearl is a great option for a male. A patriotic day with a flag is another great way to give a token of love to your male participants and the groom. A tiny fabric covered pin is also unique fashion but
timeless moment.
Unique. Unique means a lot of things these days. So, in the nontradional wedding box, we use paper.
A paper flower, small, can be great for a playful wedding. A ceramic flower is a great for a brunch or a tea. A coin made into a dress pin is also a great touch to personalize your wedding day.
So from a flower to tiny art dress pin, the options are endless. Simplicity with class but playfulness is the key to great wedding boutonniere.

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