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Monday, July 13, 2015

Love Birds

So, love bird is normally a spring theme. I think this is lovely time to think about this theme.

Be inspired by nature.

So a blue invite with silver ink sets the tone for your day. We place a feather pen in this invitation. A pop of color of blue for inner envelope. 

The bridal look is simple but unique. We start with a basic empire waist dress. Then we have a feathers on the outer edge of a bouquet with lilies in the center. For a unique touch but not required. Have a rounded bird cage made in gold to enclose the whole bouquet. A blue shoe with a gold heel
is another touch. Simple clear nails with blue toe polish. Something blue is pretty much covered.

We are off to the reception. Little children are singing a classical tune outside your wedding as your guests arrive in pretty white outfits with blue singing books in leather. Then inside, a white program with blue ink is given to your guests. Your love story is printed on the program.  Rated G for everyone. Keep it classy. A duet of song is part of your program.  So is the poetry.

You kiss and declare your love. Doves are released from a silver cage.

A reception room of hanging flowers in actual bird cases decorate your reception. There is silk covered base trees with glass birds hanging from the trees. The d├ęcor for the table is white with blue freesia in clear square vase. A little faux bird decorated with clear crystals are next to the centerpiece.
The food is simple meal of chicken breast with a simple white wine sauce with a salad of water melon, micro greens, and white wine  vinegar and honey. We listen to classical with big band music as we eat. Then start with a jazz moment with a lovely dance of a couple to perform. Then we head
to the beats of r and b with the oldies but goodies as we party into the after party of main stream pop and hip hop.

A guest favor is needed. So if it is. We give sunflower seeds.

The wedding guests are only about 10 to 20 for this moment. Have fun.

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