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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


So normally, I don't beleive in favors. How many do really keep? They stay in the attic and collect dust...So if you have to get well choosen favor, consider what people normally use everday. Food, what type of food? A minicupcake. A bag of nuts. A minibag of cotton cotton. Music, if it is popular. A song played from the wedding. Candles,matchsticks,playing cards are not great favors. They will end up in the back of the closeet. You should get at least twenty percent less of your favors for guests. Everyone is not going to take one at the door. Go to an exbride house, you will find a bag of favors that was given to her from the wedding day. To favor or not to favor is not question for me. If it is a question for you, then think about your guest list and who they are, if they will use this for everyday life, then they may use your favor. If not, skip it..

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