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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


An upside to a down weather moment. To some it is even good luck for it to rain on your day. It clears the air and provides growth. The sound of it is really soothing.
Be inspired by the theme.
To set the moment, an invitation of clear and blue with black ink. An black and white image of the couple sharing an umbrella is an unique touch. A horseshoe charm inside the invite is another personal thing of nature. So from the invite to the ceremony program, a clear single panel one in black ink. A bubble is handed to each guest as well.
The bride.The bride wears a white A list form gown with a parasol. A blue shoe and hair piece completes the look. A jazz piece is great as she walks down the aisle to silver arch of flowers .
The reception. The space has a centerpiece of ice scupultures. The room has open umbrellas in oversize stone pots with florals at the bottom. A few aquariums of fish also fill the room. Jazz beats with R and B sets the mood as your guest enjoy seafood pasta station,finger food, and a champagne bar. Signature champagne cocktail is provided for the toast.
Special touches. Clear blue aisle runner provides a touch of color. Sounds of nature music in the restroom.  Trees at the front of the reception near the guest table filled with colored blue water in clear or glass ornaments. A wedding cake in blue. Two tired of fondant but a topper that is an aquarium. At the end rock candy is a great way to say thank you to your guests as a favor.

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