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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Cake

Holiday and cake,what a great match for a task for the holiday. A day for two to cross something off the wedding list but to have fun during the holiday season.
What do you need? An overall concept,colors,or any theme for your day that can be explained. Pattern swatches of dress may be included. A picture would be great but not a necessity. 
The next step? An appointment. It is the holiday season. So I would not just walk in there. Make a cake appointment. The two you of you should be prepared to bring your ideas,concept,date,and budget. The budget of your wedding cake can be as low as $2.00 and up or can be as high as $10 per slice depending your design of the wedding cake. 
When we get there,now what? Relax,it's cake tasting during the holiday. The cake is,construction,concept,filling,and icing. The construction can be as simple as vanilla or as complex as a dessert you had on vacation which can be done from sheet cake to a mini model of your wedding dress. The two or three tired cake seemed to be more the trend in a classic style this wedding season. The filling gives the cake a extra layer of flavor. The outside icing can be done in classic buttercream or modern fondant. The bells and whistles are extra from musical or moving parts to elaborate flowers. Then the cake has to be placed on something. 
Then we sign? Taste and look. Look the design book not just your cake but for overall professional work. Taste a sample. Then we get a full budget of cake,rental,delivery,and set up. Make sure the time is on there to be delivered.
So in a few steps, you can cross this task off your wedding checklist in between the holiday weeks.

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