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Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Movie Wedding

Take One,one take only. It is the holiday wedding movie filled all things Christmas,
Oh Christmas tree. The Christmas trees,two exact, at the entrance. There is a small tree at the guest sign in. Then there is an oversize one at the reception. A great blank canvass for any theme.
Let it snow. The song.let it snow as the guests enter. The dessert table on faux snow. A signature ice snow drink. Then as you dance night away, you can also include a touch snow lighting.
The songs. When and where is the key before says enough. So a few....singers outside when your guests come in. A song,during the ceremony is a lovely gesture. At cocktail hour a blend of classical music or jazz mixed with the holiday songs. Then you can end it with another holiday moment.
Where is Santa? He is at the reception. It is a fun touch for fun photography with your guests. You can bring one your holiday stars during cocktail hour. Then have Santa escort out.
The holiday house. The holiday house is the cake. A traditional house design or your dream concept is all great. Blinking lights is a unique touch. If you can get a replica of the bride and groom, this is a unique touch.
The unexpected. A gift to the parents. A song from the child. A an oversized ornament filled with flowers as a centerpiece.  One or two unique touches is enough.
Then like any movie,there is an ending. A toast,to the guests,from the bride and groom gives the wedding theme its last lines.

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