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Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Floral Tips

The peak of summer wedding season will be here soon. This is not the best time for those who are on a budget for brides. There is little wiggle room in negotiations for price. So being a savvy floral shopper is key to the success of your wedding budget.
Aisle Two. The grocery store will order any florals for you at reduced price. It is much cheaper than any florist in town. A great do it yourself book and a couples of friends is needed. With an evening of work , you can have what you need.
Are you sick? The hospital gift shop. It has floral person. They will order your designs or make a simple one for you. It is the budget bride little secret. From simple center pieces to a great bridal bouquet, you are off to have a beautiful day.
Attention all crafters. So the craft department store such as Micheal Craft Store has a person who can your wedding flowers. Now you can go through the store merchandise if you are not against silk florals or purchase your supplies and ask this person to work on their off hours. In any case you are not spending the average amount. 
Are you sending me to the funeral home next? Maybe for the limo but not for florals. Anyway, these three great options to save on your day.
It may take a million dollars for your event but not so much for a moment.

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